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Games / Gamification
An idea to be considered

Open file 18801
Virtual Event

STRATEGIC INVESTMENT CONFERENCE MAY 11–21, 2020 ... Most Important SIC Yet! ... Economic Risks, Challenges & Opportunities in the Post-COVID-19 World
Open file 18802
John Mauldin

John Mauldin ... Thoughts from the Frontline - An on-line event and Five Viral Lessons
Open file 18803
Understanding the Current Situation

Five Lessons from History ... Learning from the Great Depression
Open file 18804
Covid-19 Emergency
Impact on the Word's Poor

Eric LeCompte ... BARRON'S NEWSLETTERS ... CORONAVIRUS ... The World’s Poor Are Drowning in Debt. Here’s How to Help Them.
Open file 18805
International Finance
WWI Debt

GLOBAL ... Still Paying World War I Debt, 100 Years Later ... The enduring financial legacy of a century-old conflict
Open file 18806
The Trump Saga
Character Analysis

A British writer ... Nate White ... describes President Trump brilliantly
Open file 18807
David Stockman

Video: Bloomberg ... The Phillips Curve Doesn't Work, Former Budget Director Stockman Says
Open file 18808
Power and Priviledge
A Film about Economics, Politics and Society

“Capital in the 21st Century” is based on the bestselling 2013 book by Thomas Piketty, a French economist. ... “THE WAY the elite stays in power, and passes on their privilege to the next generation, is by shaping the way that we think.”
Open file 18809
Event ... June 10th, 2020
ACAUS Webinar ... Future of the Workforce

ACAUS Webinar ... Future of the Workforce
Open file 18810
Media / News
Medium Daily Digest May 10, 2020

Medium Daily Digest
Open file 18811
The Trump Presidency
Increasingly Bizarre

Trump lashes out at Obama in Mother's Day tweetstorm
Open file 18812
Webinar on Travel

Speakers: George Morgan-Grenville CEO & Founder @Red Savannah Ltd ... Amanda Harrington Founder & Creative Director @Amanda Harrington® Katherine Hooker Founder & Creative Director @Katherine Hooker London
Open file 18813
Impact of Covid-19 on the Economy

IMF head, Kristalina Georgieva, says global economy now in recession
Open file 18814
Impact of Covid-19 on the Economy

The economy’s in terrible shape — but we likely still haven’t seen the worst of it
Open file 18815
The Coronavirus Emkergency
Economic Impact

Paul Krugman details exactly how ending social distancing too soon will plunge the US economy into a long-lasting ‘depression’
Open file 18816
US Politics
The latest financing for Covid-19 emergency

‘No excuse for this’: House Dems unveil 1,815-page bill that would bail out corporate lobbyists but omits key people-first priorities
Open file 18817

Support Change in a Post-COVID-19 World ... Become a powerful force for change
Open file 18818
The Trump Presidency
It's all about me

The real reason Trump wants to reopen the economy ... Internal polls show him losing in November unless the economy comes roaring back.
Open file 18819
The Trump Saga
Scam / Con artist

Video ... It Was Always A Scam; He Was Always Losing Money' | Morning Joe | MSNBC
Open file 18820
The Trump Saga
All sorts of shady deals

Wilbur Ross At Nexus Of Donald Trump Russian Deal | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC
Open file 18821
Immediate Crisis Averted

March 23, 2020: The Day the US Economy Did Not Crash ... The day when Fed Chairman Jerome Powell rode in to rescue financial markets to prevent their complete freezing up could have entered our history books as another global mega-crash.
Open file 18822
TPB Dialog
Lynn Crandall

TPB / Lynn Crandall notes circa June 2020
Open file 18823
Jeffrey Sachs

The New Yorker ... Jeffrey Sachs on the Catastrophic American Response to the Coronavirus
Open file 18824
US Economy
The 2020 Relief Package

The Finance 202: House Democrats' relief package is historically huge. Economists say it might not be enough.
Open file 18825
Event: Webinar
Impact of Covid-19

