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9601 - 9650

A listing of the TVM Dialog in date uploaded / date modified order
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Company ... Cargill
Issue ... Deforestation

Cargill promises to stop chopping down rainforests. This is huge.
Open file 9601
Company ... ADM
Issue ... Deforestation

Agribusiness giant tells suppliers to stop cutting down forests
Open file 9602
Common Dreams

'Dear Humanity, We Have a Systems Problem': New Project Aims to Promote Deep Solutions, Radical Transformation
Open file 9603
Climate Change

The Climate Talks Find an Enemy at COP20: The Fossil Fuel Industry
Open file 9604
Price, Markets and Technology

When Selling Digital Content, Let the Customer Set the Price
Open file 9605
Initiatives ... Sustainable Food Trust
News and Reviews

Eat the Week ... News and Reviews ... March 2015
Open file 9606
Issue ... Food
Initiative ... Sustainable Food Trust

His Royal Highness Prince of Wales address to the Langenburg Forum
Open file 9607
Issue ... Food
Initiative ... Patrick Holden

The true cost of cheap food ... Business and Food Food Policy Food Systems Patrick's Blog
Open file 9608
Sustainable Food Trust

About the Sustainable Food Trust
Open file 9609
True Cost Accounting

True Cost Accounting conference film organizaed by the Sustainable Food Trust
Open file 9610
Website and Internet Presence
LinkedIn Activity

See how your posts are doing ... as of Monday, April 6, 2015 11:59 PM PDT
Open file 9611
Sustainable Food Trust

The People Involved in the Sustainable Food Trust Initiative
Open file 9612
Sustainable Food Trust

VIMEO ... Sustainable Food Trust London 2013 Event
Open file 9613

The Forest Trust ... Asia Pulp and Paper backs backs 'No Deforestation' toolkit
Open file 9614
Naomi Klein

Naomi Klein: the hypocrisy behind the big business climate change battle
Open file 9615
Peter Burgess Connections
Connections associated with NJ Pace

Connections associated with NJ Pace ... April 2015
Open file 9616

Biggest Deal Since Exxon Bought Mobil: Shell To Buy BG Group For $70bn
Open file 9617
Olinga Ta'eed

The Vatican Has Long Promoted Intangible Values; Can They Be Measured? ... Olinga Ta'eed, Man Who Developed So-Called God Metric, Says They Can and Should
Open file 9618
Country... Iran
About Nuclear Agreement

Iran’s supreme leader voices pessimism on nuclear deal ... March 2015
Open file 9619
LinkedIn Dialog
LinkedIn Group: Conscious Capitalism Movement

Arnold Kransdorff ... The Death of Wisdom: Why Our Companies Have Lost It–and How They Can Get It Back ... The Answer ... History is dead! Long live history! The missing link to KM, EL and decision making …... Growth, how?
Open file 9620
Company ... Etsy
What mission?

Opinion: Etsy IPO challenges company’s socially conscious reputation ... Online marketplace must balance doing well and doing good ... April 2015
Open file 9621
Social Progress Index

European Commission agrees to use social progress tool alongside GDP ... The Social Progress Index, now used by the European Commission, considers social and environmental indicators to measure a country’s success
Open file 9622
Health and Happiness Index

Michael Porter unveils new health and happiness index ... The Harvard professor, who created the concept of shared value, hopes to bring social and environmental considerations to the top of the policy and corporate agenda social progress index
Open file 9623

Social Progress Imperative
Open file 9624
Social Progress Index

The main components of the Social Progress Index
Open file 9625
Positive Money

Positive Money
Open file 9626
Positive Money

Extreme inequality is the main economic, political and cultural evil of our times. This chapter is
Open file 9627
Positive Money

Most people don’t even want to think about the system, let alone how it should be reformed.
Open file 9628
LonkedIn Dialog
PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP (PwC US)

Discussion: FASB aims for simpler GAAP - Changing the status quo is easier said than done
Open file 9629
Issue ... Energy
Transport ... Trucks

Union of Concerned Scientists ... CLEAN VEHICLES ... FUEL EFFICIENCY ... Engines for Change (2015)
Open file 9630
Issue ... Energy
Transport ... Trucks

UCS: 40% Less Fuel Use by Heavy Duty Trucks, Creating $30B in Savings, Feasible with Existing Technology
Open file 9631
LinkedIn Dialog
Group: CSRwire, The Corporate Social Responsibility Newswire

Discussion: Sarah Brown ... If it's a legal responsibility, is it CSR?
Open file 9632
Tracking versus not tracking

Stopping German students in their tracks?
Open file 9633
Issue ... Management
Balancing Management and Technology

Richard Straub ... Managing in an Age of Winner-Take-All
Open file 9634
LinkedIn Dialog
Corporate Social Responsibility

Social Value and Its Impact on CSR ... Simon Cohen
Open file 9635
Jed Emerson ... for entrepreneurs hungry to put a positive dent on history ... The Metrics Myth—Why Quantitative Presentation of Qualitative Value Matters
Open file 9636
People / Ideas
Mohamed El-Erian

Life after Pimco: Mohamed El-Erian on economics, politics and his hope for a 'Sputnik moment'
Open file 9637
Household Water use in California

Water consumption boils down to simple formula: More land = more water
Open file 9638
Colgate Palmolive

Colgate-Palmolive: How a Player with a Global Footprint Is Attempting to Tread Lightly
Open file 9639
Region: Middle East

Twelve Years Later, We Know the Winner in Iraq: Iran ... Iran should send America a fruit basket to thank it for setting the stage so perfectly for its ascent.
Open file 9640
Issue ... Food

America's Red Meat Horror Show: Why We Must Get Rid of Factory Farms ... It’s time to stop fighting among ourselves about whether or not to eat meat.
Open file 9641
Country ... Nigeria
2015 Elections

Jonathan concedes defeat to Buhari
Open file 9642
Iran and Russia

Iran & Russia Begin Huge Oil-for-Goods Swap. This Is Not Good For The West.
Open file 9643
Economics of Renewables

Rogier van Vlissingen ... Green Finance: A Systematic Approach To Renewable Energy Retrofits
Open file 9644
Vegetables ... Onions

About Onions ... The George Mateljan Foundation, a not-for-profit foundation with no commercial interests or advertising, is a new force for change to help make a healthier you and a healthier world.
Open file 9645
Vegetables ... Bell Peppers

About Bell Peppers ... The George Mateljan Foundation, a not-for-profit foundation with no commercial interests or advertising, is a new force for change to help make a healthier you and a healthier world.
Open file 9646
USA and Foreign Policy

The Unmaking of American Foreign Policy ... The American presidency has a long history of appropriating foreign policy powers from Congress.
Open file 9647

FedEx Tackles Emissions: On the Ground and in the Air
Open file 9648

Open file 9649
Burgess Work-In-Progress
Slideset Development

Slideset Text for MDIA-Framework-002-In-Words of April 2015
Open file 9650
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