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Sidney Sussex College, Cambridge

SIDNEY SUSSEX COLLEGE DECADE REUNION LUNCH ... 2000 - 2009 and 1959 or before ... SUNDAY 29 SEPTEMBER 2019
Open file 17051
Stream / Strand / String
Agriculture / Climate Crisis

Ag’s Climate Challenge: Grow 50% More Food Without More Land or Emissions
Open file 17052
Media / Activism
Cimate Crisis

ICN’s 'Harvesting Peril' Wins Prestigious Oakes Award for Environmental Journalism
Open file 17053
Stream / Strand / String
Agriculture / Climate Crisis

Infographic: Why Farmers Are Ideally Positioned to Fight Climate Change
Open file 17054
Thought Leader
Brad Zarnett

Can Greta’s Movement Bring Moral and Financial Responsibility Into the Climate Conversation?
Open file 17055
Space Engineering

Open file 17056
Applied Data for Logistics

CISCO video concerning the Port of Rotterdam
Open file 17057
The Trump Presidency
Lower and Lower

Trump Creates Yet Another Firestorm After Attack on Cummings ... Pelosi, for the second time in less than two weeks, denounced the president’s tweets as “racist.”
Open file 17058
Circular Economy

Cheese energy could power hundreds of UK homes ... an essay from WEF which is interesting but essentially if modest importance
Open file 17059
TICAF 7 ... August 2019 in Yokohama

Tokyo International Conference on African Development
Open file 17060
US Political Activism

WWW.314ACTIONFUND.ORG ... Mitch McConnell is attacking Amy McGrath's record of service!
Open file 17061
US Political News
The Hill ... July 28, 2019

Sunday shows - Dems attack, Trump allies defend tweets hitting Cummings
Open file 17062
The Trump Presidency
Obnoxious Behavior by the President

Trump allies defend attacks on Cummings amid Democratic denunciations
Open file 17063
The Trump Presidency
Obnoxious Behavior by the President

David Axelrod slams Trump attack on Cummings: If he 'loses in 2020, this will be why'
Open file 17064
Green New Deal

The big blue gap in the Green New Deal
Open file 17065
Green New Deal
Coastal Resilience

Rebuilt Wetlands Can Protect Shorelines Better Than Walls ... Fortified wetlands can protect shorelines better than hard structures
Open file 17066
Investment Promotion
The 5G Potential

It’s all about one of Matt’s favorite 10X investing ideas: “How the 5G Breakthrough Can Make You Rich.”
Open file 17067
Investment View
Fed Rate Policy

I don't think the Fed can credibly cut rates tomorrow and say it's because the economy needs it.
Open file 17068
US Economic Policy
The Role of the Fed

A rate hike would ‘cool’ this market a little bit, Robert Shiller says Nobel-prize winning economist Robert Shiller sees justification for a quarter-point interest rate hike.
Open file 17069
Firelight Foundation

Something about what the Firelight Foundation has done since its founding in 1999
Open file 17070
William J. Barber II, Liz Theoharis and Jonathan Wilson-Hartgrove

All presidential candidates should unite for a massive, pro-voter, anti-racism rally in Greenville, NC—the city in which attendees at a Trump rally chanted 'Send her back!' to reject racism and regression, register voters, and demonstrate what an America committed to moving forward together looks like.
Open file 17071
Food and Agriculture

From Environmental Leader to ‘Worst Company in the World’ ... about Cargill
Open file 17072
US Politics / Green New Deal
From Resolution to Draft Bill

Harris and Ocasio-Cortez release climate equity bill to protect the most at-risk communities from climate change ... 'Climate change represents not only the greatest threat to our species, but one of our greatest economic opportunities.'
Open file 17073
US Politics / Green New Deal
From Resolution to Draft Bill

Harris, Ocasio-Cortez Announce Landmark Legislation to Ensure Green New Deal Lifts Up Every Community ... Climate Equity Act will hold government accountable to interests of communities who have faced historic, systemic environmental injustice
Open file 17074
US Politics
2020 Elections Rules

Trump Must Release Taxes to Be on Calif. Primary Ballot ... but this most likely will be challenged in court, and not go into effect.
Open file 17075
China / One Belt One Road

DW Documentary | The New Silk Road, Part 1: From China to Pakistan | part 2: From Kyrgyzstan to Duisburg
Open file 17076
Country: Thailand
Tourist Destination

Thailand and the fallout from mass tourism | DW Documentary
Open file 17077
Engineering / Technology
Panama Canal Expansion

Panama Canal: Post Panamax ... video about the expansion of the Pasnama Canal 2019 to 2015
Open file 17078
US Politics 2020
The 2nd Democratic Debate

Here are 9 of the best moments and 7 of the worst from the 2020 Democratic primary debate
Open file 17079
The Trump Presidency
In defense of Russia ... or not?

