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TVM Dialog List 1259
12901 - 12950
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Country / Geopolitics
Iran and its global potential

Iran’s Surprisingly Strong Geopolitical Hand ... While the short-term outlook still looks uncertain for Iran, the larger fundamentals hugely favor it.
Open file 12901
Country / Geopolitics
Saudi Arabia and its global situation

Walking a Tightrope: Saudi royals hope to turn China away from Iran during a state visit.
Open file 12902
Socio-Enviro-Economic System
Disaster Capitalism

How Corporations Make a Killing Out of Catastrophe ... Journalist Antony Loewenstein joins AlterNet's Ben Norton to discuss his global travels reporting on disaster
Open file 12903
Region: Horn of Africa
Country: Somaliland

To get into most countries, I needed a passport. To get into Somalia, I needed a lift.
Open file 12904
The Trump Presidency
President Trump loses this negotiation!

INSIGHTS ... Trump Lied: Keystone XL Now Allowed to Be Built Using Imported Steel
Open file 12905
Illegal Trade in Shark Fins

Sea Shepherd Uncovers Huge Shipments of Shark Fins
Open file 12906
The Trump Presidency
Trumps' Business Track Record

Open file 12907
Climate Change
Tar Sands Oil ... Keystone XL Pipeline

James E Hansen 2011 ... Earth to White House: Keystone XL Pipeline Poses Major Risks ... The White House and Tar Sands
Open file 12908
More outdoors

Why Donald Trump should play even more golf ... There’s a furore over how much he’s played in his first few weeks as president. But evidence shows that being outdoors could be the best way to stay healthy!
Open file 12909
Initiative / Pollution
The Story of Stuff

Stop Microfiber Plastic Pollution!
Open file 12910
USA ... Politics
Money in Politics

Comcast's latest scam
Open file 12911
Initiatives ... Center for Responsive Politics
Open file 12912
Issue: Lobbying
Political Influence

Russia hired Edelman in 2016 to help deal with Yukos fallout
Open file 12913
The Trump Presidency
Scott Pruitt ... at the EPA

EPA head questions climate change ... Sen. Brian Schatz called Pruitt a 'climate change denier'
Open file 12914
Company Behavior
Not just profit

Aditya Chakrabortty ... Too many firms game the system. They should be transforming lives ... A once destitute man is thriving now because a company paid its dues to society. Why don’t more do the same?
Open file 12915
Initiative / Metrics

The Global Value Initiative in the EU ... Consortium of many organizations
Open file 12916
Energy / Transportation
Renewables / Rail Rights of Way

Solutionary Rail ... OPINION ... How we can turn railroads into a climate solution
Open file 12917
Climate Change

March 2017 ... No, big snowstorms like this aren’t normal
Open file 12918
The Trump Presidency
Back to the dirty past

TRUMP TRACKER ... We’re 50 days into the Trump presidency, and he’s already made quite the mess
Open file 12919
Poverty Alleviation
Better Ways

'JoAnn D. Rolle, Ph.D. ... #Entrepreneurship for Survival* ... New York Times International edition, February 25-26, 2017, “The Future of Not Working.”
Open file 12920
Military Procurement
Presidential Planes

Trump Force One Is Ready for Takeoff ... After decades in the sky, the president’s fleet is finally getting an upgrade—unless the new passenger-in-chief adds turbulence.
Open file 12921
Driverless Vehicles

John D. Schulz: There is a lot of work being done behind the scenes involving some of the biggest names in and out of transportation, when it comes to driverless cars and trucks.
Open file 12922
People / Initiative
Camilo Galvis / Imperative Fund

The Imperative Fund, a company which focuses on Sustainable Community Development™,
Open file 12923
Game Changer

The real shocker in the WikiLeaks scoop ... WikiLeaks to release details of CIA hacking tools to tech companies
Open file 12924
The Hate U Give by Angie Rhomas

'The Hate U Give,' debut novelist Angie Thomas' topical book with a 16-year-old black heroine, was hotly sought-after and reportedly sold for six figures.
Open file 12925
Modern Planes

25 Heavy LANDINGS at Frankfurt - Boeing 747, Boeing 787 ...
Open file 12926
Military History
The Royal Navy

Royal Navy at War - A Sailor's View - King George V Class Battleships 1941-42
Open file 12927

Repsol reports major find in Alaska
Open file 12928
Climate Change
Oil Company Impact

Exxon Concealed Tillerson's 'Alias' Emails From NY Climate Fraud Probe, AG Claims
Open file 12929
Jack Ma

Video Jan 19, 2017 ... Jack Ma on Trump, 'I like him. US should spend money on America, not wars.'
Open file 12930
Jack Ma

Video Nov 16, 2016 ... Obama interviews Alibaba billionaire Jack Ma ... US President Barack Obama took time off at an Asia-Pacific summit on Wednesday for an unusual task
Open file 12931
Jack Ma

Video Nov 9, 2016 ... Jack Ma: President Trump must work with China
Open file 12932

Trump Unleashes Cultural Shift Among America's Business Leaders
Open file 12933

The secret to cooking amazing vegetables
Open file 12934
Country / GHG Emissions
UK ... CO2 emissions

UK's 'Victorian era' CO2 emissions achieved without driving up energy costs
Open file 12935
Country / GHG Emissions
UK ... CO2 emissions

UK CO2 emissions fall to Victorian-era levels
Open file 12936
Coal to Electricity

Proposed Coal-Fired Plants By Installed Capacity (MW) as of 2012
Open file 12937

UN experts denounce 'myth' pesticides are necessary to feed the world ... Report warns of catastrophic consequences and blames manufacturers for ‘systematic denial of harms’ and ‘unethical marketing tactics’
Open file 12938
Organizations / People
Freakonomics / World Bank / Jim Kim

Hacking the World Bank Full Transcript ... Podcast 2015
Open file 12939

Is America's most common pesticide responsible for killing our bees? ... A growing body of evidence suggests neonics threaten the health of honey bees.
Open file 12940
Natural Capital
The Role of Soil

The business case for soil ... Action on soil sustainability must move beyond the farm and into the boardroom, urges Jess Davies.
Open file 12941
The Trump Presidency
Disconnect with Reality

In Donald Trump’s fantasy world, hints of reality are dawning ... From the travel ban to healthcare to Nato funding, the president is realising that there are limits to the power of his falsehoods
Open file 12942

Developing Countries Need A Lot More Investment To Adapt To Climate Change
Open file 12943
Social Purpose / Investment Returns

EVENT ... Drive Social Purpose Through Measurable Investment Returns
Open file 12944
Economic Ideas

The Economics of Happiness (abridged version)
Open file 12945

Developing Countries Need A Lot More Investment To Adapt To Climate Change
Open file 12946
Dangerous Trend

Planet Enters 'Uncharted Territory'
Open file 12947

A coastline destroyed: Terrifying picture taken from space shows the devastation wreaked on New Jersey's shores by Sandy
Open file 12948

EPA Sued for Approving Dow's Deadly Pesticide Combo
Open file 12949
Energy / Climate Change
The Future of Coal

The Beginning of the End for Coal
Open file 12950
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