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Fisheries / New England USA
Wasted by-catch

Trawlers from across the Eastern Seaboard leave behind miles of dead and dying by-catch in one of New England’s richest squid-breeding grounds.
Open file 14951
Human Exploitation
Fishing Industry

Trafficking, Debt Bondage Rampant in Thai Fishing Industry, Study Finds
Open file 14952
The Trump Presidency
Global Trade

Here Are the First American Casualties of Trump’s Trade War With China Tariffs on pork and soybeans reverberate through the Heartland.
Open file 14953
Activism /
Companies / Banks / Wells Fargo

Wells Fargo just made a huge mistake ... To avoid the fury of just about everyone, Wells Fargo moved their annual shareholder meeting this year to Des Moines, Iowa.
Open file 14954
Massive private sector liquidity ... public sector essentially bankrupt

USA ... Despite a strong economy, American states are desperate for revenue ... Even conservative governors and legislatures are contemplating tax increases
Open file 14955
Fisheries / Ireland ... EU
Breaking Fishing Rules

Skipper of world’s largest trawler convicted of breaking fishing rules ... Donegal Circuit Court found Annelies Ilena skipper guilty over discarding fish
Open file 14956
Fisheries / EU Common Fisheries Policy
Bad for Britain

EU 'pirates' net our fish: Quotas worth up to £65m are surrendered to trawlers ... THE Scottish Government is handing out British fishing quotas worth millions of pounds to Spanish and Dutch-owned trawlers.
Open file 14957
Fisheries / US New York Fish Market
Third Generation Seafood

Third Generation Seafood operates at the Fulton Fish Market in the Bronx
Open file 14958
Impact Investing / IIX
IIX Foundation

This is Devi. She is one of the beneficiaries of the IIX Impact Partners platform, which through its investments in enterprises that serve people and planet, has had the distinction of protecting Devi's health.
Open file 14959
Fisheries Resource Management
EU Common Fisheries Policy

The Dutch-owned Cornelis Vrolijk had the right to catch 18% of England’s fish, but this has recently been increased to 23%.
Open file 14960
Fisheries / US Alaska
Climate Change changes fisheries profiles

To get good credit, Alaska’s fishing towns may have to factor in climate change
Open file 14961
Technology / Blockchain
From early in its populatization

In ‘blockchain’ technology, a futuristic solution to conservation’s greatest challenges
Open file 14962
Company: Alibaba
Stock Price -v- Company Performance

Alibaba: Where's The Bottom?
Open file 14963
Country: Italy ... Region: European Union

Jeffrey Sachs: Italian Politics and Europe's Future
Open file 14964
GIIN ... Global Impact Investing Network

New Impact Measurement & Management Resources from the GIIN
Open file 14965
Geopolitics / Sea Power
China Rising

Tomgram: Alfred McCoy, A New Age of Sea Power?
Open file 14966
Economics / Gender Equality
More than just pay differentials

The gender pay gap isn't the half of it: our economy runs on women's unpaid work
Open file 14967
Fisheries Policy

Nigel Farage is no fisherman’s friend: he’s been ignoring them for years
Open file 14968
Health / UK
Caring for those with Dementia

Mum has dementia and now Dad’s dead she will have to sell her home. Why? ... Britain operates a cruel health lottery that discriminates against dementia patients. Struggling families need social care
Open file 14969
The Trump Presidency
Trump's personal attorney, Michael Cohen

Trump attorney Cohen is being investigated for possible bank fraud, campaign finance violations, according to a person familiar with the case
Open file 14970
The Trump Presidency
The President's personal lawyer

Trump Knows He's the Real Target of the FBI Raid on Michael Cohen ... The lawyer is being investigated on various charges, but everything he did was for the president.
Open file 14971
Hong Kong

Video ... Boeing 747 Crash in Hong Kong | Into The Storm | China Airlines Flight 605 / 1993
Open file 14972
The Trump Presidency
Wilbur Ross, Cyprus and Russians

A Russian Business Associate of Wilbur Ross Was Just Sanctioned by the Trump Administration ... Why did the commerce secretary downplay his business ties to the Putin-friendly oligarch Viktor Vekselberg?
Open file 14973
Illegal, unregulated and unreported fishing