Trump tried to defend Mitch McConnell after he was called a ‘Russian asset’ — and it went hilariously wrong
Open file 17080
About Islam

What Went Wrong? ... By all standards of the modern world—economic development, literacy, scientific achievement—Muslim civilization, once a mighty enterprise, has fallen low.
Open file 17081
US Politics
Mitch McConnell -v- Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Gives Mitch McConnell A Semantics Lesson After His McCarthyism Gripe ... The freshman lawmaker has a few words about McConnell’s leadership skills.
Open file 17082
US Politics 2020
The 2nd Democratic Debate

POLITICS ... Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren Unite Against Moderate Assault In Detroit Debate ... Low-polling candidates lashed out at the progressive front-runners, but they failed to land any significant blows.
Open file 17083
People: US Politics
Mitt Romney -v- Bernie Sanders

Mitt Romney posted a snarky tweet wondering why Bernie Sanders is ‘so angry’ — and the Vermont senator told his Republican colleague exactly why
Open file 17084
Politics 2020
Elizabeth Warren

Watch: Elizabeth Warren masterfully destroys Chris Matthews’ gotcha question
Open file 17085
Politics 2020

Lessons From Vermont ... Paul Krugman - New York Times Blog 2012
Open file 17086
Climate Crisis
Measuring Progress

Rezwan Razani ... First Gigawatt Down ... Videos about the metrics of energy consumption using the game of football
Open file 17087
Climate Crisis
40 years with insufficient action

Time's up, CO2 ... What scientists predicted 40 years ago has happened
Open file 17088
USA - v- China

China’s scientists alarmed, bewildered by growing anti-Chinese sentiment in the United States
Open file 17089
Politics 2020
How the electorate has changed

This isn’t 1980’: Filmmaker Michael Moore reminds Democratic leaders who their base really is
Open file 17090
Society ... America
Increasingly Juvenile

The fixation over Trump’s juvenile leadership style overlooks a deeper American obsession
Open file 17091

The Real Winners of the Second Debate Were Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders ... They weren’t on stage Wednesday. But the ideas and the dynamism of the progressive senators framed both debates in Detroit.
Open file 17092
Daily News
Fareed's Global Briefing

Aug. 1, 2019 ... Fareed Zakaria and the Global Public Square team, compiled by Global Briefing editor Chris Good
Open file 17093
TVM Images
Images for Index Home page

TVM Images ... Images for Index Home page
Open file 17094
Politics 2020
Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren

Corporate Democrats Have Been in the Driver’s Seat for 30 Years. Not Anymore.
Open file 17095
People ... Climate Leadership
Senator Sheldon Whitehouse (Rhode Island)

Climate -v- Fossil Fuel Industry ... A federal judge in Rhode Island just wrote a really interesting decision about climate change.
Open file 17096
Politics 2020
Pete Buttigieg

McKinsey and Company Is an Elitist Cult. Why Is Buttigieg Defending It? ... The management consultancy firm is “the single greatest legitimizer of mass layoffs.” And its alumni are loyal for life.
Open file 17097
Climate Crisis
Climate Denial

I Went to a Climate Change Denial Conference. It Made Even Less Sense Than You’d Think. ... Panelists at the Heartland Institute’s Thursday gathering agree you should stop worrying about climate change. They just can’t agree on why.
Open file 17098
The Future Economy
Waste -v- Circular

Warren and Sanders Say We Need a “Right To Repair” Tractors. Here’s Why That’s Important. ... From John Deere to Apple, corporations try to prevent you from fixing your own stuff. But a growing movement is pushing back.
Open file 17099
Open file 17100
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