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TVM Dialog List 1191
9501 - 9550

A listing of the TVM Dialog in date uploaded / date modified order

Fossil Fuel Costs
Fossil fuels are way more expensive than you think ... A new study estimates the costs of energy sources including their carbon and other air pollutants
Open file 9501
Cost of atmospheric Release
Drew T. Shindell ... The social cost of atmospheric release
Open file 9502
Fossil Fuel
Carbon Pricing
The economic impacts of carbon pricing ... Climate economics research shows that in reality, we are harming the economy by failing to implement CO2 limits.
Open file 9503
Instagram ... now a unit of Facebook
Instagram's 13 employees share $100m as CEO set to make $400m reveals he once turned down a job at Facebook
Open file 9504
Making Space for China ... UK will be a founding member of the China-led Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB),
Open file 9505
From Munich to Kyiv
Open file 9506
Ideas ... Economics
Mohamed A. El-Erian
The Messy Politics of Economic Divergence
Open file 9507
Mohamed a El-Erian
Collection of commentaries (links) written by Mohamed a El-Erian and available on Project Syndicate
Open file 9508
Circular Advantage Business Forum
Circular Advantage Business Forum ... 8th-9th June 2015, London, UK
Open file 9509
The David Suzuki Foundation
Canada should embrace diversity, the economy is no exception
Open file 9510
Energy ... Canada
Analysis of emissions
Explaining Canadian oil and gas: From where do emissions come? Where are they going?
Open file 9511
Media Misinformation
Fox News
WATCH: Jon Stewart Lets Fly in Brilliant 'Rage-gasm' About Fox's Relentless Hypocrisy
Open file 9512
Danny Schechter
Danny Schechter, the News Dissector, Dies in NYC at 72
Open file 9513
Country ... Venezuela
US Foreign Policy and Practice
The 2002 Venezuelan Coup the Media Conveniently Forgot ... This documented episode informs much of what's unfolding in Venezuela today.
Open file 9514
NEC ... New Economy Coalition
About the New Economy Coalition ... an organization based in Boston
Open file 9515
New Economy Coalition
New Economy Coalition ... Board of Directors
Open file 9516
New Economy Coalition
Search for new Chief Executive
Open file 9517
Webpage Code
By Joe Burns ... HTML Goodies
So, You Want A SlideShow, Huh?
Open file 9518
Issue ... Energy
Idea ... Andrew Winston
Andrew Winston ... Coal Is Dying: So What Should Sen. McConnell Really Do for Miners
Open file 9519
Datawrapper is an open source project. Supported by ABZV. Developed by Journalism++ Cologne.
Open file 9520
Defense ... USA
The F-35 Program
The Most Expensive Weapon Ever Built ... The Pentagon's $400 billion F-35 is running into turbulence just as deeper budget cuts loom ... How the F-35 Nearly Doubled In Price (And Why You Didn’t Know)
Open file 9521
US Environmental Policy
Obama Orders Cuts in Federal Greenhouse Gas Emissions ... March 2015
Open file 9522
War on Carbon
Jeremy Leggett: It's time to wake up to the fact that the war on carbon is being won
Open file 9523
Tesla Motors
Tesla Motors / The Future of Electric Cars (National Geographic) ... Announcing the Model X
Open file 9524
Thorium Energy Alliance
THE THORIUM PROBLEM - Manufacturing & energy sector hobbled by thorium
Open file 9525
Thorium Energy Alliance
VIDEO - House of Cards in Real Life: Rare Earth Elements - The case of Thorium
Open file 9526
Country ... Israel
Defense Collaboration
It’s Official: The Pentagon Finally Admitted That Israel Has Nuclear Weapons, Too
Open file 9527
Tesla Motors
Tesla CEO, co-founder, and product architect Elon Musk unveils Model X.
Open file 9528
Open file 9529
Open file 9530
Open file 9531
Country ... USA
Republicans Dear Obama Hater - You Just Wasted A Decade Of Your Life
Open file 9532
Open file 9533
Open file 9534
Open file 9535
Open file 9536
Open file 9537
Open file 9538
Open file 9539
Open file 9540
Open file 9541
Open file 9542
Open file 9543
Open file 9544
Open file 9545
Open file 9546
Open file 9547
Open file 9548
Open file 9549
Open file 9550

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