Sea Shepherd’s dogged pursuit of the vessel Thunder, one of the World’s Most Notorious Illegal fishing vessels has resulted in a fine of $17 million and jail time.
Open file 14974
Event ... NY SPIN
Date: Tue., April 24, 2018

Presenter: Bob Mahler / Location: Wells Fargo Advisors, 150 E 42 / Time 5:30 pm
Open file 14975
Quality of Life

Can money buy you happiness?
Open file 14976
Quality of Life

World Happiness Report 2018
Open file 14977
The Trump Presidency
The Comey affair

Politics ... James Comey’s memoir: Trump fixates on proving lewd dossier allegations false
Open file 14978
Important Events
The Great Recession

Did We Learn the Right Lessons from the Great Recession? ... The IMF's Tamim Bayoumi talks about his recent book and why we have not yet learned some key lessons from the Great Recession.
Open file 14979
Blockchain / Finance / Technology

CKGSB ... Connecting the Future: A Discussion about Blockchain Application ... In Partnership with MSQ Ventures
Open file 14980
Crypto Investing ... The Cryptos Fund (US)

First Regulated Cryptocurrency Index Fund Launches in the US. It tracks the CCi30 index, which monitors the top 30 cryptocurrencies, including bitcoin, ethereum, ripple, bitcoin cash and litecoin.
Open file 14981
The Trump Presidency
The Comey confrontation

Ex-CIA director (Brennan) tears into Trump: 'Your kakistocracy is collapsing'
Open file 14982
Technology / Facebook
An appalling and dangerous business model

Facebook Is No Friend to Democracy
Open file 14983
The Trump Presiedency
The Comey confrontations

Comey-Trump feud takes vicious turn ... Former FBI Director James Comey's public feud with President Trump is growing strikingly personal.
Open file 14984
US / Health
Ranking relative to other countries

US health care ranks last among the 11 developed nations The Commonwealth Fund's evaluation report noted that 'a drastic change in course' is needed to compete with similar nations.
Open file 14985
Technology / Facebook
The monster is in control

The Orwellian Danger of Facebook ... Is Mark Zuckerberg really in control of Facebook? Or is he a sorcerer’s apprentice that cannot handle the invention?
Open file 14986
Technology / Internet
Internet Unicorns

Toothless American Internet Giants? In the past decade, America’s internet giants have grown to an enormous size. But the next few years are likely to be much less friendly to them.
Open file 14987
Numbering the Value of Life
A US perspective

The Cost of a Human Life, Statistically Speaking ... Is there any satisfactory method for assessing the true cost of a human life?
Open file 14988
Supply Chain
Green -v- Sustainable

Few issues in supply-chain management are more polarizing than that of environmental sustainability. ... ‘Balancing Green’: What’s the Cost of Sustainability?
Open file 14989
The Trump Presidency
Loose words ... impossible strategies

See why Trump tweeted and then deleted this embarrassing photo (we've got the screenshots!)
Open file 14990
Digital Money / Corruption

Governments can fight corruption by joining the digital payment revolution
Open file 14991
The Trump Presidency
Following the evidence

Report: Mueller Has Evidence Trump Lawyer Cohen Was in Prague in 2016
Open file 14992
Company Initiatives

Competitors Agree: GHG Action Along Supply Chains Is Good for Business
Open file 14993
Company: Mars
Commitment to Less Unsustainability

MARS Commits $1B to New Sustainability Plan, Launches Climate-Focused Campaign
Open file 14994
Humor about Fuel Economy

Cartoon: Fueling our demise
Open file 14995
Status Symbol or something of utility

What Does Your Work Truck Say About You?
Open file 14996
Best cars (2012)

Top 10 Cars for Smart People
Open file 14997
The Trump Presidency
Michael Cohen / Trump's personal lawyer

Avenatti Predicts That Michael Cohen Will Be Indicted Within Next 90 Days Plus Man In Photo ID'd
Open file 14998
Lessons from history

What We Really Have to Worry About Isn’t Trump ... A cautionary tale from the 1930s
Open file 14999
Open file 15000
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