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TVM Dialog List 1418
20851 - 20900
A listing of the TVM Dialog in date uploaded / date modified order
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Jet Engines

Video ... RB.211 - The Engine That Sank and Then Saved Rolls Royce
Open file 20851
Ken Langone

Billionaire says he's giving Warren a question that will 'surprise' her. Her reaction is priceless
Open file 20852
Media Headlines
Daily Kos

Daily Kos Recommended Jul 31, 2021, 12:06 PM
Open file 20853
The Trump Saga
January 6th

45 In Trouble? DOJ Rattled Trump Allies With Key Riot Ruling ... Republican Congressman Mo Brooks
Open file 20854
The Trump Saga
January 6th ... Stop the Steal

The Late Show with Stephen Colbert ... 'I'm Not Into Coups' Claims Our Fascist Former President
Open file 20855
US Politics
Representative Cori Bush

Representative Cori Bush on the steps of the Capital to keep up the pressure and demand that Congress and the Biden administration take action to extend the moratorium on evictions.
Open file 20856
US Politics
Democrats ... Ilhan Omar

Ilhan Omar ... Nina Turner ran a hard-fought campaign for Congress, and she lost to her establishment primary opponent after outside groups poured millions of dollars into the race to defeat her.
Open file 20857
Media Headlines
Amanpour & Co.

Amanpour & Co. ... Wednesday, August 4, 2021
Open file 20858 Open file 20858
TPB Chat

TPB chat with CHR on Sunday, August 8th, 2021
Open file 20859
About the UK
Conversation with Professor Ed Husain

Video ... Among the Mosques: A Journey Across Muslim Britain -- Why Prof. Ed Husain is Worried.
Open file 20860
The Green Economy

UK’s green economy four times larger than manufacturing sector, says report ... Analysis reveals more than 1.2 million people are currently employed in low carbon industry
Open file 20861
Burgess History
About the Southland Channelview Paper Mill

Sheldon's newsprint mill to close effective Dec. 23
Open file 20862
TPB Connections
Connections around Saw Creek

TPB Connections ... Connections around Saw Creek (Men's Club) in 2014
Open file 20863
The Trump Saga
The lost election

Rachel Maddow talking about Trump's efforts to game the election process
Open file 20864
Passenger Rail in the UK

Video ... How the Class 158 and 159 saved Regional Railways
Open file 20865
Video ... Passenger Rail in the UK

Video ... The History of High Speed Trains (HSTs) in the West
Open file 20866
Passenger Rail

Video ... World's Fastest Train - The Race for Speed | Free Documentary
Open file 20867
US Freight Rail

Video ... Union Pacific Gas Turbines Documentary (HD)
Open file 20868
US Freight Rail

Video from Railfan Danny ... Why They Run Locomotives Back to Back ... about CSX operations in Florida
Open file 20869
Climate Crisis
Micro-Moves NOT Good Enouch Playing Nice With the Fossil Fuel Industry Is Climate Denial ... A new report on climate change shows the futility of the Biden administration’s electric vehicle dream.
Open file 20870
Community Development
Race to the Bottom

Elwood, Illinois (Pop. 2,200), Has Become a Vital Hub of America’s Consumer Economy. And It’s Hell.
Open file 20871
US Politics

Joe Manchin’s Lame Reason for Opposing More Infrastructure Spending ... Voting down the country’s best shot at climate legislation because you’re worried about inflation is pretty twisted.
Open file 20872
The Trump Saga
Evil to the Core

Mary L. Trump ... Donald’s Plot Against America
Open file 20873
The End

CNN ... Airlines avoid Afghan airspace as Kabul airport closes to commercial flights
Open file 20874
A terrible ending

New York Times Opinion ... The Tragedy of Afghanistan
Open file 20875
Talibam Win

Taliban fighters take control of the presidential palace after President Ashraf Ghani of Afghanistan fled the country on Sunday.
Open file 20876
Girls as Targets

Bombing Outside Afghan School Kills at Least 90, With Girls as Targets ... The attack, which came at the end of a particularly violent week, underlined growing concerns about the American troop withdrawal.
Open file 20877
The fall of ...

In Washington, Recriminations Over Afghanistan Emerge Quickly ... President Biden is finding few outspoken defenders amid the chaotic collapse of the Afghan government. But after 20 years, a war-weary America may still give the president a pass.
Open file 20878
US Politics
Andrew Cuoma

OPINION GUEST ESSAY ... This Is How a Political Dynasty Bites the Dust
Open file 20879
Circular Economy
Tom Szaky / TerraCycle

The Purpose of Business and the Circular Economy by Tom Szaky of TerraCycle
Open file 20880
Circular Economy
Tom Szaky / TerraCycle

Video ... Circular economy new business models | Tom Szaky
Open file 20881
Circular Economy
Tom Szaky / TerraCycle

BrightLine ... Transforming for Sustainability: Tom Szaky in conversation with Sunil Prashara
Open file 20882
Passenger Rail

Video ... The History of the TGV
Open file 20883
Passenger Rail

Video ... The History of the ICE
Open file 20884
Passenger Rail

Video ... The History of Italian High Speed Railways
Open file 20885
Passenger Rail

Video ... How Amtrak Plans To Modernize It's Trains By 2030
Open file 20886
Systemic Dysfunction

Jeffrey Sachs: Blood in the Sand
Open file 20887
Sustainable investment
Essentially a mirage

Sustainable investment assets grew to $35.3 trillion globally last year ... Relly?
Open file 20888
Chevron (formerly Texaco)

This attorney took on Chevron. Then Chevron-linked judges and private prosecutors had him locked up.
Open file 20889
The Judicial System

Federalist Society big donors land very special place at Justice Thomas’ table
Open file 20890

Topic Moving from impact standards to impact experiments for effective social value. Time Aug 31, 2021 09:00 AM in Pacific Time (US and Canada)
Open file 20891
Indoor Farming

Entrepreneur hopes to make Appalachia hub for indoor farming
Open file 20892
British Railways

The Often Forgotten Tale of the Peaks
Open file 20893
Too many in my lifetime

Jonathan Gil Harris ... (Un)Folding Secrets: The Dangers of Silence in the Face of Atrocities ... Tracing my mother’s journey from Warsaw to New Zealand via Palestine.
Open file 20894
Media / Headlines
The Washington Post ... The Daily 202

The Washington Post ... The Daily 202 ... August 18th 2021
Open file 20895

Texas faces tipping point as COVID-19 spreads
Open file 20896
Inc. Real Talk

Angela Benton is changing the data industry ... Wednesday, August 25, 2021, 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM ET
Open file 20897
Women of Afghanistan

Umair Haque ... How the World Erased the Women of Afghanistan ... Think Nothing Was Accomplished in Afghanistan? Think Again, and This Time, Check Your Misogyny
Open file 20898

CEOs got bonuses while workers struggled during the pandemic
Open file 20899
SPARE Open file 20900
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