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OCTOBER 2023 / 3

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Peter Burgess COMMENTARY

Peter Burgess 'Prepare For The Worst', says Elon Musk At UK 'AI Safety Summit', Warning On Potential Risks Of AI ... moneycontro UK AI safety summit: 28 countries sign up to the Bletchley declaration ... Al Jazeera English BREAKING: Republicans CAUGHT pulling illegal stunt ahead of election ... Brian Tyler Cohen MUST-SEE: Democratic star issues NIGHTMARE news for moderate Republicans ... Brian Tyler Cohen ... Brian interviews Congressman Jared Moskowitz Controversial Chip in Huawei Phone Produced on ASML Machine ... SMIC mixed ASML tech with other tools in Huawei chip: sources ... New US controls regulate sale of some ASML machines in China Judge drops hammer on Trump: Gags entire legal team ... MSNBC “Heck yeah”: Neal Katyal wants case to boot Trump off ballot ... MSNBC

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