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Some foundational thoughts about the people involved with the development of AI

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Peter Burgess COMMENTARY

Peter Burgess
2009, Londoner Demis Hassabis met Dr Fei-Fei li – a female mathematician who emulates any male maths wizard. She had just moved to Stanford. Both completed doctorates in neural networks and neuroscience AI (the subject of V Neumann’s last lectures Computer & Brain before his death 1957). Research area had been relatively forgotten - nothing could be more different than programming in Microsoft. Demis and Fei-Fei had idea that unless you were prepared to put years of training into computer visioning, you’d never maximise the human apps of brain tools and deep data science for good. Demis PhD had shown London taxi drivers have larger hippocampuses because of spatial skill livelihoods. Stanford had welcomed the idea of ImageNet that Li would run annual events connecting huge amounts of mainly open source data exchanges on computer visioning. Academic research is not used to a 29-year-old woman leading 8 years of ever deeper data analysis including subcontracting 50000 Asians Amazon had already used to do routine coding. By 2017 West Coast was ready to make www dreams great again but..Anyhow likes to map whose intelligence multiplied around these 2 maths superstars for good. NB I dont have full details having only enjoyed one day visit to Stanford before I’d heard of FFL. So here only list people and I can verify definitely helped scale critical leaps forward. Please tell us whom we’ve not yet seen Fei-Fei Li                Hassabis; deep mind co-founders London Andrew Ng google Page Brin/Pichai Stanford-alumn x                             …..Lila Ibrahim  from Valley to Hassabis in London Jerry Yang various biotech people who open source deep mind gift 200,000 protein database alphafold2 champion science AI Jennifer Doudno London’s royal feee and Moorefield eye hospitals Antonio Guterres Melinda Gates .. Nvidia CEO .. Hoffman/Yee .. Condoleezza Rice.. Priscilla Chan Humans Ai triple win– over 50 multidisciplines - now connect Stanford, Mountain View, Santa Clara – see who builds labs at Stanford campus; i assume they connect through Fei-Fei Li but when eg their expertise matches Hassabis she passes them through- see radical lab sponsors : Brooklyn Mrs Tsai – neuroscience schools at Stanford and Yale; Hong Long Li La Shing .. Bill Gates Allen institute ChanZI…

G1/20 -v/o UNGA23 Humans AI AIVERYGOOD WorldClassLLM 2020s may be first and last time tech exists to solve any deep community challenge including those to span UN Sdgs at every GPS where families grow. Over the last 20 years, there are many reasons why society's deepest needs have lagged implementation in contrast to other intelligence applications. These include
  • chaos caused by war,
  • financial bubbles,
  • plague,
  • population statistics that have omitted youth's intergenerational needs,
  • short-term or fake media.
It’s also the case that data science that is both as deep as nature and as hi-trust as emotional intel gets requires much more community work than racing to be top 10 global data collector and then working out how to monetise it. There are also various system design principles that von Neumann advised smart humans eg do NOT rely on economists as monopoly arbiters until or unless they value way above zero-sum games mapping. In this regard, my family as biographers of von Neumann since 1951 including 40 years at The Economist have a lot of notes to fast forward to goodwill exponential auditors Regarding 2020s HumansAI, leading vision “foundations” models are expensive (now at least 100 million dollar per version update) BUT they can be affordably scoped to plug in databases to focus on local ai, and or lessons experiencing new AI can be designed for different and with ages. Infants AI data is currently collected at Stanford’s own playschool – nicknamed curiosity AI As early as 2017 Melinda Gates and the Nvidia CEO to create most wealth of next 5 year asked Fei-Fei Li to design 10 schools ai module including drawing and dance for kindergarten and nature trails and ethics for 11 year olds as well as maths modules on neural networks aimed at increasing high school girls becoming college engineers see FFL: Worlds-I-See FFL: Worlds-I-See
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