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TVM Dialog List 1235
11701 - 11750

A listing of the TVM Dialog in date uploaded / date modified order
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NYC/ Microfinance / South Africa

Ndaba Mandela introduces Sifiso Nxasana in NYC 14/07/2009
Open file 11701
The Global Sourcing Council (“GSC”)

Some GSCouncil links ... part of an extensive archive
Open file 11702
Speakers at Sustainopia Boston 2016

Speakers at Sustainopia Boston 2016 ...downloaded 160808
Open file 11703
TPB Comment
Website Design

Impressions of a big organization's website ... New York Presbyterian Hospital
Open file 11704
Michelle and Barak Obama

Some of my favorite people ... August 2016
Open file 11705

A well deserved deep analysis of the media in 2016!
Open file 11706
The problem of misrepresenting history ... selective amnesia for political convenience

An American president paid a ransom to Iran, but it wasn't Barack Obama ... try Ronald Reagan
Open file 11707
Company ... Insurance sector

The companies that have been combined into the modern Aviva company ... good for investors but probably an excessive amount of concentration of economic power
Open file 11708

Dominic Barton ... Harvard Business Review 2011 ... Capitalism for the Long Term
Open file 11709
Jeff Mowatt

Jeff Mowatt ... P-CED ... The paradox of Long Term Capitalism
Open file 11710
Metrics / Initiatives / Companies
Truecost and Rubicon

Collaboration between TrueCost and Rubicon ... Why Measuring Waste GHG Emissions Matters
Open file 11711
Passenger Transport
Autonomous Buses

FOCUS: Daimler presents autonomous bus of the future ... in Amsterdam
Open file 11712
Initiative / NGO

NewEconomyNYC - Board of Directors and Staff Info
Open file 11713
Participatory Budgeting

How to Start Participatory Budgeting in Your City ... an initiative of Shareable
Open file 11714
Ideas / Concepts
The Commons

Commons Space to Take the Stage at the World Social Forum in Montreal
Open file 11715
Open Source Open Society

Open Source Open Society Conference in Wellington New Zealand August 2016 ... speaker list with links to speaker bios
Open file 11716
Quality of Life
The problem of clutter

Shareable's Top 17 Decluttering Tips
Open file 11717
Initiative / Personal Finance
The Annuity Action Network

The Annuity Action Network ... Get control of your future ... an initiative of the DRB Financial Solutions, LLC family of companies.
Open file 11718
Idea ... Personal Finance
Reverse Morgage

A reverse mortgage or home equity conversion mortgage (HECM) is a type of home loan for older homeowners (62 years or older) that requires no monthly mortgage payments.
Open file 11719
Knight Foundation and Columbia University

Knight Foundation and Columbia University launch First Amendment Institute, a $60 million project to promote free expression in the digital age
Open file 11720
Robert Reich

The Real Threat to American Sovereignty isn’t imports or immigrants. It’s global money influencing our politics.
Open file 11721
Genuine Progress Indicator

Genuine Progress Indicator ... to measure what really matters to people—health care, safety, a clean environment, and other indicators of well-being
Open file 11722
Community Indicators

Community Indicators ... to build safe neighborhoods, vibrant business centers, vital landscapes, and effective public services
Open file 11723
The choice based on economic talk

Robert Borosage ... The Economic Debate and the Failed Consensus
Open file 11724
Hillary Clinton ... Economic Speech

August 11, in Michigan ... Clinton Lays Out Economic Plan In Contrast To Trump
Open file 11725
Trump on the economy

Trump’s Economic Speech in Detroit ... Trump said he could cut taxes and regulations on corporations
Open file 11726
Paul Krugman

NYT August 12, 2016 ... Paul Krugman ... Pieces of Silver
Open file 11727
Company ... IBM
The Watson Program

A series of short conversations between Watson and some experts in their fields
Open file 11728
United Nations
UNA-SNY | United Nations Association Southern New York Division

Young Professionals Explore Corporate Social Responsibility - UNA-SNY | United Nations Association Southern New York Division
Open file 11729
Appropriate Technology
BRAC in Bangladesh

Supporting Low-Tech Solutions to Global Problems
Open file 11730
Next Billion ... an initiative of the William Davidson Institute of the University of Michigon

Tools for Economic Empowerment: Virtual learning in the Vital Voices GROW Fellowship
Open file 11731

Welcome to Sunny Barcelona, Where the Government Is Embracing Coops, Citizen Activism, and Solar Energy ... The city that resisted Franco is looking to its radical past to build a progressive future.
Open file 11732
Global Alliance for Banking on Values

Global Alliance for Banking on Values ... People of the Managing Secretariat
Open file 11733
Rio Olympics 2016
Simone Manuel

After Historic Swimming Gold, Simone Manuel Addresses Police Brutality And Racism
Open file 11734
Felix Dodds

Felix Dodds comments on sustainable development, coffee & life
Open file 11735
A World at School

About the World at School campaign / initiative / network
Open file 11736
Dubai Cares

Dubai Cares
Open file 11737
The Value Proposition

Dubai Cares ... “Feel Good” Volunteering versus “Impact Generating” Volunteering
Open file 11738
The Value Proposition

Mada Al Suwaidi ... Voices of Philanthropy 'I do not recall ever feeling as happy as I felt it in Nepal'
Open file 11739
What is really important

Igniting the Spirit of Giving in a Child
Open file 11740
AMMA / Embracing the World

The hand-illustrated true story of the first Embracing the World project, and the vision behind everything we do.
Open file 11741
The Good Economy Partnership

The Good Economy ... An idea whose time has come
Open file 11742
The Good Economy Partnership Team

The team has economic development and social impact investment backgrounds, covering innovative policy, practice and research in every region of the world.
Open file 11743
Clean Energy Leadership

Sierra Club ... 10 Cities Leading the Way to 100% Clean Energy
Open file 11744
A Good Socio-Enviro-Economic System
The role of renewable energy

Extract from a Sierra Club report - 2016
Open file 11745
USA ... California
The Economics of oil in California

Ending Oil's Monopoly in California
Open file 11746
Big Issue Invest

Sarah Forster ... Deputy CEO and Development Director for Big Issue Invest prior to founding The Good Economy Partnership
Open file 11747
Company Behavior
Exxon Mobil

Stand with Scientists: Tell the AGU to Drop Exxon.
Open file 11748
Environmental Pollution
Sewage / Human Waste

As Rio bay waters show, we badly need innovation in treating human wastes
Open file 11749
Event ... Webinar
Date: Tuesday, August 16, 2016 ... Time: 02:00 PM Eastern Daylight Time

Webinar ... Overview ... Title: Designing for Density to Maximize Profits in the C&I Space
Open file 11750
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