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Egberto Willies ... Roe v. Wade overturn is the latest result of minority rule. And women will die.

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Peter Burgess
Roe v. Wade overturn is the latest result of minority rule. And women will die.

Written by Egberto Willies

May 3rd, 2022

America is not a Democracy. The founders designed it to allow a select minority to rule. Every state gets two Senators, which means that the most populous state, California, with 39.1 million people, has the same number of senators as the least populous state, with 578 thousand people. California is 67 times the size of Wyoming. In other words, it is 6700% larger than Wyoming. Every Wyomingite is equivalent to 67 Californians. That isn’t Democracy.

The undemocratic nature of the Senate is even more profound because of its purposeful rules that the US Constitution does not sanction. The Senate forced itself to require supermajorities to move most law-making forward. Progressives and non-neoliberal Democrats cannot pass substantive economic and social programs targeted at the poor and middle-class stall because of the difficulty of getting support for police for the average American.

The Electoral College formula includes extends the undemocratic nature of America. The procedure for determining the number of votes each state gets is simple. Each state gets two votes for its two US Senators and then one more additional vote for each member it has in the House of Representatives. Once again, it means that electing a United States president is undemocratic as well as it gives small states, which are more often Right-Wing states, an undemocratic advantage.

Nearly 70% of Americans support Roe v. Wade, a woman’s right to control her body. The Supreme Court’s overturn of Roe v. Wade is the coalescing of our undemocratic system and minority rule.

Four of the justices voting to overturn the law protecting a woman’s rights were appointed by presidents who won the Electoral College but lost the popular vote. George W. Bush appointed Justice Samuel Alito. Donald Trump, who lost by over 3 million votes, nominated 3 Supreme Court Justices, Neil Gorsuch, Brett Kavanaugh, and Amy Coney Barrett. Worse, one of these justices, Neil Gorsuch, should not have been a Trump pick. Mitch McConnell. The then-Senate majority leader blocked President Obama’s choice to replace Justice Antonin Scalia for a year until the Electoral College placed Trump into office.

What does overturning Roe v. Wade mean?

Women will die. If a woman does not want a child and is financially unable to travel for an abortion, she will do what she has to do. And too often, it will cause many to die.

Justices appointed by presidents who did not win the vote of most Americans are overturning a ruling that about 70% of Americans support. That is the definition of minority rule.

But the implication of minority rule sanctioned by a Supreme Court created by Presidents elected by the minority of Americans is dire. And I wrote about how Republicans, under the direction of the plutocracy, will use it to prevent progressive policies which most Americans support from coming to fruition.

Republicans are using the Constitution to accomplish the above feat. It is about using that document to prevent the change in the country that will no longer tolerate bias against the masses. Any law they do not want will be deemed unconstitutional. Those chosen by the plutocracy to be their wards, the ones who will protect them at all cost, are fighting to keep their “good fortune,” read the same people against Medicare for All and other programs that will uplift the poor and middle-classes.

Saddle up. The fight for a just America is ongoing.

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