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JULY 22ND 2023


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Peter Burgess COMMENTARY
During the last week it has become more and more obvious to me that the Internet is flowing a huge amount of useless and dangerous misinformation about the Ukraine War. I have been looking at YouTube information flows which are 'interesting' but increasingly of poor 'news quality'. More and more I wish for a return to the use of 'editors' to curate news ... to have some standard. I am old enough to remember the days when I 'trusted' Walter Kronkite as the anchor of the CBS News. I remember for example when Presidentt Kennedy was assassinated that Walter Kronkite and CBS News was quite slow in broadcasting the 'breaking news' because they took the time to be absolutely sure that the news story was in fact real. Some of the reporters that are being pointed at me by news feed algorithms are pretty awful. Some of their performance is simply that they are well educated but young and with little real world experience together with a reporting environment where they are expected to embrace a required story line from the 'owners' of the platform. I don't know how 'deep' the problem is 'story filtering' in the media world, but I sense that it has become a pretty serious problem.
Peter Burgess

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