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Political Activism
Democracy for America

NEWS: The House just filed a lawsuit to obtain Trump’s taxes
Open file 16951
US Politics 2020
Joe Biden

CNN Exclusive: Biden expresses skepticism of Democrats' leftward tilt and AOC's mass appeal
Open file 16952
US Politics
Raw Conservative Opinions news

This is how Trump’s presidency will end ... Millions of Americans are furious - and this time, they’re taking their anger out on Republicans. (actually selling an investment service!)
Open file 16953
US Politics
Southern Border / Immigration Crisis

Open file 16954
Banking and Finance
An Expensive and Inefficient Oligopoly

Thumbs Down to Facebook’s Cryptocurrency
Open file 16955
Country: Turkey
Economic Slowdown

Turkey's President Recep Tayyip Erdogan sacks central bank governor amid rate tensions ... Murat Cetinkaya ignored president's repeated calls for lower interest rates to boost ailing economy
Open file 16956
Company / Technology / Finance
Facebook and Cryptocurrency Plan

Facebook’s Libra Must Be Stopped ... After years of disregarding privacy, exploiting user data, and failing to control its platform, Facebook has now unveiled a cryptocurrency and payment system
Open file 16957
Human Behavior

How Honest are We? ... moral standards have collapsed, few care about others, and most people would steal if they thought they could get away with it
Open file 16958
International Finance
International Payments

A Future Without Currency Wars? Thanks to digital technologies, the long quest for such a system could be over.
Open file 16959
Steel Industry

A New Way to Make Steel Could Cut 5 Percent of CO₂ Emissions at a Stroke
Open file 16960
Climate Crisis
The role of the individual

Instead of Waiting for Climate Heroes, Let’s Look in the Mirror
Open file 16961
Impact of Flying

KLM Has a Surprising Request for Passengers: Don't Fly ... It sounds noble, but what's the real motive?
Open file 16962
Space Travel

Richard Branson's Virgin Galactic prepares to go public ... Deal will help fund venture until its spaceships can operate commercially and make profit
Open file 16963
Drug Prices

U.S. judge strikes down Trump administration rule requiring drug prices in TV ads ... PhRMA, the Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America, is the largest industry lobbying group.
Open file 16964
Country: Afghanistan
History / Tragedy

VIDEO ... Afghanistan: In Search Of The Lost Buddha’s with David Adams (Bamiyan Valley Documentary)
Open file 16965
US Politics ... Big Ideas
Green New Deal

The proposal is ambitious, wide-ranging, and somewhat pragmatic about technology’s role. But whether it will ever see the light of day is unclear. (PAYWALL!)
Open file 16966
People ... Thought Leadership
Jeffrey Sachs

Jeffrey Sachs: Nature doesn't care about Trump's fatuous spin on the environment
Open file 16967
US Politics
Democratic turmoil

‘Outright disrespectful’: Four House women struggle as Pelosi isolates them ... But “the Squad” — Reps. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (N.Y.), Ilhan Omar (Minn.), Rashida Tlaib (Mich.) and Ayanna Pressley (Mass.) — is convinced it is Pelosi who is being the bully.
Open file 16968
Gender bias is deeply entrenched

Yomi Adegoke ... The tyranny of the schoolgirl skirt still haunts me ... Gender-specific school uniforms are one of the earliest, most tangible ways in which inequality is entrenched
Open file 16969
People ... Political Leaders
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortiz

The New Yorker Interview ... Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez on the 2020 Presidential Race and Trump’s Crisis at the Border
Open file 16970
Impact on Politics

Why Did Millennials Turn Left? ... The generation gap is real. A new book explains the rupture in the political evolution of young people.
Open file 16971
Event / Columbia University
IEA's Gas 2019 - Analysis and Forecasts to 2024

Join the Center on Global Energy Policy for a presentation of the International Energy Agency's report 'Gas 2019 – Analysis and Forecasts to 2024' with Jean-Baptiste Dubreuil, Senior Natural Gas Analyst at the International Energy Agency
Open file 16972
Event ... Technology Salon
Technology and Impact Investing

