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9701 - 9750

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Food Waste
Supply Chain ... Infrastructure

COMMODITIES ... Better Infrastructure Would Cut Food Waste
Open file 9451
Health Care Systems

$1.7 Billion Needed to Improve Ebola-hit Countries' Health Care, Says Oxfam
Open file 9701
TED Talk
Gary Haugen

Gary Haugen ... The hidden reason for poverty the world needs to address now
Open file 9702
Measuring Happiness ... The Economics of Well-Being

Measuring Happiness ... The Economics of Well-Being ... By Joachim Weimann, Andreas Knabe and Ronnie Schöb ... MIT Press 2015
Open file 9703
Rush Limbaugh

Radio Station WIBC Admits The 'Real' Reason They Are Dumping GOP Extremist Rush Limbaugh
Open file 9704
A finite Resource

Riches in World’s Oceans Estimated at Staggering 24 Trillion Dollars
Open file 9705
Jane Gleeson-White (Author)

Six Capitals, or Can Accountants Save the Planet? ... RETHINKING CAPITALISM FOR THE TWENTY-FIRST CENTURY
Open file 9706
Author ... Jane Gleeson-White

The Bookkeeper Of Venice ... When it first emerged, double-entry accounting was greeted like a great scientific discovery.
Open file 9707
Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP)

BREAKING: Elizabeth Warren's new letter to President Obama ... (TPB) The secrecy surrounding the TPP is an affront to a free society
Open file 9708
Rooftop PV Solar

There's a Fight Brewing Over Who Profits From Solar Power ... And it's coming to your roof.
Open file 9709
What is CSR?

As Long as CSR Is Linked to Profit, Just How Genuine Is It?
Open file 9710
Data Visualization

Advanced Data Visualisation Reveals How Companies View Climate Risk
Open file 9711
Social Impact Measurement

Social Impact Measurement: A Key Business Management Tool
Open file 9712
Clinton Foundation / Clinton Gobal Initiative

In Defense of the Clinton Foundation
Open file 9713
Offshore Wind

Offshore Wind is (Finally) Coming to the U.S.
Open file 9714
Solar Trike

Solar-Pedal Trike Fits the Niche Between Bikes and Cars
Open file 9715
face = 'Arial'> Energy
Storage initiatives

Elon Musk and the Battery of Silent Revolutions
Open file 9716
Follow up Links
April 28, 2015

Follow up Links ... April 28, 2015
Open file 9717
Issue ... Migration
Country ... Eritrea

Escaping Eritrea: 'If I die at sea, it's not a problem – at least I won't be tortured'
Open file 9718

Point of view: The financial reporting framework - Could changes to the not-for-profit (NFP) standard impact for-profit entities?
Open file 9719
Economic Dysfunction

The voice of Joyce : Kvetching but hopeful
Open file 9720
LinkedIn Dialog
Corporate Social Responsibility CSR and Sustainable Development

Jasper Wijk ... How can I contribute and update what I know about the color model?
Open file 9721
Bernard Sharfman

Sharfman, Bernard S., Activist Hedge Funds in a World of Board Independence: Creators or Destroyers of Long-Term Value?
Open file 9722
Lynn Stuart Parramore

Big Banks Claim Reform Will Hurt the Economy. Here's Why That's Bullsh*t. ... If we don't fix this house of cards, it will fall on us again.
Open file 9723
Robert Reich

Robert Reich: Why America's Economy Is an Utter Disaster ... The real reasons behind widening inequality.
Open file 9724
Bernie Sanders

Populist Bernie Sanders Is Running As A Democrat, Challenging Hillary Clinton ... Sanders will seek to revive the party of FDR.
Open file 9725
The Vietnam War

40 Years After End of Vietnam War, Let's Not Forget Who Helped Stop It and the Vietnamese Who Still Suffer ... The war continues in those still suffering from its legacy of unexploded ordnance and Agent Orange.
Open file 9726
Carly Fiorina

Carly Fiorina’s record at Hewlett-Packard, by the number... The likely 2016 candidate argues her time at HP qualifies her to be president. Not so fast.
Open file 9727
Climate Change
The Kochs Can’t Buy The Pope

Pope Francis is preparing to deliver a major “encyclical,” or address to clergy, that declares preventing a climate crisis to be a moral imperative.
Open file 9728
Public Sector Financial Reporting

IFAC Assembles Global Coalition to Spur Better Public Sector Financial Reporting
Open file 9729
Steve Killelea

The Talent Around the Table: Steve Killelea ... Can we measure peace? Steve Killelea is trying.
Open file 9730
Issue ... Planet Earth
Time for turnaround

Earth, Inc. in Turnaround
Open file 9731
Joss Tantram

Social Impact: The Metric of Success in the Sustainability Era ... Is the world a better place because we exist?
Open file 9732
OWS Alternative Banking

Welcome to the website of the Occupy Alternative Banking working group. Some connections and links from April 2015
Open file 9733
People ... Elon Musk
Company ... Tesla

Now Elon Musk Is Building the World’s Biggest Solar Panel Factory ... The electric-car entrepreneur aims to make renewable energy cheaper than coal.
Open file 9734
People ... Elon Musk
Company ... Tesla

Tesla Wants to Turn Your Home Into a Personal Power Plant ... The electric car maker will start selling batteries to homeowners that can store electricity generated by their solar panels.
Open file 9735
Tesla Energy Storage

3p Weekend: 7 Things You Need to Know About Tesla’s New Home Battery
Open file 9736
Capital Markets
Impact Investing

Jean Case ... A New Inning For Impact Investing
Open file 9737
Conventional Wisdom

J. Bradford DeLong ... An Even More Dismal Science
Open file 9738

Cloud Computing Is Forcing a Reconsideration of Intellectual Property
Open file 9739
A Management Idea
Bergen Energi

Bergen Energi Conference ...
Open file 9740
Ted Cruz

NEWS & POLITICS ... WATCH: Jon Stewart Makes the Perfect Case for 'Getting Rid of Ted Cruz' ... The Republican clown car is way too full. Time for this one to go.
Open file 9741
Power and corruption

Lynn Stuart Parramore ... ECONOMY ... The New Corrupt Elite That Is Running Our Economy ... Talking about old systems of power and corruption doesn't begin to capture new realities.
Open file 9742
Bringing nature into the equation

Nature’s Cranky Banker Has Foreclosure on Her Mind
Open file 9743
Natural Capital
Triple Pundit articles

Links to Triple Pundit articles about natural capital and sustainability
Open file 9744
Natural Capital

Valuing Natural Capital Assets in the Supply Chain (Webinar)
Open file 9745
Climate Earth

Climate Earth is a consulting firm offering a system to quantify the value of environment in a company's supply chain and products.
Open file 9746
Climate Adaptation

Climate Adaptation: Seizing the Challenge ... including paper presented at the World Economic Forum in 2015
Open file 9747
History of Accountancy

Canham Rogers (Chartered Accountants, Toronto) ... History of Double Entry Bookkeeping
Open file 9748
Meat Products

Study: To Cut Down On Environmental Impact, Eat Less Beef
Open file 9749
Data Collection
Getting everyone involved

Digging science: Citizens amplify knowledge about the natural world
Open file 9750
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