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TVM Dialog List 1215
10701 - 10750

A listing of the TVM Dialog in date uploaded / date modified order

Polar Research
Cammell Laird Seals the Deal for UK Polar Ship
Open file 10701
Climate Change ... COP21
Financing Transformation
Émissions de CO₂ : comment financer l’adaptation de manière équitable ?
Open file 10702
Peter Head
Prof Peter Head CBE FREng FRSA ... Founder & Chief Executive Officer ... The Ecological Sequestration Trust
Open file 10703
Anne-Marie Slaughter
Help Us Imagine a New America ... President and CEO Anne-Marie Slaughter’s new book, Unfinished Business: Women, Men, Work, Family
Open file 10704
The Ecological Sequestration Trusts
the ecological sequestration trust ... knowledge exchange
Open file 10705
Climate Change
A total of 147 world leaders are due to attend the start of the UN conference
Open file 10706
Climate Change
COP21: everything you need to know
Open file 10707
People ... Scientists
Nicolaus Copernicus
About Nicolaus Copernicus ... 1473–1543 ... from Wikipedia
Open file 10708
People ... Scientists
Galileo Galilei
About Galileo Galilei ... 1564-1652 ... from Wikipedia
Open file 10709
People ... Scientists
Lise Meitner
About Lise Meitner ... 1878-1968 ... from Wikipedia
Open file 10710
People ... Scientist
Antoine-Laurent de Lavoisier
From Antoine-Laurent de Lavoisier ... 1743-1794 ... from Wikipedia
Open file 10711
People ... Scientists
Marie Skłodowska Curie
About Marie Skłodowska Curie ... 1867-1934 ... from Wikipedia
Open file 10712
People ... Scientists
Isaac Newton
About Isaac Newton ... from Wikipedia
Open file 10713
People ... Scientists
Michael Faraday
About Michael Faraday ... from Wikipedia
Open file 10714
People... Sicentists
About James Clerk Maxwell ... from Wikipedia
Open file 10715
People ... Scientists
Albert Einstein
About Albert Einstein ... from Wikipedia
Open file 10716
People ... Scientists
Dmitri Ivanovich Mendeleev
Dmitri Ivanovich Mendeleev
Open file 10717
Advocacy ...
Pharmaceutical advertising
Pull All Drug Ads from TV
Open file 10718
Some history
Information about accountancy's early days
Open file 10719
Miko Green
Miscellaneous links ... incomplete ... preliminary
Open file 10720
Youtube lessons
First Follower Leadership Lessons - Stabilized and Enlarged
Open file 10721
Orchestral Music
Youtube ... Beethoven Symphony No 7, Allegretto mvt2, Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra & Iván Fischer
Open file 10722
Country ... China
Sharing Economy
China's sharing economy takes a page from Mao's little red book
Open file 10723
Burgess Connection Communication
Chris Macrae
RE: dear kusakabe family
Open file 10724
Country ... China
Urban Cities
PUBLICATION ... Urban China: Toward Efficient, Inclusive, and Sustainable Urbanization ...
Open file 10725
Issue ... Race
Issue ... Drugs
A National Town Hall recently took up the question of how Black Lives Matter fits in with drug reform.
Open file 10726
Labor remuneration
FREE MONEY FOR FINNS ... Finland plans to give every citizen a basic income of 800 euros a month
Open file 10727
Blockchain technology
Big banks once laughed at Bitcoin. Now, Goldman Sachs wants to use its technology.
Open file 10728
It’s time to smash the cosy Question Time chumocracy ... The BBC needs to start reflecting the people who pay for it – and that means doing more than just having Diane Abbott on the TV now and again
Open file 10729
USA ... Violence
Role of Guns
Gun violence is an epidemic. It is time for a public health response
Open file 10730
Open file 10731
Funding Innovation
There is no easy way to measure the impact of university research on society
Open file 10732
Open file 10733
Company ... Pfizer
Out of step with society
ECONOMY ... How Pfizer Rips All of Us Off on a Mindblowing Scale ... Why are we paying for corporate behavior that crushes innovation, cheats taxpayers, cost jobs, and heightens inequality?
Open file 10734
Climate Change
Paris climate talks slow to a crawl as obstructionists threaten the deal
Open file 10735
Climate Change
Naomi Klein’s ‘Leap Manifesto’: we can’t rely on big business for a climate fix
Open file 10736
Climate Change
Managing Climate Change ... Rallying cry in Paris to avoid environmental catastrophe
Open file 10737
Climate Change
The CEOs of Coca-Cola, The Hain Celestial Group, Inc., Hershey’s and PepsiCo Join Food & Beverage Call for Climate Action
Open file 10738
Climate Change
Insuring Our Future Climate
Open file 10739
Sustainable Food
Palm Oil
George Monbiot ... Indonesia is burning. So why is the world looking away?
Open file 10740
Climate Change
Run up to COP21
IEA june 2015 -annual report release ... will energy sustain or destroy future generations
Open file 10741
ENVIRONMENT ... Water Pollution
Big Victory for Environment and Wildlife as House Votes to Ban Plastic Microbeads ... The U.S. has taken a major step toward eliminating a major environmental problem caused by tiny pieces of plastic.
Open file 10742
Open file 10743
Climate Change
Climate Reality Project
COP 21 IN A NUTSHELL ... What exactly is happening in Paris and how did we get here?
Open file 10744
Country ... Venezuela
Is the 'pink tide' turning?
Open file 10745
Open file 10746
Country ... Finland
People's Remuneration
Even in Finland, universal basic income is too good to be true
Open file 10747
The Guardian view on bitcoin: the ghost behind the machine
Open file 10748
Open file 10749
Open file 10750

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