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20451 - 20500
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Energy Sector
Climate Misinformation

“A Great Deception”: Oil Giants Ripped for Greenwashing ... An environmental lawyers group demands tobacco-like warnings on ads.
Open file 20451
Working on modern cargo ships

EverGiven crew fear joining ranks of seafarers stranded on ships for years
Open file 20452
US Policy
Biden Climate Plan

Biden plans to cut emissions at least in half by 2030 ... The target, intended to reassert America’s global leadership on climate action, would require profound changes at home
Open file 20453
Burgess Link List
April 2021 #2

Burgess Link List ... April 2021 #2
Open file 20454
Responsible Company

Responsible Company: New climate reporting and accounting requirements ... Apr 22 2021 | 62 mins
Open file 20455
Climate Crisis
Corporate Support

Executives Call for Deep Emission Cuts to Combat Climate Change
Open file 20456
Corporate Responsibility / Glencore

Open file 20457
The US Legal Framework
Supreme Court

How the Supreme Court just revealed the true face of American conservatism
Open file 20458
About People
Larry Kudlow

How Larry Kudlow set off a right-wing anti-Biden smear campaign
Open file 20459
Company Performance

CNBC ... Apple reports another blowout quarter with sales up 54%, authorizes $90 billion in share buybacks
Open file 20460
Company Performance

Amazon sales surge 44% as it smashes earnings expectations
Open file 20461
US Politics
Senator Ted Cruz

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) recently announced in the Wall Street Journal that he will no longer accept high-dollar donations from corporations in an effort to stand firmly on principle.
Open file 20462
The Trump Saga
The Role of Rudy Giuliani

Legal expert lays out the most important 'takeaways' from the FBI’s Rudy Giuliani raid
Open file 20463
The Trump Saga
The Role of Rudy Giuliani

Something smells rotten in the new report on the Rudy Giuliani case
Open file 20464
US Politics
Biden Strategy

Biden and his allies have a plan for preventing a 2022 red wave
Open file 20465
Important Initiative

The Team .. the people that make it run
Open file 20466
International Energy Industry

How U.S. ‘Risk-Takers’ Took a Gamble on Somalia’s Oil — Then Vanished
Open file 20467
Energy / Louisiana

Can states be trusted to tackle the nation’s orphaned oil and gas well problem with federal funds?
Open file 20468
Economic Ideas
John Mauldin

Anomaly of a Recovery: John Mauldin PLUS Capital Record: From Muddling to Stumbling ... IN CONVERSATION ... David Bahnsen: / John Mauldin:
Open file 20469
Modern Economics
Good for Billionaires

How Much Money America’s Billionaires Have Made During The Covid-19 Pandemic
Open file 20470
US Politics
A conservatiove view from the UK

The division in America which skyrocketed during the Trump presidency has been far from mollified / Cuddly old Joe Biden is just as divisive as Donald Trump ever was
Open file 20471
SpaceX return to earth

SpaceX: Four astronauts safely return to Earth in Nasa's first nighttime ocean landing in more than 50 years
Open file 20472
The UK Royal Family
A New Royal Yacht

Britannia to rule the waves once more, with new royal yacht named after Prince Philip
Open file 20473
Obnoxious People
Wayne LaPierre

This New Yorker Video of the N.R.A.’s Leader and His Wife Shooting Elephants has been hidden for several years
Open file 20474
The UK Royals
Prince Charles

The Prince of Wales encouraged the British Asian Trust to set up the ‘Oxygen for India’ appeal
Open file 20475
Real Estate
The British Countryside

How the Cotswolds set was trumped by Middle Eastern royals and the property deal of the century
Open file 20476
Burkina Faso

Burkina Faso ... How One of the Most Stable Nations in West Africa Descended Into Mayhem
Open file 20477
Burkina Faso

Burkina Faso ... When the Soldiers Meant to Protect You Instead Come to Kill
Open file 20478
The Trump Saga
Rudy Giuliani

Rudy Indictment?: After Feds Raid Giuliani, Legal Vet Says They Have Enough To Charge Him
Open file 20479
The Trump Saga
Rudy Giuliani

Trump's 'Scared!': Michael Cohen Says Rudy 'Knows He's In Trouble' And Will Flip On Trump
Open file 20480
US Rail

Why The US Has No High-Speed Rail
Open file 20481
German Rail

German ICE Train - High Speed On Rails | Full Documentary
Open file 20482
Progress and Performance
How the System Works

Umair Haque ... Where Does Prosperity Really Come From? ... Why the Great Lesson of the Last Century is That Cooperation Outcompetes Competition
Open file 20483
Modern Globalism
Serious Stresses

The end of secularism is nigh ... The West's ability to market this culturally conditioned assumption is dying
Open file 20484
Reuters Events: Transform USA 2021

Reuters Events: Transform USA 2021 ... notes related to this 2 day event
Open file 20485
Biden Presidency
Good Call!

Biden Bars Trump From Receiving Intelligence Briefings, Citing ‘Erratic Behavior’
Open file 20486
US Politics
GOP Mitch McConnell Playbook

THE HILL: McConnell says every GOP senator will vote against Biden's infrastructure plan
Open file 20487
Cement / Concrete

Carbon-sucking concrete ... Carbon-sequestering concrete is having a moment.
Open file 20488
Social Media
Free Speach and Obnoxious Ideas

Facebook's trouble with Trump
Open file 20489
US Politics
Gasoline Prices

GOP sees opportunity to knock Biden amid rising gas prices ... As gas prices are on the rise, Republicans see a window to step up their attacks on President Biden’s energy agenda.
Open file 20490
US Politics
Letter to Political representatives in PA

Incorporates a paragraph specifically from TPB
Open file 20491
Reuters Events: Transform USA 2021

Reuters Events: Transform USA 2021 ... notes related to this 2 day event ... Day 2
Open file 20492
State of the NYSE

CNBC Morning Squawk ... What to watch today: Futures mixed a day after Dow closes at a record
Open file 20493
US Politics
Rep.Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

'Reminiscing about attempted coups': AOC trolls Ted Cruz's photo with Trump at Mar-a-Lago
Open file 20494
US Politics
Rep.Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

AOC catches a Republican launching a 'cynical' smear against her — and has the receipts to prove it
Open file 20495
US Politics
Sen. Tim Scott

Sen. Tim Scott set a trap — then both Joe Biden and Kamala Harris fell into it
Open file 20496
The Trump Saga
Complicity of the Attorney General

Video ... Federal Judge Calls Out Bill Barr For Lying | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC
Open file 20497
Sector / Industries

Video ... Impact of the Global Pandemic ... How Airlines Park Thousands Of Planes
Open file 20498
Sector / Industry

Video: Why The U.S. Builds Houses Wrong
Open file 20499
SPARE Open file 20500
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