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TVM Dialog List 1030
1451 - 1500
A listing of the TVM Dialog in date uploaded / date modified order
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Military History ... USA
Military power diminishes economic strength

Defence and democracy in America ... The US economy can no longer bear the reckless use of presidential power to declare war at any time.
Open file 1451
International Affairs
Activities of USA in Pakistan

Pakistan voices 'deep rage' over NATO attack ... Islamabad shuts NATO's supply routes to Afghanistan after alleged attack by military alliance kills 25 Pakistan troops.
Open file 1452
Social Activism
Occupy LA protesters brace for eviction

The eviction deadline for Occupy LA protestors is nearing, but demonstrators are vowing to stand their ground.
Open file 1453
Social Activism
Occupy LA activists vow to stand ground

Mayor sets deadline for protesters to leave, saying they have 'awakened country's conscience' but damaged the grass.
Open file 1454
Social Activism
Occupy at US Davis ... Peper Spray Incident

Pepper spray nation ... With most of the UC board of regents being in the 1%, student demonstrators should expect more police brutality.
Open file 1455
Money, Banking and Financial Services
Loans to US Banks in Q4 of 2008

Secret Fed Loans Gave Banks Undisclosed $13B
Open file 1456
Social Activism
OWS and Free Speech

Ann Coulter Advocates Shooting Occupy Protesters ... Ann Coulter is a right wing part of the media that has uncomfortable views about how society should work
Open file 1457
Social Activism
The Sustainable Leadership Forum in NJ

Empowering committed individuals and organizations to sustain intelligent life on the planet ... Measuring Sustainable Value
Open file 1458
Society and Economy
The Sustainable Leadership Forum

Empowering committed individuals and organizations to sustain intelligent life on the planet
Open file 1459
Social Activism
Occupy Wallstreet ... Zuccotti Park

A big figure in OWS security ... taking care of the real business of the Occupy Movement
Open file 1460
Social Activism
The early days of the Occupy Wall Street Movement

Occupy Wall Street Protests ... the early days and some early Internet connections
Open file 1461
Society and Economy
Hazel Henderson following G20 summit in Cannes

Hazel Henderson speaks to a TV audience in Brazil
Open file 1462
Society and Economy
Web of Debt

Open file 1463
Society and Economy
Articles by Ellen Brown

A range of articles about the Web of Debt and more
Open file 1464
Social Activism
Occupy Wall Street

University of California is a frontline of the Occupy Movement ... students have legitimate gripes
Open file 1465
Social Activism
Occupy in New York ... Town Hall Meeting

NY assemblyman Richard Gottfried supports OWS at a Town Hall Meeting at the JCC
Open file 1466
Charity in Development
Where is accountabilty?

The ONE campaign is doing PR for its work with AIDS
Open file 1467
Accountability in Development
Haiti after the earthquake

HaitiWired addresses key issues:
Open file 1468
Links to more Resources
About Metrics

The material here have many different origins reflecting the diverse universe of initiatives that are developing
Open file 1469
Social Activism
Opening up the conversation about economics

Occupy Economics ... Economists are in support of the conversation started by the Occupy Movement
Open file 1470
Law, Society and the Economy
Making the S.E.C. work

Judge Blocks Citigroup Settlement With S.E.C. ... proposed $250 million settlement is not supported by suitable justification
Open file 1471
Social Activism
Impact of Occupy Movement

Council on Foreign Relations writes about Weighing Occupy Wall Street's Impact
Open file 1472
Society and Ecxonomy
The GDP is a failed metric

An op-ed title G.D.P. R.I.P. has the right idea but is far too optimistic and totally unrealistic
Open file 1473
Social Activism
Solidarity with the Unions

Sharan Burrow ITUC General Secretary - labour union support for the Occupy Movement
Open file 1474
Society and Economy
Protest from workers at G20 in Cannes

Heal the World Economy ... Unions, Nurses and others protest the state of the global economy at Cannes G20
Open file 1475
Society and Economy
Financial Group Recognizes Finance As A Global Commons

Ethical Markets transsforming finance groups call for recognizing finance as a global commons
Open file 1476
Public Banking Institute

An organization promoting the use of Banking organizations owned by the State (as in North Dakota)
Open file 1477
Society and Economy
The tragedy of a broken financial system

Time for the Fed to take over in Europe ... To avoid eurozone troubles from spreading, the US Federal Reserve should intervene.
Open file 1478
Law, Society and Economy
What role for law and leaders?

