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TVM Dialog List 1186
9251 - 9300

A listing of the TVM Dialog in date uploaded / date modified order
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Environmental Degradation
River Pollution

Cleaning the Ganges
Open file 9251
Electric cars

Volkswagen Exec: We Need More Federal Investment in Electric Vehicles
Open file 9252
Meeting Needs

ClimateCare: Changing Cooking in Kenya for Good ... New fund to allow residents to purchase clean burning ethanol cookers at an affordable price.
Open file 9253
Circular Economy

The circular economy gets its own Academy Awards ... Accenture and the World Economic Forum join to create an award program for leaders in sustainability.
Open file 9254

Major Brands Waste $11.4B per Year through Poor Packaging Policies
Open file 9255
Environmental Leader

The subjects being covered by Environmental Leader ... about the Enmvironmental Leader
Open file 9256
Supply Chain

Online Chemical Management Tools Launched ... The Reach Centre has launched chemtrac 4.0, a suite of online tools for chemicals management, and a new website.
Open file 9257

Revealing the Cove Dolphins' Toxic Secrets ... As the killing season nears an end in Taiji, testing shows that dolphin meat sold at Japanese supermarkets is riddled with mercury.
Open file 9258
Coca Cola

Coca-Cola Tells Sodastream 'Stop Using Our Garbage Against Us'
Open file 9259
Country ... China
Global Economic Recovery

Adair Turner ... The Global Economy’s Chinese Headwinds
Open file 9260
Dani Rodrik

Reforming Greek Reform
Open file 9261
Country ... Greece
Anna Diamantopoulou

The Greek Debt and the EU Partners
Open file 9262
Barbara Gray

Let's Redefine the American Dream
Open file 9263
Matt Polsky

Links to much of the writing of Matt Polsky
Open file 9264
Hazel Henderson

February 2015 ... How Adam Smith And Charles Darwin Were Hijacked
Open file 9265
Hazel Henderson

December 2013 ... Dear Charlie Rose: More Transparency Please
Open file 9266
Banking and Finance
Quantitative Easing

The Economist explains ... What is quantitative easing?
Open file 9267

Why one of Starbucks' divisions in a coffee-loving country is so unprofitable
Open file 9268
LinkedIn Dialog
Purpose of the Corporation Christopher Halburd ... Re-imagining the purposeful corporation
Open file 9269
Vincenzo Bavoso

Vincenzo Bavoso ... University of Manchester - School of Law; Durham University - Durham Law School ... The Corporate Law Dilemma and the Enlightened Sovereign Control Paradigm: In Search of a New Legal Framework
Open file 9270

The case for an impact indicator for investment products
Open file 9271
Energy ... Transport

ENVIRONMENT ... 'Bomb Train' Derails and Explodes in West Virginia, Two Towns Evacuated ... Despite numerous spills and explosions, Congressional Republicans call oil-by-rail 'very safe.'
Open file 9272

Wegelin Bankers Face Obstruction Charges in U.S. Tax Case
Open file 9273
USA ... Economy
GOP and the Economy

Lynn Stuart Parramore ... The Christian Right Is Quite Scary, But the GOP's Economic Agenda Is America's Big Nightmare ... The Republican corporate agenda is a serious threat to society.
Open file 9274
Mark Blyth

ECONOMY ... Austerity Is 'Complete Horsesh*t': Ivy League Prof Dismantles the Conservative Lie ... Mark Blyth's new book explains the damaging consequences of austerity in Europe and the U.S.
Open file 9275
Mark Blyth

The Austerity Delusion ... Why a Bad Idea Won Over the West
Open file 9276
Adair Turner

Adair Turner: Keynote Address: What Matters: Fundamental Challenges and Self Inflicted Wounds at the INET Meeting in Berlin
Open file 9277
Waste in Packaging

Big brands like KFC, Kraft Foods and MillerCoors are wasting $11.4bn a year through poor packaging policies
Open file 9278

The main subject areas being reported on by 2degrees
Open file 9279
Food ... Food Waste

Heard of fruit jerky? Snact is using it to tackle food waste and poverty.
Open file 9280
TVM Website Navigation
Navigation to ...

The Basic Concepts of True Value Metrics - A book length manuscript - version of 2010
Open file 9281
Matthew DeCamara

The Multiplier Effect & Exponential Societal Results
Open file 9282
Pharmaceutical ... US Healthcare System Dysfunction

The Pharma Drug That Is Bankrupting America ... How can Gilead Sciences charge $84,000 for a drug that costs less than $300 to produce?
Open file 9283
LinkedIn Dialog
CSRwire, The Corporate Social Responsibility Newswire

Kelly Eisenhardt ... It's important companies understand not only the dynamics and inner workings of their supply chains, but also the political and historical context of the regions from which they source.
Open file 9284
Company ... Cayterpillar
Issue ... Taxation

Caterpillar Faces IRS Penalties, More Taxes on Swiss Parts Unit
Open file 9285
Ideas ... Technology
Matthew Littlefield

Oracle Value Chain Summit Highlights Need for IT and Business Transformation
Open file 9286
Corruption ... Kenya

Open file 9287
Performance Question

ILO research project ... How microfinance develops decent work ... An ILO research project shows how microfinance moves small enterprises out of the informal economy and into profit.
Open file 9288

Another Data Point for Performance Reviews: Corporate Volunteerism
Open file 9289
LinkedIn Dialog
CSRwire, The Corporate Social Responsibility Newswire

Kelly Eisenhardt ... 'Complying with Supply Chain Transparency: Underlying Issues Lead to Regulation Backlash' blog post by Kelly Eisenhardt.
Open file 9290
LinkedIn Dialog
Group: Purpose of the Corporation

Discussion: Christopher Halburd ... British capitalism is broken. Here’s how to fix it | Will Hutton
Open file 9291
LinkedIn Dialog
Group: Conscious Capitalism Movement

Discussion: Gentry Lane ... Social Good 2.0: The Next Generation
Open file 9292

Malaria ... GMAP2 ... The goals
Open file 9293
LinkedIn Dialog
Group ... Business Model Generation

Discussion: Martin Kaczynski ... Sr. Consultant at Deloitte ... Hello! I was wondering if any of you have experience/feedback on the online tool that supports the canvas (
Open file 9294
Fracking ... Waste New York Banned Fracking, but 460,000 Tons of Fracking Waste Have Been Dumped There
Open file 9295
Jim Kim

Hacking the World Bank ... Full Transcript ... a lot about World Bank President Jim Kim
Open file 9296
David Ray Griffin

David Ray Griffin book ... UNPRECEDENTED ... Can Civilization Survive the CO2 Crisis?
Open file 9297

Sector List used in the GAI analysis ... mapping this list to the TVM sector list
Open file 9298
Company ... Brand

Emirates brand worth $6.6bn, among world's top 200
Open file 9299
Big Data

Fighting Traffic with Big Data
Open file 9300
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