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The System of Environmental-Economic Accounting (SEEA) is a
framework that integrates economic and environmental data

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Peter Burgess COMMENTARY
The SEEA includes the above image under the heading 'Thematic Ideas' as a guide to integrating economic, environmental and social data into a single, coherent framework for holistic decision-making. Frankly speaking ... I cannot see how this can be done using the above image as a starting point!

I get the impression that the people who have been working on this System of Environmental-Economic Accounting (SEEA) are neither technical experts nor accountants. I have had an interest in 'management metrics for the best part of 60 years and am impressed by the amazing metrics that have emerged at the highest levels of technology and science as well as the very powerful and quite rigorous system of double entry accounting that has been used for business purposes for thousands of years.

But recent efforts ... that is efforts over the past 40 years to go beyond the singular focus on business growth and especially profit growth and return to investors has resulted in an unhappy and unstable world.
Peter Burgess
What is the SEEA?

The System of Environmental-Economic Accounting (SEEA) is a framework that integrates economic and environmental data to provide a more comprehensive and multipurpose view of the interrelationships between the economy and the environment and the stocks and changes in stocks of environmental assets, as they bring benefits to humanity. It contains the internationally agreed standard concepts, definitions, classifications, accounting rules and tables for producing internationally comparable statistics and accounts. The SEEA framework follows a similar accounting structure as the System of National Accounts (SNA). The framework uses concepts, definitions and classifications consistent with the SNA in order to facilitate the integration of environmental and economic statistics. The SEEA is a multi-purpose system that generates a wide range of statistics, accounts and indicators with many different potential analytical applications. It is a flexible system that can be adapted to countries' priorities and policy needs while at the same time providing a common framework, concepts, terms and definitions.
  1. Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries
    This is better thought of as three (3) SECTORS
  2. Air Emissions Accounts
    This is an OUTPUT of ACTIVITIES that degrades the air
  3. Energy
    This is a SECTOR
  4. Environmental Activity Accounts
  5. Ecosystem Accounts
    An ecosystm has many components but this is not always obvious
  6. Land Accounts
    Land is part of the system that has multiple impacts not clearly identified here
  7. Material Flow Accounts
    Materials are part of the system with the flows generating impacts both positive and negative for many dimensions of the system
  8. Water
    Water is a material that is essential for all life, human, animal and vegetable as well as also being an important component of the climate system

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