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Company: ExxonMobil
Climate Impact

Nicholas Kusnetz ... Exxon's Climate Accounting a 'Sham' Under Rex Tillerson, New York’s AG Says he has evidence that Exxon used one set of numbers to describe risks to investors but used a secret set internally.
Open file 13351
Company: ExxonMobil
Shareholders vote against the recommendations of the Executive Board

Marianne Lavelle ... Exxon Shareholders Approve Climate Resolution: 62% Vote for Disclosure ... The landmark investor vote requires the oil giant to begin reporting climate-related risks to its business.
Open file 13352
Companies / Volkswagen
The VW Group

2014 Report – Volkswagen AG could be renamed Auto Union ... so far this has not happened!
Open file 13353
Whole Foods / Amazon
Impact on Conscious Capitalism

What the Amazon-Whole Foods Market Merger Means for Conscious Capitalism ... Amazon and Whole Foods Market Bring Two Types of ‘Consciousness’ Together – And That’s Good for Capitalism
Open file 13354
Food / Wellness / Sustainability

Diet, Including Eating Less Beef, Dropped Americans' Carbon Emissions by 9% ... A decline in carbon-intensive foods like beef and orange juice has shrunk individuals' carbon footprints from 2005 to 2014
Open file 13355
Food / US Trends
Less Meat

Americans Ate 19% Less Beef From ’05 to ’14, Report Says
Open file 13356
Japan / Banking and Finance
Monetary Policy

Monetary Policy Has been A Failure In Japan
Open file 13357
Economic Trends
Monetary Policy 2017

Paul Singer Says Joke Is On Developed World Economies Who Steal Growth From the Future
Open file 13358
Technology / Constraints

Science has the power to boost farming in Africa. But a lot has to change
Open file 13359
Agriculture Trends
Huge gains in productivity over decades

Agricultural sustainability and intensive production practices ... A report by David Tilman, Kenneth G. Cassman, Pamela A. Matson, Rosamond Naylor & Stephen Polasky published in 2002
Open file 13360
Impact Investing Markets

New Impact Investing Marketplace Links Social Enterprises And Investors
Open file 13361
Impact Investing
Markets / Platforms

What exactly do online “impact investing” platforms have to offer?
Open file 13362
Events ... PRI New York
PRI Presents in New York June 27, 2017

PRI Presents: A Blueprint for Responsible Investment - New York
Open file 13363
Shadow Price of Carbon
Definition and Video Example

What is shadow price? Definition and meaning
Open file 13364
Shadow Pricing of Carbon
Frank Roberto of Newmont Mining

Frank Roberto Introducing a Shadow Price on Carbon and the Impacts on Energy Decisions
Open file 13365
TPB Linkedin
Identification of Contacts / Key Connections

Connection Suggestions 170624 ... Identification of Contacts / Key Connections
Open file 13366
Jane Jacobs

The Legacy of Citizen Jane
Open file 13367
Issues: Wildfires
Portugal 2017

What links Portugal’s deadliest wildfire to Grenfell Tower? Economics and neglect
Open file 13368
UK / Brexit
Economic Trends

Six graphs showing the state of the UK economy a year after Brexit referendum ... What’s happened a year on?
Open file 13369
Luxury Sector

Ritz-Carlton Is Building the Anti-Cruise Ship ... Its industry-first brand extension, the Ritz-Carlton Yacht Collection, will set sail in 2019—disrupting two industries in one fell swoop.
Open file 13370
Climate / Renewable Energy
Cities taking the lead

Mayors Could Shift Nearly 42 Percent Of U.S. Electricity To Renewables By 2035 ... The U.S. withdrawal from the Paris Agreement is prompting more than 1,400 mayors to make their own pledges.
Open file 13371
World Refugee Day 2017

A series of videos available courtesy of the Huffington Post
Open file 13372
The State of the World
The Mark Steyn Show

The Mark Steyn Show with Douglas Murray ... discussing Murray's book 'The Strange of Death of Europe: Immigration, Identity, Islam'
Open file 13373
Money / Central Banks
The Money Centric System

Central banks need to step up and help tackle climate change
Open file 13374
UK / Regulation
Policy of Deregulation

Open file 13375
UK / Inequality
Owners - and Renters

Open file 13376
Guaranteed Basic Income
Economic Dysfunction

Extreme Capitalism and the Case for a Guaranteed Income
Open file 13377
Money / Currency

The Conversation ... Cash is falling out of fashion – will it disappear forever?
Open file 13378
History of Money

When – and why – did people first start using money?
Open file 13379
Technology / Blockchain

Can blockchain technology help poor people around the world?
Open file 13380
Money / Cryptocurrencies
What are they?

Rise of cryptocurrencies like bitcoin begs question: what is money? ... If bitcoins exist only in computers, do they really exist?
Open file 13381
UK / Politics / Economics
Result of Austerity

The Economic System That Made the Grenfell Tragedy Possible ... In the UK—and in the US—public goods like affordable housing have been neglected to dangerous degrees.
Open file 13382
UK Politics
Election 2017 Consequences

This shoddy DUP deal will ultimately cost Theresa May far more than £1bn ... The prime minister has just given every single voter in Britain a genuine grievance. If ever there was proof of her ineptness, this is it
Open file 13383
UK / Housing
Grenfell Fire Disaster

Grenfell is political. The right can’t make that fact go away ... Tory MPs attacked John McDonnell’s comments. But this disaster has destroyed the belief that politics has nothing to do with everyday life
Open file 13384
UK Politics
Brexit / Election / Queen's Speech

Here’s what the Queen’s speech needed to say – but didn’t ... The Tories are in a hole. But to get out the party needed to promise more: the easing of austerity, the end of tuition fees and more taxes for the wealthy
Open file 13385
UK Politics
Brexit / Election / Queen's Speech

The Queen’s speech has made Brexit Britain an international laughing stock ... The world looks on aghast at a once highly regarded country affirming this tragic folly with all its state pomp and pageantry
Open file 13386
Money / Cryptocurrencies
Relationship with Central Banks

Now that bitcoins are worth more than their weight in gold, is it time for central banks to make their own?
Open file 13387
Money / Cryptocurrencies
What use are they?

Blockchain could challenge the accepted ways we shape and manage society
Open file 13388
Money / Cryptocurrencies
Technology / Blockchain / Society

Technophrenia ... On the interface between technology, people and society ... Bitcoin might not change the world, but the blockchain that makes it work, might
Open file 13389

All Kenyan schoolgirls are to get free sanitary pads, the government has said.
Open file 13390

Anna Peake: The unlikely sanitary pad missionary
Open file 13391

Conservationists frequently say that ecosystems are worth more when they’re left untouched. But to whom?
Open file 13392
Food / Fast Food

McDonald’s Is Taking Its Biggest Risk in History
Open file 13393
Country: Nigeria
Governance / Politics

Gov. Wike: Rivers State Not Part Of Biafra
Open file 13394
USA ... Manufacturing Jobs

Fighting for jobs in America’s former ‘Sock Capital of the World’
Open file 13395
Nigerian Oil Mogul, Kola Oluko

Sahara Reporters ... Wanted Nigerian Oil Mogul, Kola Oluko, To Foreclose $50.9m New York Penthouse
Open file 13396
Company ... Nestle
Issue: Bottled Water

Where Nestlé Guzzles Water, Michigan Neighbors Take Exception
Open file 13397

Break the █████ on Avaaz
Open file 13398
Investment Practice
Responsible Investment

STRATEGY ... Finally, Evidence That Managing for the Long Term Pays Off
Open file 13399
Open file 13400
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