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TVM Dialog List 1356
17751 - 17800

A listing of the TVM Dialog in date uploaded / date modified order
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US Taxation
Corporations underpay!

Tax dodger FedEx paid $0 in taxes on $4.6 billion in profits.
Open file 17751
The Trump Presidency
The Impeachment Saga

Eric Swalwell calls out Devin Nunes’ own ties to the Ukraine scandal to his face
Open file 17752
The Trump Presidency
The Impeachment Saga

Democrats are primed to make a giant blunder in their impeachment strategy
Open file 17753
The Trump Presidency
The Impeachment Saga

Republican impeachment tactics backfire as GOP congresswoman Elise Stefanik sets her career on fire
Open file 17754
US Politics
Worse than one might imagine

The Republican Party is now finding that out first-hand as it’s battling a white supremacist insurgency for the hearts and minds of Generation Z.
Open file 17755
Activism ... Credo
Preserve Democracy

Tell Republicans: Stop trashing our democracy ... Petition to House Republicans: 'Our Constitution should matter more than performing for Donald Trump. Quit trashing our democracy and ignoring the facts of Trump's attempted bribery, extortion and other abuses of power.'
Open file 17756
The Trump Presidency
The Impeachment Saga

'This whole hearing turned on a dime': The Trump catastrophe even Fox News couldn't ignore ... Fox News anchor Bret Baier covered the Marie Yovanovitch hearings Friday.
Open file 17757
The Trump Presidency
The Impeachment Saga

Jim Jordan ... Impeachment witness knocks smirk off Rep. Jordan’s face: ‘It was obvious' what Trump wanted
Open file 17758
The Trump Presidency
The Impeachment Saga

AMERICAN OVERSIGHT ... New Documents Show Contact Between Mike Pompeo And Rudy Giuliani On Ukraine | The Last Word | MSNBC
Open file 17759
The Trump Presidency
The Impeachment Saga

New details In Lev Parnas’ Reported Effort To Help Devin Nunes | The Last Word | MSNBC
Open file 17760
The Trump Presidency
The Impeachment Saga

Trump Continues Pushing Debunked Ukraine Conspiracy Theories | The Last Word | MSNBC ... Ali Velshi discusses with Michael Weiss and David Corn. Aired on 11/22/19.
Open file 17761
Offshore Wind

Can America’s First Floating Wind Farm Help Open Deeper Water to Clean Energy?
Open file 17762
US Economy
Taxation Policy

9 Stats That Show the Tax Code Favors the Ultra-Rich ... Without dramatic tax reform, inequality will continue to skyrocket.
Open file 17763
TED Talk
TedTalk New Delhi

Open file 17764
TED Talk
TedSummit Edinburgh

Open file 17765
Intellectual Leadership
Fiona Hill

Rethinking America ... Fiona Hill, Author at The Globalist ... A collection of articles on Russia by former National Security Council aide Fiona Hill.
Open file 17766
Air Sector

Emirates reportedly cancelled $20-billion worth of aircraft deals at Dubai Airshow
Open file 17767
Geopolitical News
Fareed's Global Briefing

Insights, analysis and must reads from CNN's Fareed Zakaria and the Global Public Square team, compiled by Global Briefing editor Chris Good ... Nov. 24, 2019
Open file 17768
More than growing wealth?

Sacred Economics: An Evening with Charles Eisenstein
Open file 17769
Inventors / Thought Leaders
Tim Berners-Lee

I Invented the World Wide Web. Here’s How We Can Fix It. ... I wanted the web to serve humanity. It’s not too late to live up to that promise.
Open file 17770
Internet / World Wide Web

How to Save the Web ... Turning Point: By 2019, 50 percent of the global population will be online.
Open file 17771
Economic Forces

A microcosm of the forces reshaping the modern economy ... better to work for a hedge fund than a local hardware store!
Open file 17772
TVM Network Building

Message to James ????????????????
Open file 17773
TVM Network Building
Some of the NJ Network

Some of the NJ Network ... December 2019
Open file 17774
The Trump Presidency
Impeachment Saga

