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14101 - 14150

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Air Pollution
Air pollution in Victorian-era Britain – its effects on health now revealed
Open file 14101
0 Environment
Air Pollution
Your city could be exporting deadly air pollution – here’s why
Open file 14102
USA / Economics / Politics
About Monopoly
The Democrats Confront Monopoly ... Taking on corporate concentration has gone from a fringe idea to a key plank of the party’s strategy. Here’s how that happened—and why it matters.
Open file 14103
USA / Economics / Politics
About Monopoly
Commentary by Polly Cleveland ... The Democrats Confront Monopoly
Open file 14104
Corporate Reporting
New Rules for reporting 2017
New Accounting Rule to Revamp Companies’ Financials ... Change in standards to rejigger how firms recognize revenue, require more detailed information
Open file 14105
Human Capital
Quality of Life
Why I’m leaving Silicon Valley ... Here’s something I never thought I’d say: this is my last week in Silicon Valley.
Open file 14106
Activism ... SumOfUs
Corporate Behavior ... Tyson Foods
Activism ... SumOfUs ... Corporate Behavior ... Tyson Foods
Open file 14107
Companies: Tyson Foods
Bad Behavior
Tyson Foods, Conflict Palm Oil & Factory Farming: A Pre-Holiday Look at the True Cost of Industrial Food. ... AN EXCELLENT ESSAY! Open file 14108
Event / 171205
by Net Impact NYC Professional Chapter
Advances in Supply Chain Management and the Impact on Human Rights
Open file 14109
Technology / Blockchain
Bank transfers
American Express, Santander team up with Ripple for cross-border payments via blockchain ... Payments made by American Express' business customers on its FXIP platform will now be routed through Ripple's enterprise blockchain network
Open file 14110
The Trump Campaign
Katy Tur book tour / Miami Dade College
Trump Wanted to Charm Me Into Submission: A Captivating Presidential Campaign (2017)
Open file 14111
Sexual Harrasment
'Me too' flood of information
Harvey Weinstein’s Secret Settlements ... The mogul used money from his brother and elaborate legal agreements to hide allegations of predation for decades.
Open file 14112
The London Underground
VIDEO ... In 2013 London Underground is 150 years old. The world's first underground railway is spending its anniversary year celebrating its own history.
Open file 14113
Existential Risk almost totally ignored!
Deforestation Puts Almost $1 Trillion in Assets at Risks Worldwide
Open file 14114
The Trump Presidency
Political Discourse How Donald Trump Ruined Thanksgiving ...
A new study finds that after last year’s scorched-earth presidential campaign, Americans could barely stand to look each other in the eye.
Open file 14115
About TBLI
Open file 14116
Business an essential actor
We Mean Business ... Businesses must evolve along with global climate policy
Open file 14117
Climate Change
Progress since Paris
Climate change laws exceed 1,200 worldwide, finds LSE study ... Legislation is ‘cause for optimism’ as big body of laws is hard to reverse
Open file 14118
Climate Change
Paris Accord / Greenhouse gas emissions
Ireland's staggering hypocrisy on climate change The national climate policy is a greenwash – the country is certain to miss its 2020 emissions target and still handing out drilling licences
Open file 14119
People / Teamwork
Richard Sharp
England rugby union team // The forgotten story of... ... Richard Sharp
Open file 14120
Transport / Rail / Steam
USA / Southern
VIDEO : 'And Then There Was One' - Full Documentary [OFFICIAL]
Open file 14121
Deforestation / Logging
Madeireira Cedroarana
Global firms accused of importing timber linked to Amazon massacre ... Greenpeace alleges 12 companies continued to trade with Madeireira Cedroarana after its founder was accused of ordering torture and murder
Open file 14122
Country: Peru
Corporate Minings - v- Local people and the environment
UK mining firm in court over claims it mistreated environmental activists ... Peruvian lawsuit in London claims Xstrata should be liable for alleged police violence against demonstrators near Tintaya mine
Open file 14123
Human Capital
The Employer Perspective
Policy Points: When Employers Take the High Road, Society Moves Ahead ... What if policymakers heard from responsible employers who prove every day that high-road business practices can be very profitable?