What is the True Potential of Global Impact Investing? July 24 in San Francisco
Open file 16973
Better named Unsustainabillity

Growing more trees as a solution to climate change ... Linkedin dialog
Open file 16974
People ... Leadership
Darren Walker ... CEO Ford Foundation

New Leader Steers Ford Foundation Back Toward Familiar Ground ... CEO Darren Walker is putting a more human face on what many have considered to be a stuffy institution, and he’s making it a happier place to work.
Open file 16975
Social Media / Free Speech

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Is Sued Over Blocking Twitter Followers
Open file 16976
US Politics
Differences in the Democratic Party

Pelosi vs. Ocasio-Cortez – Rock star rep has big decision to make about living in Speaker's House ... the view of John Fund at Fox News
Open file 16977
Thought Leadership
Yanis Varoufakis

Yanis Varoufakis on what's wrong in Europe today and how to fix it tomorrow morning | DiEM25
Open file 16978
Impact Investing

ESG / Sustainable Finance Institutional Investor News – July 2019
Open file 16979
People ... Tech Leaders
Navroop Sahdev

Technological Adoption and the New World Economic Order | Navroop Sahdev | MIT 2019
Open file 16980
Omidyar Networks

The American Geographical Society Selected to Lead Global Conversation on the Ethical Dimensions of New Geospatial Data and Technologies
Open file 16981
Extreme Weather
Disaster Preparedness

American Logistics Aid Network Urges Caution and Preparation Ahead of Tropical Storm Barry
Open file 16982
US Solar

Giant batteries and cheap solar power are shoving fossil fuels off the grid
Open file 16983
Environmental Health

Billions of air pollution particles found in hearts of city dwellers ... Exclusive: Study shows associated damage to critical pumping muscles, even in children
Open file 16984
Household Debt
Essential to maintain high consumption

Americans’ collective debt surpasses $4 trillion for the first time. ... Holiday spending, rising student loan balances and a jump in automobile financing at the end of last year helped consumer borrowing reach the new milestone.
Open file 16985
Geopolitical Futures

About Geopolitical Futures ... Become a ClubGPF Member (Doors open July 15, 2019)
Open file 16986
Medium Daily Digest

Medium Daily Digest for July 14, 2019
Open file 16987
Thought Leadership
Dani Rodrik

Dani Rodrik ... What’s Driving Populism?
Open file 16988
Thought Leadership

J. BRADFORD DELONG ... Is Plutocracy Really the Problem?
Open file 16989
Thought Leadership

KENNETH ROGOFF ... The Case for a World Carbon Bank
Open file 16990
US Politics
The Essence of 2020

Voters Don’t Want Democrats to Be Moderates. Pelosi Should Take the Hint. ... House Speaker Nancy Pelosi should be attacking Trump, not AOC.
Open file 16991
US Politics
Green New Deal

AOC, Sanders Call for ‘Climate Emergency’ Declaration in Congress ... The resolution echoes the core ideas of the Green New Deal, saying global warming demands a massive mobilization of resources on par with the U.S. response to WWII.
Open file 16992
Climate Crisis
Misinformation being called out

Non-peer-reviewed manuscript falsely claims natural cloud changes can explain global warming
Open file 16993
US Politics
The Trump Presidency

Trump's tweets unify a fractured Democratic Party ... Trump tells progressive Democrats to go back and fix 'broken and crime infested places' they came from
Open file 16994
Turkey ... MENA

Turkey’s Libya Problem ... Ankara’s involvement in the war-torn country is part of its broader competition with Arab states.
Open file 16995
People ... Rich and Powerful
Jeffrey Epstein

Victoria’s ‘Dirtiest’ Secret: Epstein Demanded ‘Casting Couch’ Sex Acts With Aspiring Models
Open file 16996

MoveOn protesting Big Money's death grip on our future ... 'Stamp Money Out of Politics.'
Open file 16997
The Trump Presidency
Trump's disgusting racism

Pelosi announces House resolution to condemn Trump's 'xenophobic tweets'
Open file 16998
4 Latinas

4 Latinas sing an enchanting song
Open file 16999
Open file 17000
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