Second Week of Impeachment Testimony Ends with More Damning Evidence: A Closer Look
Open file 17775
Toxic Chemistry
Low cost efficiency - v - high risk toxicity

Health Concerns Mount as More Old Sewer Pipes Are Lined with Plastic ... Residents near renovation sites claim noxious emissions from pipe inserts are making them sick
Open file 17776
Intellectual Leadership
Columbia University

Climate Action at the Columbia Global Centers ... The Capstone Event of Our Year-Long 10th Anniversary Celebration!
Open file 17777
Climate Crisis

TVM feedback
Open file 17778
Automobile Design
Austin Mini

What gives MINI its distinct shape and fun-to-drive quality?
Open file 17779
Respect for Medics

Did you ever witness any armed forces personnel either enlisted, warrant officer or company-grade officers straight up disrespect a flag/general officer to their face? What happened to the individual after they disrespected the flag/general officer?
Open file 17780
Famine in the Soviet Union

How Stalin Hid Ukraine's Famine From the World ... In 1932 and 1933, millions died across the Soviet Union—and the foreign press corps helped cover up the catastrophe.
Open file 17781
Thought Leadership
Anand Giridharadas

Video: Anand Giridharadas: Are Elites Really Making the World a Better Place?
Open file 17782
Thought Leadership
Anand Giridharadas

Video: A Conversation with Anand Giridharadas at Harvard Kennedy School
Open file 17783
Republican Politicians
Devin Nunes

Devin Nunes says he is going to sue everybody ... but Devin Nunes is not going to do that
Open file 17784
The Trump Presidency
The Military in Chaos

Politico is reporting that Trump's strain with Pentagon inspires talk of more departures:
Open file 17785
US Politics
Michael Bloomberg

'Democratic' candidate Mike Bloomberg has spent millions keeping the Senate in Republican control
Open file 17786
US Politics
Bernie Sanders - v - Michael Bloomberg

DEMOCRATIC PRIMARY ... BERNIE SANDERS HAS FOUND HIS FOIL IN MIKE BLOOMBERG ... Sanders unloaded on Bloomberg Monday, calling the billionaire “arrogant” and suggesting he’s trying to “buy an elec
Open file 17787
The Trump Presidency
The Steele Dossier

An interview with founder of FusionGPS and the Steele dossier producer: ‘Sex is probably the one thing you can’t blackmail Donald Trump over’
Open file 17788
The Trump Presidency
The US Economy

Economic woes in the Rust Belt could doom Trump in 2020 — here’s how
Open file 17789
The Trump Presidency
The Impeachment Saga

‘He got caught’: Trump knew of whistleblower complaint when he unfroze Ukraine aid
Open file 17790
Development Economics
Jeffrey Sachs

How World Bank Arbitrators Mugged Pakistan
Open file 17791
US Health Industry
Wrong Objectives

PROFITING FROM THE POOR ... This Doctors Group Is Owned by a Private Equity Firm and Repeatedly Sued the Poor Until We Called Them
Open file 17792
Capital Markets
Is bigger better?

NYSE Merger Seen As Necessity In A Changing World ... from February 2011
Open file 17793
Tax Avoidance
Walmart Tax Strategy

Before you shop at Walmart this Black Friday
Open file 17794
Tax Avoidance
Walmart Tax Strategy (I)

EXCLUSIVE ... Walmart dodged US tax on $2 billion by routing cash through multiple countries, whistleblower says
Open file 17795
Tax Avoidance
Walmart Tax Strategy (II)

Walmart dodged up to $2.6 billion in US tax through a “fictitious” Chinese entity, former executive says
Open file 17796
Food Production
Multi-specie Aquaculture

We can go further with the NB project with salmon, microalgae and oysters....
Open file 17797
Military Aircraft
USA -v- Russia

Pourquoi la plupart des avions de chasse russes sont-ils plus gros et plus lourds que les avions américains ?
Open file 17798
Flight Experience

What was it like to fly on the Concorde for those of you who have?
Open file 17799
SPARE Open file 17800
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