Open file 14124
The Trump Presidency
The Mueller Investigation
Watch Seth Meyers' Hysterical Riff Explaining How the Trump Team Backstabs 'Like Eighth Grade Girls' ... “We’re like a week away from Kushner losing his mind over some balloons,” Meyers said
Open file 14125
The Trump Presidency
Humor goes international
Open file 14126
Company: Apple
Tax avoidance on steroids
ECONOMY / How Apple Takes a Bite Out of All of Us by Ducking Billions in U.S. Taxes / The tech giant loves the tiny U.K. island of Jersey and the Republican tax scheme won’t change that.
Open file 14127
Big Pharma
DRUGS // Funding Big Pharma to Help with Millions of Addicts They Created // Lining corporate pockets, one way or another.
Open file 14128
Opiod Addiction
Role of Profit / Big Pharma
NYT Opinion | EDITORIAL // The Insanity of Taxpayer-Funded Addiction
Open file 14129
American Exceptionalism
Turning Natural Capital into Finnancial Capital
NYT OPINION // A Gold Rush in Salmon Country ... a company wants to mine gold beneath spawning grounds for salmon
Open file 14130
Role of Banks
Banks must become sustainable to secure prosperous future // In order for sustainability to become fully ingrained within the financial system, long-term prosperity must be prioritised over short-term gain
Open file 14131
Country: Kiribati
Climate Change
An Island Nation Turns Away from Climate Migration, Despite Rising Seas // The people of Kiribati face a choice: Move to land in another country or try to build resilience off the coconut trade — for as long as their islands are livable.
Open file 14132
People / Innovators
Thorkil Sonne
This Visionary May Completely Disrupt The Tech Industry As We Know It
Open file 14133
Time for change ... for progress
Raz Godelnik ... How Harvey Weinstein Made Me Optimistic About Sustainability
Open file 14134
Linkedin Connections
Common connections for Peter Burgess and Raz Godelnik
Open file 14135
The Trump Presidency
Deepening the Swamp!
White House says Trump authority is supreme in agency fight ... about appointment of an acting director for the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB)
Open file 14136
Senator Warren / Stephen Colbert
Senator Elizabeth Warren Explains Who Benefits From The Tax Bill
Open file 14137
About GDP
QUORA question ... Is GDP a good measure of economic growth? Why or why not?
Open file 14138
Joshua D. Rogers – Chief Executive Officer
Joshua Rogers is Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Arete Wealth Management (AWM), the financial investment entity within the Arete family of companies.
Open file 14139
US Politics
Republican Tax Reform
America’s Supply-Side Scam ... Congressional Republicans' proposed tax cuts are no recipe to 'make America great again.' Lacking in saving, outsize US budget deficits spell nothing but serious trouble ahead on the balance-of-payment and trade fronts.
Open file 14140
US Politics
Republican Tax Reform
Reagan’s Tax Reforms Revisited
Open file 14141
US Politics
Republican Tax Reform
Déjà Voodoo ... an essat by Joseph Stiglitz
Open file 14142
Money / Currency
What is the job of a Central Bank
Central Banks in the Dock
Open file 14143
Money / Currency
How the system works
The Promise of Fiscal Money ... One of the few remaining sacred cows of Western capitalism is the independence of central banks from elected governments.
Open file 14144
Open file 14145
CO2logic ... The people team at CO2logic
Open file 14146
Open file 14147
Open file 14148
CDP's ratings in question
Do these oil and mining companies belong on CDP's Climate A List?
Open file 14149
British Royals
Meghan and Harry
When Meghan weds Harry, Britain’s relationship with race will change forever
Open file 14150

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