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TVM Dialog List 1228
11351 - 11400

A listing of the TVM Dialog in date uploaded / date modified order
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COSCO's Vessel Departs Greece for Inaugural Transit through Extended Panama Canal
Open file 11351
Energy ... LNG

GE, Technip Ink LNG Project Deal
Open file 11352
Jim Kim

Hacking the World Bank ... Full transcript of the Freakonomics Radio podcast “Hacking the World Bank” in February 2015
Open file 11353
Market Economics

Radio ... Are We in a Mattress-Store Bubble? ... Produced by: Christopher Werth, Arwa Gunja & Kasia Mychajlowycz
Open file 11354
Money, Banking and Finance
The future of traditional banks

“Traditional banks will be redundant in the digital era: Discuss” – 4 Views From PayExpo
Open file 11355
Linking Buying to Environmental Impact

Finnish bank tackles climate change with bio-degradable credit cards ... The Åland Index and the Baltic Sea Card
Open file 11356
Linking Buying to Environmental Impact

The Åland Index and the Baltic Sea Card
Open file 11357
Carbon Footprint

.... carbon footprint ... In this calculator based on the Åland Index you can insert your own amounts for all 49 industry categories, to see your environmental impact. The result will show you
Open file 11358
21st Century Geopolitics
A Perspective of the Chinese

Which Chinese group do other Chinese people like the most?
Open file 11359
Impact Analysis
Mergers and Acquisitions

The 2016 acquisition of LinkedIn by Microsoft
Open file 11360
Randon ... Senseless

Jo Cox, Member of British Parliament, Is Killed in Attack
Open file 11361
About the making of profit

The Price of Profits
Open file 11362
Burgess Connections
Linkedin 160617

Network connections Peter Burgess / Gil Friend
Open file 11363
1776 - New York

1776 is opening in New York City, find out why
Open file 11364
1776 - Dubai

Why 1776 Expanded to Dubai
Open file 11365
Processes and Products

Minister says UK government 'fully backs' microbeads ban
Open file 11366
Dr Leana Wen

Dr Leana Wen, Health Commissioner, Baltimore City
Open file 11367

Mosquito Control ... advice from the City of Baltimore City Health Department / Environmental Health
Open file 11368
First Lady Michelle Obama and Oprah Winfrey

First Lady Michelle Obama and Oprah Winfrey Hold a Conversation on the Next Generation of Women
Open file 11369
President Obama

President Obama Speaks at the White House Summit on the United State of Women
Open file 11370
Prime Minister Modi and President Obama

President Obama and Prime Minister Modi in the Oval Office ... 160607
Open file 11371
Ashoka Changemakers

The many issues being addressed by Ashoka Changemakers
Open file 11372
People ... Ideas
Tim Gieseke

Tim Gieseke ... Governance as the “New Policy Strategy” for Ag-Environmental Issues
Open file 11373
Asia IIX
Impact Forum 2012

Impact Forum 2012: Measuring Success: How to know when you are making an impact? ... Transcripts of the Presentations
Open file 11374
Event ... Asia IIX
Social Capital Exchange Impact Forum 2012

Measuring Success: How to know when you are making an impact? ... a series of videos from the meeting in 2012
Open file 11375
USA - Economy

Infographic from the Economic Policy Institute
Open file 11376
Nutritional Value

A Decline in the Nutritional Value of Crops ... NY Times in 2015
Open file 11377
Higher education in America

Higher education ... Not what it used to be ... American universities represent declining value for money to their students ... The Economist 2012
Open file 11378
People ... Peter Sutherland
Migration, Refugees and IDPs

Peter Sutherland: The Refugee/Migrant Crisis ... A talk at the Carnegie Council around February 2016 (The Voice for for Ethics in International Affairs)
Open file 11379
Next for the Military

This is Likely Why the Navy Is Causing a Massive and Mysterious GPS Outage in the Western US ... The Pentagon is addicted to GPS, and the intervention is just getting underway.
Open file 11380
Country ... China
Engineering and Technology

INNOVATION ... Mammoth vessel: China’s new 98,000-ton mega ship for military and oil-rig support
Open file 11381
Companies ... Whole Foods

How Whole Foods is weathering its most pivotal moment in history
Open file 11382
People Lists
The Creators - 2016

The Business Insider 100: The Creators — ranked 1 to 100
Open file 11383
Women's Issues
The Female Driving Ban in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabian Women Love Bumper Cars (But Not for Bumping) ... Long lines for amusement-park driving sessions; ‘Please, don’t bump me!’
Open file 11384
Company ... IBM
Seeking TVM collaboration

Peter Burgess making contact with IBM ... June 21, 2016
Open file 11385

Business Insider ... Top 100 Business Visionaries ... 2016 Meet the top 100 business visionaries creating value for the world
Open file 11386
Business Insider ... Top 100 Business Visionaries ... 2016

Meet the top 100 business visionaries creating value for the world
Open file 11387
Double standards from the Supreme Court

In Scathing Dissent, Justice Sotomayor Says Supreme Court Just Gave The Green Light To Racist Cops
Open file 11388
The Next System Project

National Essay Competition on the Next System ... 5,000 t0 15,000 words plus bio due by end December 2016
Open file 11389
The Next System Project

New Systems: Possibilities and Proposals
Open file 11390

David Bollier ... How Does the Commons Work?
Open file 11391
USA ... Justice
Need for massive justice reform

Sotomayor's Blistering SCOTUS Dissent Warns America Is Turning Into a Prison State ...
Open file 11392
Bernie Sanders

Yes, Bernie Has Leverage—Deal With It ... His negotiating partners should stop demanding that he fold his cards before the dealing’s done.
Open file 11393
Corporate Performance
Sustainability and Stock Value

Out of the Sustainability Doldrums ... Investors are beginning to see a strong link between corporate sustainability performance and financial performance. That’s creating a bigger demand for better data — and better business models.
Open file 11394

Meet the top 100 business visionaries creating value for the world
Open file 11395

Tim McMahon ... 10 Characteristics of a Good Measure and 7 Pitfalls to Avoid
Open file 11396
Cheap Product ... Nig Negative Impact

Oregon Department of Fish & Wildlife FLEECING THE FISH ... Don’t look now but you’re shedding plastic
Open file 11397
UK ... Brexit
Interaction with the European Union

Marina Hyde ... Farage is now Britain’s face at the EU: petty, unlovable, essentially terrified
Open file 11398
Professional Promotion
EY Global

Suggested by EY Global ... What legacy will you create? ... The question that you ask is the drop that starts the ripple
Open file 11399
Companies ... Maersk
Transport Industry Consolidation

Maersk Fights to Stay on top as Containership Downturn Deepens
Open file 11400
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