Kuala Lumpur tribunal: Bush and Blair guilty ... A war crimes tribunal in Malaysia offers a devastating critique of international criminal law institutions today.
Open file 1479
Social Activism
Occupy LA

Time is running out for Occupy LA ... Occupy LA and the City of Los Angeles' cordial relationship has soured; they are now on a crash course to confrontation.
Open file 1480
Corruption and Accountability
India Anti-corruption campaign fails reality check

India's movement towards implementing the Lokpal Bill has been fractured by political interests.
Open file 1481
Society and Economy
Bankers wrecked the Iceland economy

Why Iceland Should Be in the News, But Is Not
Open file 1482
Labor, Society and Economy
iProtest ... Working Conditions in China

Activist Debby Chan takes on Apple, one of the world's favourite brands in her fight for workers' rights.
Open file 1483
Society and Economy
Privatization of Prisons

Locking up profits ... Private prison companies strive to keep millions behind bars to keep their profits up.
Open file 1484
Social Activism
The Library at Zuccotti Park

The People's Library of Occupy Wall Street Lives On
Open file 1485
Military, Society and Economy
A Conference ... Mililtary Industry Complex

AEROSPACE & DEFENSE FINANCE CONFERENCE Credit Suisse Headquarters New York, NY in Novermber 2011
Open file 1486
Money Banking and Financial Services
Bailout details from 2008

A Bailout Monstrosity ... Bloomberg gets some data about the full scale of the bailout in the last months of 2008
Open file 1487
Culture and Society

Music. Ylvis from a Norwegian talk show poses difficult questions about the meaning of Stonehenge
Open file 1488
Country ... China
Society and Economy

Predictions of an economic collapse in China are in vogue ... Once-unbridled optimism is giving way to fears
Open file 1489
US Politics, Society and Economy
Mitt Romney

New Democratic attack on Romney uses Leno, Conan, Reagan
Open file 1490
Society and Economy
Zombie Banking and a broken economy

Cenk Uygur of The Young Turks explains how banks were bailed out by the Fed and why Occupy Movement has got it right.
Open file 1491
Society and Economy
Who knew what and when?

According to a Bloomberg News research, it appears that Paulson Gave Hedge Funds Advance Word
Open file 1492
Technology, Society and the Economy
Technology Progress

4 Mobile Capabilities We Only Dreamed of Yesterday and Are Already Here Today
Open file 1493
Country ... China
GDP Growth and Stock Market performance

Comparison of GDP growth in China over several quarters with stock market performance in 2011
Open file 1494
Energy, Society and the Economy
A green efficient energy sector would help

Smart grid is part of an efficient energy secvtor ... It’s Time to Give Dynamic Pricing a New Name
Open file 1495
Society and Economy
Holding banks accountable

Matt Taibbi on Judge Rakoff’s decision to reject the SEC’s latest settlement with Citigroup
Open file 1496
Country ... Libya
Society, Economy and Post-War Rebuilding

Libya looks to build economy beyond oil
Open file 1497
Social Activism
Police interventions to control the Occupy Movement

Why Naomi Wolf got it wrong ... In the US, political repression - such as the crackdown on Occupy protests - doesn't require top-down coordination.
Open file 1498
Politics (US), Society and Economics
Social Activism

Obama's jobs' council irks protesters ... 'Occupy Wall Street' demonstrators baulk at background of executives from some of the largest corporations in US.
Open file 1499
Social Activism
Competition among the media analysts

Naomi Wolf’s ‘Shocking Truth’ About the ‘Occupy Crackdowns’ Offers Anything but the Truth ... Naomi Wolf's latest theory veers wildly from the known facts.
Open file 1500
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