Homelessness and COVID-19 with Kelly Doran, MD, MHS, an emergency physician and assistant professor at NYU Grossman School of Medicine ... Margot Kushel, MD, professor of medicine at the University of California San Francisco (UCSF) ... Pascale Leone, at the Corporation for Supportive Housing
Open file 18826
COVID-19 Emergency Response Group

U.S. Senator Jeff Merkley, Rep. Rashid Tlaib & National Leaders: The COVID-19 Pandemic And The Climate Emergency Town Hall Meeting: “Protecting The People From Harm”
Open file 18827
Covid-19 Emergency
First Draft of HEROES Act

Pelosi unveils $3 trillion coronavirus relief plan amid squeeze from left and right ... The package marks a first move in negotiations with Republicans.
Open file 18828
Covid-19 Emergency
Emergency Legislation

Open file 18829
Covid-19 Emergency
Full Text of the Emergency Legislation

Open file 18830
Corona-19 Emergency
Legislative Proposal

Proposed “COVID-19 Peoples’ New Deal Act of 2020” developed by partners in the COVID-19 Emergency Response Group
Open file 18831
Paul Zeitz is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.

ORGANIZING!: Building a state/county-based national network in support of Voting By Mail (VBM)
Open file 18832
Health and Homelessness

Homelessness and COVID-19
Open file 18833
Impact of changing technology

Funds are dying ... In the next several years, the entire rationale for investing via funds will dissolve, due largely to changes in technology and cost structures.
Open file 18834
Impact of changing technology

The “Post-Fund Paradigm Shift” will transform the industry. But what are the concrete implications for financial advisors?
Open file 18835
ESG Will Mainstream as Features, Not a Product

ESG Will Mainstream as Features, Not a Product ... the driver of investment activity is often not in the best interest of the investor
Open file 18836
Changes in the structure of the investment industry

Indexing 2.0: How Declining Transaction Costs And Robo-Indexing Could Disintermediate Index Mutual Funds And ETFs
Open file 18837
US Pharmaceutical Profit Performance

10 Signs That Prove Big Pharma Could Care Less About Your Health ... Drug companies are lobbying to protect their right to profit from any future Covid-19 vaccine.
Open file 18838
The choice between money and living

Trump’s “Reopening” Is a Red Herring ... We should not concede the language of “reopening” to right-wing liars who are sending poor people to their death.
Open file 18839
Company: Amazon
It's How 21st Century Capitalsm is Done

'Slap in the Face': As Bezos Wealth Jumps $30 Billion Amid Pandemic, Amazon to End $2 Per Hour Hazard Pay for Workers ... 'It just shows how very little regard Amazon has for its overworked employees.'
Open file 18840
US Politics
Policy Options

Join Ilhan and Bernie Sanders' call to prevent catastrophic poverty, hunger, and disease around the world:
Open file 18841
Media / News
The Washington Post ... 16th May 2020

The Washington Post ... Evening Edition ... The day's most important stories, curated by Post editors.
Open file 18842
Mass Transit

Amid the pandemic, public transit is highlighting inequalities in cities
Open file 18843
Country - Rwanda
Rwandan genocide ... more than 25 years on

Félicien Kabuga, tycoon charged with helping launch Rwandan genocide, arrested outside Paris
Open file 18844
US Policy Options
Monetary Policy

Why the Federal Reserve chair keeps talking to 60 Minutes
Open file 18845
Media ? News
Bill Bonner’s Diary

Bill Bonner’s Diary // Rogue Economics ... May 17, 2020
Open file 18846
The Coronavirus Crisis
Health or Economy

Bill Bonner ... The Universal Lockdown Is a Sin Against Humanity
Open file 18847
The Coronavirus Crisis
Health or Economy

Bill Bonner ... Making Sense of the COVID-19 Lockdown, Financial Repercussions
Open file 18848
Use of Antobiotics

Antibiotics: Big Ag’s Can of Worms ... Antibiotic use in agriculture is a ticking time bomb, posing looming health risks to people and the environment.
Open file 18849
Super Constellation

Video ... Im Cockpit der Super Constellation: Rundflug im schönsten Flieger aller Zeiten -
Open file 18850
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