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TVM Dialog List 1266
13251 - 13300

A listing of the TVM Dialog in date uploaded / date modified order
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USA / Governance
A Broken Democracy

Jeffrey Sachs on America’s Broken Democracy
Open file 13251
The Trump Presidency
Climate Change

Donald Trump’s Historic Mistake
Open file 13252
The Trump Presidency
Stiglitz Perspective

Joseph E. Stiglitz on Trump’s Rogue America
Open file 13253
Transparency International

Transparency International Strips United States Affiliate of Accreditation
Open file 13254
The Obama Presidency
Some of the lighter side!

Barack Obama and Jonathan Goldsmith ... How the world's most interesting man befriended the world's most powerful man
Open file 13255
The Trump Presidency
His Climate Agenda

Why Trump actually pulled out of Paris ... It wasn’t because of the climate, or to help American business. He needed to troll the world — and this was his best shot so far.
Open file 13256
Measuring Impact

Justin Desrosiers ... How Do We Measure “Impact” in Impact Investing?
Open file 13257
Impact Investing
Not very widely used

Put Foundation Endowments to Work for ‘Total Impact’
Open file 13258
Potential and Kinetic Energy

Is light energy potential or kinetic energy?
Open file 13259
Books / Ideas / Humanity
Suzanne Collins

Suzanne Collins ... The Separation that Ignited a Phenomena ... The impact of war on humanity one person at a time
Open file 13260
The Trump Presidency
Tweet Storms

New outrage over Trump tweets after London terrorism incident
Open file 13261
The Trump Presidency
Saudi Arabia showers Trump Hotel with cash

A lobbying firm working against a 9/11 bill spent their money at the Trump hotel for catering, parking, and lodging.
Open file 13262
The Trump Presidency
Enabling hate

Breitbart pretends to oppose racism, fires writer who posted string of bigoted tweets ... Katie McHugh is too racist even by the standards of “the platform for the alt-right.”
Open file 13263
Impact Investing
Route to Mainstream

Why Impact Investing Has Reached A Tipping Point?
Open file 13264
Economics / Finance
Mainstream Bubble

Paul Singer Says Joke Is On Developed World Economies Who Steal Growth From the Future
Open file 13265
The Trump Presidency
Strategy of Congressional Republicans

How Republicans Will Try (and Fail) to Upstage Comey ... GOP game plan for the Russia hearings: smear Obama, demonize Samantha Powers and change the subject.
Open file 13266
The Trump Presidency
Strategy of Congressional Republicans

Paul Krugman: The Republican Party Is Destroying America's Credibility by the Day ... The Trump administration and its enablers are warping reality.
Open file 13267
Context-Based Multicapitalism

Reporting 3.0 ‘Positive Maverick’ Community Pushes Context-Based Multicapitalism
Open file 13268
NATO Alliance and other realities

Germany approves withdrawal of troops from Incirlik airbase in Southeastern Turkey
Open file 13269

Matt Polsky ... Going Deeper on Understanding, Measuring Transformational Change: Part 21
Open file 13270
Natural Capital Accounting

Natural Capital Impact Group Develops Single Biodiversity Metric to Help Companies Reduce Impacts
Open file 13271
Renewable Energy / Wind
Cost Effectiveness

Plunging offshore wind costs spur higher US growth outlooks
Open file 13272
The Trump Presidency
International Cooperation / Energy

Europe, China strengthen energy ties after US exits climate pact; Australia set for first offshore windfarm
Open file 13273
Environmental Accounting / EP&L

Kering Releases EP&L Methodology to Encourage Wider Adoption of Natural Capital Accounting
Open file 13274
Environmental Accounting

Environmental Profit & Loss Accounting: Can We Make It Work?
Open file 13275
Metrics / Natural Capital
Natural Capital Coalition

Natural Capital Coalition ... Natural Capital Protocol Will Demystify Business Value of Nature
Open file 13276
Company: Nestle
Annual Reports

Nestle ... Creating Shared Value
Open file 13277
Natural Capital Accounting

SAP’s Thomas Odenwald on Natural Capital Accounting: (Part One) Let’s Make It More Relevant and Systemic (Part Two) Integration Is Key
Open file 13278
Linkedin Dialog / Economics
Jerry Ashton

Almost Half Of Americans Die Nearly Broke
Open file 13279
The Trump Presidency
Climate Policy

Trump's Climate Withdrawal Is an Impeachable Offense
Open file 13280
Engaged Citizenship

The 1% Is Never Going to Fund Class Struggle ... Sarah Jaffe Interview with Nijmie Dzurinko
Open file 13281
Diplomacy / Foreign Affairs
Policy Options

How the Marshall Plan Emerged From Failure ... The Real Roots of a Foreign Policy Success
Open file 13282
Cities / Governance

From Citizen Platforms to Fearless Cities: Europe’s New Municipalism
Open file 13283
Military Aircraft ... Bombers
Convair B-36

Video ... Six Turning Four Burning - Convair B-36 'Peacemaker' (HD)
Open file 13284
The Trump Presidency
The Trump Business

Donald Trump's business links to the mob - BBC Newsnight
Open file 13285
Stock Markets
Market Situation 170607

Bill Gross Says Market Risk Is Highest Since Pre-2008 Crisis
Open file 13286
USA Politics
The Democrats Working-Class Problem

It's Worse Than We Think ... It’s not only with whites. It reaches well into the party’s base.
Open file 13287
USA / Politics
The White Working Class

A collection of essays on the subject ... really more about all of the failing working middle class
Open file 13288
UK / Brexit
Election fallout 2017 ... EU on UK

Brexit means Brexit ... There’s no readily available second chance for the British marriage with Europe.
Open file 13289
The Trump Presidency
Jim Comey testifies 170608

Comey Forces Trump Defenders Into Extreme and Absurd Spin ... They refuse to acknowledge the former FBI chief’s damning indictment of the president.
Open file 13290

House votes to dismantle key Dodd-Frank regulations ... Experts are worried this could cause the next financial crisis.
Open file 13291
The Trump Presidency
Eric Trump ... like Father like Son

The Eric Trump cover-up ... “It is so disgusting what’s happening.”
Open file 13292
Dr. David Suzuki

The idea That We Must Dominate Nature Has Led to Widespread Devastation That Threatens Our Survival. There’s no going back to simpler times, but our survival depends on respecting our place in nature.
Open file 13293
Terrorism / Islamic Radicals
Situation in the UK

ISIS Recruiter Who Radicalized London Bridge Attackers Was Protected by MI5 ... Collusion to blowback.
Open file 13294
The Trump Presidency
Infrastrucure / Budget

EPI ... Trump’s infrastructure plans are empty promises not backed by money
Open file 13295
The Trump Presidency
Infrastrucure / Budget

EPI ... As the Trump administration kicks off “infrastructure week”, remember that its recent budget is an absolute disaster for public investment
Open file 13296
Oman / Shipping Infrastructure

PICS: Oman Drydock berths largest vessel in its history
Open file 13297
Communications Initiative
Scial Media / Ukraine / Vaccinations

Social Media Initiative in Ukraine: Analysis of Online Conversations on Polio, Vaccination, and Immunization
Open file 13298
The Trump Presidency
International Affairs

Trump Believes in a World Order Based on Brute Force—and Much of Europe Is Surprisingly Willing to Go Along with It ... It would be a much crueler world if we let Trump have his way.
Open file 13299
Open file 13300
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