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Workplace Conditions
Dubai Construction

Striking Dubai workers face mass deportation
Open file 4851
Workplace Conditions

Dubai workers hold rare strike for more wages
Open file 4852
Left Forum 2013

Invitation to panel discussion on TrueValueMetrics ... Meaningful Metrics for a Smart Society at the Left Forum 2013 ... June 8, 2013 at Pace University
Open file 4853
Google Maps

A blog about mapping with Google Maps
Open file 4854
Disrputive Technologies and the Cloud

Managing Disruptive Technologies in the Cloud ... Three disruptive technologies—advanced analytics, social data and mobility—are the start of a technological wave that will change the way business is done.
Open file 4855

From the Business Directory
Open file 4856
Country ... USA

AP in 2011 ... Gov't: Health tab to hit $4.6 trillion in 2020
Open file 4857
Irish Potato Famine

Mystery of Irish Potato Famine Solved ... a newly identified strain of potato blight that has been christened 'HERB-1' may have been the cause of the Irish Potato Famine.
Open file 4858
Costs and price in US healthcare

The Options for Payment Reform in U.S. Health Care
Open file 4859
Costs and price in US healthcare

Uwe E. Reinhardt ... Determining the Level of Payments in Health Care
Open file 4860
High prices in the USA

The Pricing Of U.S. Hospital Services: Chaos Behind A Veil Of Secrecy ... An economist’s insights into what causes the variation in pricing, and what to do about it.
Open file 4861
Business Process
Business Process

Steve Black ... Why the Lean Start-Up Changes Everything
Open file 4862
Essentially ignored

Fire the Choir: Why Green Marketing Hasn’t Worked and What To Do About It
Open file 4863
How money circulates

Results of a Bank of America survey of high net worth philanthropic giving.
Open file 4864
Peter Burgess Connections ... LinkedIn
Lara Phimister

Founding Attorney at B-Social Law, P.C. ... Greater Boston Area ... Legal Services
Open file 4865
Initiative ... Technology

Maven is a platform for microconsulting ...
Open file 4866
Business Finance

The Global Platform for Startup Funding ... Over 1,800 startups funded in the last 12 months
Open file 4867

DCProject was established in 2011 to help organizations and individuals make a greater difference through their philanthropic and social investment activities.
Open file 4868
Peter Burgess Dialog
For Follow Up

Follow Up Items ... May 2013
Open file 4869
IRIS Standards

Impact Reporting and Investment Standards (IRIS) Information
Open file 4870

About SROI ... Social return on investment ... From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Open file 4871
Higgs Index

Higg Index ... From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Open file 4872
Product design

The Nike Environmental Apparel Design Tool
Open file 4873
Considered Index and Support Tools

Review of Nike Considered Index and Support Tools
Open file 4874
Higgs Index

The goal of the Sustainable Apparel Coalition was to create and implement an index to measure the environmental and social performance of apparel and footwear products.
Open file 4875
The Enough Project

Enough Project ... From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Open file 4876
Verified Carbon Standards (VCS)

Founded in 2005 by the Climate Group, the International Emissions Trading Association, the World Economic Forum and the World Business Council for Sustainable Development.
Open file 4877
Economic Analysis
Modern economic dysfunction

The poverty of austerity exposed ... A new book explores the history of a dangerous idea. The aftermath of 'debtgate' - the revelation of eggregious flaws in the key economic study,
Open file 4878
The Press in the USA

Is the press too big to fail? ... From climate change to financial meltdown, the worst of our journalism is becoming the norm, writes scholar.
Open file 4879
Peter Burgess Connections ... LinkedIn
Lava Kafle

Solutions Architect in Deerwalk Inc. ... Nepal ... Information Technology and Services
Open file 4880
Technology ... Big Data
Big Data in Health

Healthcare and big data: Don't toss out the rules of the road
Open file 4881
Peter Burgess Connections ... LinkedIn
Austin R. Curry

Executive Director Elder Care Advocacy of Florida ... Tampa/St. Petersburg ... Hospital & Health Care
Open file 4882
Big Data

IRIN ... Analysis: Potential, pitfalls of 'big data' for humanitarians ... What the UN is doing.
Open file 4883
Value Chain Data

Santa Rosa company makes origin of clothing more transparent ... Indigenous Designs worked with Worldways Social Marketing, a Rhode Island company, to develop the Fair Trace Tool app.
Open file 4884
Initiatives ... Technology

MIT Media Lab ... Tangible Media Group ... Leonardo Bonanni, Matthew Hockenberry, Reed Underwood, Bianca Sayan, Smita Deshpande, David Zwarg, Hiroshi Ishii / 2009
Open file 4885
Peter Burgess Contacts ... LinkedIn
Pamela Sarikianos

Justice Leadership & Guidance Counselor ... Philadelphia Area ... Education Management
Open file 4886
Country ... Iran
The arguments in the USA

Epic fail: The neocon attempt to destroy the anti-Iran war movement ... NIAC has increasingly troubled the war crowd, 'so much so that it has become one of their favourite targets'.
Open file 4887
Country ... Syria
Regional Developments

Hezbollah support firm in face of attacks ... Following the rocket attacks on Lebanese capital, residents of targeted areas rally behind the Shia movement.
Open file 4888

The Most Important Doctor in the World ... Ray Chambers and Dr. Chan. SG of WHO
Open file 4889
The Economic System
How does it work?

Kevin Jones ... Scoping Out the Operating System for the Good Economy
Open file 4890

Feed the Future Partnering for Innovation ... Commercializing technology for smallholder farmers
Open file 4891

FinTrac is an international initiative to combat hunger through improved agriculture
Open file 4892
Peter Burgess Connections ... LinkedIn
Meris Gebhardt

Meris Gebhardt 3rd ... Sustainability Software & Services Sales Executive ... Portland, Oregon Area ... Environmental Services
Open file 4893
Peter Burgess Connections ... LinkedIn
Jerome Peloquin

Jerome Peloquin ... Human Performance Analyst, Man/Machine Systems Integration, Plant Operations Management ... Washington D.C. Metro Area ... Management Consulting
Open file 4894
Complementary Currency
Digital Money

Ignacio Mas· on Electronic money - creation and distribution and Gideon Samid·on Digital Currency: The Future of Money
Open file 4895
Business Practice
Planned Obsolescence

Until Next Do You Part ... Planned obsolescence: It is a scourge many face when thinking about electronics and technology.
Open file 4896
Peter Burgess Dialog
Things to do ... June 2013

June 2013 ... Section I
Open file 4897
Banking and Finance
Community Banks

A Listing of Community Banks around NY and PA
Open file 4898
Peter Burgess Connections ... LinkedIn
Patti Welch

Patti Welch ... Canon for Education at Cathedral of St. John the Divine ... Greater New York City Area ... Religious Institutions
Open file 4899
Fox host loses it!

Neil Cavuto GOES OFF, Cuts Guest's Mic: Drop The Liberal Thing & Focus On The Reality Thing
Open file 4900
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