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TVM Dialog List 1144
7151 - 7200

A listing of the TVM Dialog in date uploaded / date modified order
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IT ... Tools
Magpi ... Formerly EpiSurveyor

The pricing arrangements for Magpi
Open file 7151
Peter Burgess Connections ... LinkedIn
Mary Kopczynski

J.D./Ph.D. Law and Global Affairs | CEO & Founder of Eight of Nine Consulting, LLC ... Greater New York City Area ... Financial Services
Open file 7152
USA ... The Power of the Supreme Court

LOL Of The Week: George W. Bush’s Supreme Court Strikes Another Blow For The .01 Percent ... This week, the Court ruled on McCutcheon v. Federal Election Commission (FEC),
Open file 7153
UK ... Solar Strategy

The UK Government Strategy for Rooftop Solar
Open file 7154

Feedback about HackPrinceton
Open file 7155
Noam Chomsky: Ecology, Ethics, Anarchism

Noam Chomsky and Javier Sethness ... Earth was never an 'infinite resource,' but capitalist practice treats it like 'an infinite garbage can.'
Open file 7156
Robert P. Crease

Robert P. Crease on the subject of ... Measurement and Its Discontents
Open file 7157
Code for America

Code for America Shows How Empathy and Technology Can Improve Government
Open file 7158
Michael Lewis / Brad Katsuyama

The Wolf Hunters of Wall Street ... An Adaptation From ‘Flash Boys: A Wall Street Revolt,’ by Michael Lewis
Open file 7159
Muhammad Yunus

Informal Meeting with Muhammad Yunus in New York in 2008 during his book tour
Open file 7160
Adriana Huffington

Talking about The Third Metric ... Wellbeing
Open file 7161
LinkedIn Dialog
The Purpose of the Corporation

Accountability in Corporate Governance and Financial Institutions Conference
Open file 7162

HackPrinceton draws 500 students to brainstorm and build, but not sleep
Open file 7163
Peter Burgess Connections ... LinkedIn
Dana E. Heitz, Esq.

Attorney/International Affairs Professional ... Greater New York City Area ... Law Practice
Open file 7164
Leeds University

Accountability in corporate governance and financial institutions
Open file 7165
Robert P. Crease

GRAY MATTER ... Measurement and Its Discontents
Open file 7166
Peter Burgess Connections ... LinkedIn
Charles Huajie Cao

Physics PhD candidate at Princeton University ... Princeton, New Jersey ... Research
Open file 7167
Peter Burgess Connections ... LinkedIn
Jacques Joubert

Associate at Aurecon ... Cape Town Area, South Africa ... Information Technology and Services
Open file 7168
Peter Burgess Connections ... LinkedIn
Mahmoud Jibril el-Wa Jibril el-Wa

Leader of the National Forces Alliance ... Libya ... Political Organization
Open file 7169
Peter Burgess Connections ... LinkedIn
Christopher King
Founder-Consultant King Connections ... Takoma Park, Maryland ... Management Consulting
Open file 7170
Amy Larkin

A simple accounting change can make green infrastructure more attractive
Open file 7171
Peter Burgess Connections ... LInkedIn
Peter Carlos

Managing Director at Najd Investments Limited ... United Arab Emirates ... Banking
Open file 7172
Way to do measurement

Why do RCTs in ICT4D when you can do A/B tests ... with TPB comment
Open file 7173
Peter Burgess Connections ... LinkedIn
Jem Bendell

Director, and Professor of Sustainability Leadership at Institute for Leadership and Sustainability (IFLAS) ... Windermere, Cumbria, United Kingdom ... Education Management
Open file 7174
Peter Burgess Connections ... LinkedIn
Natalia Tkachenko

Alumni Relations, EBRD ... London, United Kingdom ... International Trade and Development
Open file 7175
Social Value

The Future of Social Value ... report from the UK in April 2014
Open file 7176

GE Hopes to Make Its Cloth Wind Turbine Idea Fly
Open file 7177
Peter Burgess Dialog
Esa in Accra

Esa in Accra
Open file 7178
From CSRwire

Forum 21: Can Mindfulness Training Help Us Shift Toward a New Economic Paradigm?
Open file 7179
Nuclear ... South Africa

SA still committed to new nuclear build, but much remains unclear
Open file 7180
Larry Ellison

Still No. 1, and Doing What He Wants
Open file 7181
Executive Compensation

Pay for Performance? It Depends on the Measuring Stick
Open file 7182
CIPS Sustainability Index

CIPS Sustainability Index ... an initiative to have information about supply chain and sustainability
Open file 7183
Ideas ... Humor

Colbert Report ... Jobsolete
Open file 7184
Terms and Conditions

This is the Android Software Development Kit License Agreement
Open file 7185
Shale Gas

IPCC's shale gas error
Open file 7186
Big Data

Introduction to the Big Data Era
Open file 7187
Privacy Statement

Privacy Statement for AT&T in connection with SmartPhone use
Open file 7188
Social Economy Alliance

SEA ... 6 ideas from the Social Economy Alliance in the UK
Open file 7189
Danger Signs
What is killing the bees

Billions of bees are dying, and it's causing an environmental holocaust that threatens all of us.
Open file 7190

In search of an honest accountancy firm
Open file 7191
Peter Burgess Connections ... LinkedIn
Robert Heinzman

Global Science Practice | Change Leadership Partner ... Lenox, Massachusetts ... Management Consulting
Open file 7192
Global Witness ... Charmian Gooch

TED Prize ... My wish is to launch a new era of openness in business and to end anonymous corporations
Open file 7193
??? (from LinkedIn

Impact Investment & Grantmaking: Measuring Impacts & Outcomes ... some ideas about measurement in education
Open file 7194

International organisations recognise the impending shortage of potable water but their approach is entirely wrong
Open file 7195
Regarding CSV

Four big problems with “Creating Shared Value”, by Andrew Crane and Dirk Matten
Open file 7196
Peter Burgess Connections ... LinkedIn
Neil Skehel

CEO at Awards International LLC (UAE) ... Croydon, Cambridgeshire, United Kingdom ... Management Consulting
Open file 7197
Peter Burgess Connections ... LinkedIn
Archu Singh

CEO at Hexagon Infosoft Solutions Pvt Ltd ... Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India ... Information Technology and Services
Open file 7198
Peter Burgess Connections ... LinkedIn
Mark Davies

Startups - Ideas - Tech - Dev - Africa ... Ghana ... International Trade and Development
Open file 7199
Peter Burgess Connections ... LinkedIn
Gus Escher

Managing Director at Cross Point Capital LLC ... Greater New York City Area ... Capital Markets
Open file 7200
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