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TVM Dialog List 1375
18701 - 18750

A listing of the TVM Dialog in date uploaded / date modified order
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Corporate Behavior
Sometimes bizarre

A Nurse Bought Protective Supplies for Her Colleagues Using GoFundMe. The Hospital Suspended Her.
Open file 18701
Stock Market

BOOX Research ... Today's Market | Market Outlook ... The Most Hated Rally Ever Is A Gift For Investors To Now Sell
Open file 18702
Corporate Behavior
Hiding behind the small print

Visualizing the Length of the Fine Print, for 14 Popular AppsPublished 1 day ago on April 18, 2020By Nicholas LePan
Open file 18703
Congressional Privilege

Marcia Lynn Eichenauer ... proposed Constitutional Amendment to end these archaic practices
Open file 18704
Economic Policy and Performance
The Economic Disruption of 2008

Strategy meets the coronavirus ... looking back to an earlier economic crisis
Open file 18705
CSR-P Certification by Centre for Sustainability and Excellence (CSE)

The 'Certified Sustainability (CSR) Practitioner Training' entails a global perspective, representing various perspectives of corporate social responsibility and sustainable development
Open file 18706
Coronavirus Crisis
The Coming Socio-Economic Changes

McKinsey ... The future is not what it used to be: Thoughts on the shape of the next normal
Open file 18707
Media / News
Forbes ... Forbes Daily Dozen

Forbes April 20, 2020
Open file 18708
Media / News
Washington Post ... April 20, 2020

The Washington Post ... Politics A.M. ... The most important politics stories today.
Open file 18709
The Trump Presidency
Coronavirus Response

Brett Giroir, Trump’s testing czar, was forced out of a job developing vaccine projects. Now he’s on the hot seat.
Open file 18710
Coronavirus Health Crisis
Crisis for Economy and Democracy

Government is everywhere now. Where does it go next? ... Americans are experiencing the biggest expansion of government authority in generations as elected leaders take unprecedented action to fight the deadly coronavirus pandemic.
Open file 18711
Supply and Demand for Salmon

Atlantic salmon demand still outstripping supply, despite likely 2019 production increase
Open file 18712
Event: June 16, 2020
About GRI

Virtual GRI Reporters’ Summit North America ... 16 June 2020, 1pm – 5.30pm Eastern ... PAID EVENT
Open file 18713
Media / News
The Washington Post

The Washington Post ... The Post Most... April 22, 2020
Open file 18714
Media / News
Forbes ... April 22, 2020

Forbes ... April 22, 2020 ... Mainly about the Coronavirus
Open file 18715
Coronavirus Economy
Impact on Energy

Oil prices extend slide one day after U.S. crude drops below zero; Dow plunges more than 600 points
Open file 18716
Impact Thinking
John Elkington

Green swans and the new economic order: an Earth Day conversation with John Elkington
Open file 18717
Paul Zeitz et al
COVID-19 Response

Media Advisory: Press Briefing on Call for a COVID-19 Peoples' New Deal
Open file 18718
The Trump Presidency
Attorney General Barr

A Senate committee dropped a bombshell on Bill Barr and the right wing’s favorite Russia probe conspiracy theories
Open file 18719
The Trump Saga
Whistleblower fired

Top vaccine doc sidelined by Trump administration files whistleblower complaint: ‘Retaliation plain and simple’
Open file 18720
The Trump Saga
Covid-19 Emergency

Melania Trump’s immigration lawyer slams president’s ’embarrassing’ response to COVID-19 pandemic
Open file 18721
Ethical Corporation / Reuters

Webinar: Climate Action: Adopting a Regenerative Strategy with General Mills
Open file 18722
Hard Sell Marketing

Consider yourself warned ... Rogue Economics
Open file 18723
Commodities: Oil
The 2020 crash

Oil: An Extreme Setup Is Forming - Why It Will Not Hold (Part 1)
Open file 18724
Coronavirus Crisis
Investment Impact

Royal Dutch Shell May Never Be This Cheap Again
Open file 18725
Coronavirus Crisis
David Korton

DAVID KORTEN is co-founder of YES! Media ... OPINION ... From Emergency to Emergence
Open file 18726
New Economics Foundation

Meeting Registration Approved ... Weekly Economics Briefing #4 - Childcare Under Lockdown ... Apr 30, 2020 08:15 PM in London
Open file 18727
Jeffrey Sachs

Jeffrey Sachs: First we need to fix this key thing. Then we can reopen
Open file 18728
NGO emergency response
Concern Worldwide

Nepal – 5 Years On ... On April 25th, 2015, a huge earthquake — 7.8 in magnitude — struck just 50 miles west of Kathmandu.
Open file 18729
Jeffrey Sachs

America’s catastrophic response to the coronavirus: “Trump is the worst political leader I have experienced in all of my professional life, ... The economist Jeffrey Sachs speaks with Isaac Chotiner.
Open file 18730
Computer Science
The CSS framework

CSS Tutorial for Beginners - Getting Started
Open file 18731
Media / News
Fareed’s Global Briefing

Fareed’s Global Briefing ... Apr 24, 2020
Open file 18732
Computer Science
The CSS framework

Kick start your web-development project via a lightweight and responsive CSS framework called W3.CSS
Open file 18733
About Malaria
TPB dialog in 2005 with Malaria experts in Africa

The first modern pandemic ... The scientific advances we need to stop COVID-19. ... By Bill Gates | April 23, 2020 24 minute read
Open file 18734
Financial System

Massive change to the financial system coming? ... Rogue Economics ... Something of a con job
Open file 18735
The Trump Presidency
Trump could not give a damn

Trump's decision to hold an in-person graduation at West Point proves he is unfit
Open file 18736
The Trump Presidency
The Trump Covid-19 Task Force

Andrea Mitchell lashes out at Dr. Deborah Birx, Trump's appeasing doctor
Open file 18737
Coding Assistance

PHP / CSS / HTML ... a series of video training courses
Open file 18738
The Covid-19 Crisis

The WHO’s latest warning could complicate pandemic recovery
Open file 18739
Media News
HuffPost Morning

HuffPost Morning Email TOP STORIES ... Monday, April 27
Open file 18740
Coronavirus Crisis
Economic Impact

U.S. Unemployment Rate Could Rival Great Depression’s: Trump Adviser ... “Make no mistake, it’s a really grave situation,” said Kevin Hassett as Secretary Mnuchin said the economy will “bounce back” this summer.
Open file 18741
Media / News
Vanity Fair

The Hive ... April 27, 2020
Open file 18742

ENVIRONMENT ... Emissions Are Way Down. No, That’s Not All Good News for the Environment. ... Chaos in the oil sector could actually intensify climate change.
Open file 18743
Media / News
Washington Post

The Washington Post ... Today's Headlines ... The morning's most important stories, curated by Post editors.
Open file 18744
US Economy
Household Income

Average Household Income in the USA
Open file 18745
Event: Monday, April 27⋅ 5:00 – 6:30pm Eastern Time
Election 2020

Voting Rights in the Time of COVID-19 Pandemic
Open file 18746
The Coronavirus Crisis
Economic Impact

Dystopia Now ... The Heisenberg Report
Open file 18747
Public Policy
Fiscal and Monetary Policy

Mitch McConnell’s rediscovery of the deficit is a recipe for a depression The US needs trillions more in spending to get out of this recession. No one should care about the deficit right now.
Open file 18748
@AOC Action Agenda
Cancel Rent

Cancel Rent discussion April 27. 2020
Open file 18749
Media / News
Guardian Opinion

Guardian Opinion ... The Best of Guardian Opinion ... April 27th 2020
Open file 18750
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