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Some examples of truly evil behavior during the past fifty years

Peter Burgess COMMENTARY
There are people on this planet who are evil ... truly evil ... but the majority of people are nice.

I have been told that 'nice' is a very weak word and its use to be avoided, but I think that 'nice' is a good word to describe most of the people who live on this planet. Most people go about their lives trying to make ends meet, do what is needed for their family and not get in the way of other people.

Some ... and in fact quite a large number, go out of their way to do nice things for other people.

Relatively few evil people do a lot of damage, and the large majority of nice people can do little or nothing to stop it ... the pictures cycling below are some of the images I have that relate to some of the horrors of evil that have occured during my adult lifetime.
Peter Burgess
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