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20151 - 20200

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byFounders' Guide to the Term Sheet ... What you should know at seed stage
Open file 20151
Media / Headlines

Grist | The Beacon ... about Climate ... January 22, 2021
Open file 20152
US Politics
Party comes first ... or is it the media?

Here's the real difference between Republicans and Democrats — and why it matters
Open file 20153
US Politics
QAnon Rep. Marjorie Greene

QAnon Rep. Marjorie Greene faces furious backlash after her grotesque remarks on Parkland and Sandy Hook resurface
Open file 20154
US Politics
Trump Saga continues

Report reveals Republicans are quietly lobbying GOP Senators to convict and banish Trump
Open file 20155
US Politics
The GOP has no shame!

How 3 major events in rapid succession shaped the surreal ending of the Trump era
Open file 20156
Money, Banking and Finance
Systemic Dysfunction

As economic suffering grips regular Americans, Wall Street behemoths get ready to feast
Open file 20157
US Politics
Congressional colleagues cannot be trusted !!!!!!!

Tensions running high after gun incident near House floor
Open file 20158
Media / Headlines
The Hill

The Hill ... Saturday, January 23rd 2021
Open file 20159
US Politics
Mitch McConnell

McConnell supported this deal 20 years ago, but now he has the chutzpah to object to it just to screw President Biden
Open file 20160
Media / Headlines
The Intercept

The Intercept ... January 23rd 2021
Open file 20161
US Politics
Bernie Sanders

The Meaning of the Mittens: Five Possibilities ... The symbolic power of Bernie’s old pair of mittens was the work of the “us” in “not me, us.”
Open file 20162
Media / Headlines
The Washington Post

The Washington Post Must Reads: Jamuary 23rd 2021
Open file 20163
US Politics
Changing the Guard

A look inside Biden’s Oval Office
Open file 20164
Paula Kahumbu in Kenya

A Kenyan Ecologist’s Crusade to Save Her Country’s Wildlife ... To get her fellow-citizens to care about threatened animals, Paula Kahumbu became a TV star.
Open file 20165
TPB issues with telephone service
VERIZON ... fixing the issues on my account

VERIZON ... fixing the issues on my account
Open file 20166
An essay by Ira Feldman and Matt Polsky

Climate change, a divided America, and the need for sustainability policy
Open file 20167
Media / Headlines
The Conversation

The Conversation ... Academic rigor, journalistic flair ... US Edition | 26 January 2021
Open file 20168
Media / Headlines
The Globalist via

The Globalist via ... January 25th 2021
Open file 20169
Media / Information
Banking and Finance

A Big Bank Rant
Open file 20170
Banking and Finance
Banking Innovation

Black- and Latinx-focused digital bank Greenwood hits 500K signups in 100 days ... 'We see that there is definitely an appetite for what we're doing,' said Ryan Glover, who founded the startup with civil rights leader Andrew Young and rapper Killer Mike.
Open file 20171
Banking and Finance
The Data Ecosystem

DATA SHARING ... BofA, Chase, Wells Fargo pilot service to rein in screen scraping ... A new type of vendor service aims to make life easier for bankers who want to assess the risks of working with certain data aggregators.
Open file 20172
Media / Headlines
The New Yorker

The New Yorker ... January 27th 2021
Open file 20173
Poverty in the USA
Child Poverty

Biden ... A Bold Proposal to Ease Child Poverty Is the Essence of Bidenomics
Open file 20174
Economic Trends
Digital Productivity

ATOS ... Unleashing Great British Productivity ... but is it real?
Open file 20175
Event ... Global Treasurer
Digital Transformation

CEO of AccessPay Anish Kapoor, will discuss the practical changes finance teams have made and will be making to overcome these new set of challenges.
Open file 20176
Media / Headlines
Jacobin Magazine

Jacobin Magazine ... January 24th 2021
Open file 20177
The Biden Agenda
But growing GOP pushback

Read My Lips: $2,000 Checks for All, Now ... Democrats promised to provide a near-universal benefit of $2,000 checks. Billionaire-owned media is trying to convince them to ignore history and gut their proposal
Open file 20178
Bjorn Lomborg

Bjorn Lomborg Newsletter for January 2021
Open file 20179
Media / Headlines
ProPublica's Daily Digest

ProPublica's Daily Digest for THU. JAN 28, 2021
Open file 20180
Media / News
Washington Post

Washington Post ... about Covid 19
Open file 20181
The Columbia Center on Sustainable Investment (CCSI)

CCSI January 2021 Newsletter
Open file 20182
The World Economic Forum

Here's why the business of sustainability has come of age
Open file 20183
Sustainability Metrics

Open file 20184
US Politics
Needs New Ideas

YES! Magazine ... ANALYSIS ... We Need New Ideas to Resolve America’s Divisions
Open file 20185
Public Citizen

Do you know who Marjorie Taylor Greene is? ... she 'liked' the idea of assassinating Nancy Pelosi
Open file 20186
The Alliance Partnership / Urban Sea

The Alliance Partnership / Urban Sea ... Admin / Assignments ... January 2021
Open file 20187
John Grosskopf

ESGs and Sustainable Value Creation: Aligning Reporting Against Environmental, Social and Governance Indicators
Open file 20188
US Politics
Senior Biden Nominations

POLITICS ... Biden’s Cabinet and Senior Advisers ... President Biden’s nominees are slowly making their way through Senate confirmation.
Open file 20189
Climate Crisis
The Darkest Timeline ... “Deep Adaptation”

Jem Bendell ... The Darkest Timeline ... “Deep Adaptation” made people confront the end of the world from climate change. Does it matter if it’s not correct?
Open file 20190
The Trump Saga
The Government Donald Trump is Leaving Behind

The Government Donald Trump Left Behind ... some of it will last a very long time.
Open file 20191
US Politics
January 6th

She Photographed Police Abuse at a 2014 BLM March Then Watched the Image Go Viral During Capitol Riot
Open file 20192
John Mauldin ... Thoughts from the Frontline

John Mauldin Thoughts from the Frontline ... Inflation and Broken Windows
Open file 20193
Media / Headlines
First Look Media ... The Intercept

First Look Media ... The Intercept ... January 30th 2021
Open file 20194
Human Rights Abuse

Intercept: REVEALED: MASSIVE CHINESE POLICE DATABASE ... Millions of Leaked Police Files Detail Suffocating Surveillance of China’s Uyghur Minority
Open file 20195
The British Royal Family
Beast Inside: The Royalist

Beast Inside: The Royalist ... January 31, 2021
Open file 20196
US Politics
Biden Nominations

Republicans ask Biden to end Rep. Deb Haaland's nomination for secretary of interior
Open file 20197
US Politics
January 6th

'Left are just mad': More than 30 cops linked to Trump-incited Capitol riot
Open file 20198
The Biden Presidency
Policy Options

An unapologetic Biden is finally saying goodbye to the centrism that hobbled Democrats for decades
Open file 20199
SPARE Open file 20200
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