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TVM Dialog List 1026
1251 - 1300
A listing of the TVM Dialog in date uploaded / date modified order
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Impunity for Venezuela's big landowners
Hundreds of Chavez supporters have been assassinated by wealthy landowners for implementing new land policies.
Open file 1251
Social Activism
Occupy Oakland in song

Occupy Oakland in song ... I will survive CAPITALISM
Open file 1252
International Affairs
The Iraq liars target Iran

The Iraq liars target Iran ... The same people who lied about Iraq having weapons of mass destruction to start a war are pushing for war on Iran.
Open file 1253
Society and Economics
Europe's next nightmare ...

Europe's next nightmare ... The political consequences of the Eurozone crisis include increasing xenophobia and nationalism among politicians.
Open file 1254
Military Sector and Arms Trade
The trial of Viktor Bout

Arms and the Corrupt Man ... about the conviction of Viktor Bout, the so-called Merchant of Death,
Open file 1255
Society and Economy ... USA
Implosion of the Housing Sector

Animal McMansion: Students Trade Dorm for Suburban Luxury
Open file 1256
Politics ... USA
Tax Analysis is what you make it

Hermain Cain's 999 tax proposal is a great line in a speach ... but maybe the system reflects something deeper. Look at the analysis!
Open file 1257
Military Economics
Value and consequences of drones in military operations

November 2011 ... Suspected US missiles kill 7 militants in Pakistan
Open file 1258
Social Activism
Big names attaching themselves to OWS

Jeffrey Sachs describing his view of the New Progressive Movement
Open file 1259
People ... USA
Debbie Wasserman Schultz

Debbie Wasserman Schultz is a Democratic Representative from Florida that has a great command of the facts around the US economy
Open file 1260
Money, Banking and Financial Services
The role of Currency Exchange Rates

Peter Burgess on the role of Currency Exchange Rates, and some personal experience TO COME
Open file 1261
Social Activism
Importance of communications

Livestream being used at Occupy Portland
Open file 1262
Arab Awakening
Ordinary people doing great things

The eBay ambulance that went to Libya ... Abdul Gargani wanted to help oust Gaddafi so he bought an ambulance for the rebels and drove it from his house in Manchester to his home country
Open file 1263
Return as a metric in sustainable investment

It is good to have Impact Investing and to put Endowment Funds to Work for Good, but the metrics should be be return!
Open file 1264
Military Economy and Society
Sir David Frost asks if war is inevitable

Is war inevitable? ... As Remembrance Day is marked, we ask who is to blame for the wars raging in the world today - the people or politicians.
Open file 1265
Social Activism
Occupy Wall Street

New York Post: OWS Protestors Costing Local Businesses Half A Million Dollars So Far
Open file 1266
Social Activism
Occupy Portland

Thousands of protesters standoff with police after Portland Mayor orders eviction
Open file 1267
Society and Economy
The Truth About The Economy In 2 Minutes

Former Labor Secretary Robert Reich said he could explain the problems with the economy in less than 2 minutes, 15 seconds
Open file 1268
Society and Economy
The disruption in Europe

Germany and France are strong. Greece and Italy are not. Why the Euro itself is the problem
Open file 1269
Society and Economy ... China
Guan Jianzhong: Downgrading the US

Guan Jianzhong: The chairman of China's only independent credit rating agency warns they might have to downgrade the US again.
Open file 1270
International Affairs

Dennis de Tray opines that only an aid rethink can save Afghanistan
Open file 1271
Money, Banking and Financial Services
Anonymous on the system

Anonymous on the system
Open file 1272
Environment and Society
About Climate Change

A climate scientist, Ethan Siegal claims to expose a climate science fraud
Open file 1273
Social Activism ... USA
Right Wing Media Push Back

Bill Kristol Continues Fox's Attacks On OWS: 'The Whole Term 'Occupy' Is A Kind Of Marxist Term For Taking Over' Property
Open file 1274
Social Activism ... USA
Organization of the Occupy Movement

Stephen K. Friedman who is President of MTV understand the young generation and how they organize
Open file 1275
Earth Party

Tim Foresman and the EarthParty ... The Carbon Store
Open file 1276
Society and Economy
Making profit funded with debt

$1 Trillion+ in the Red: What Can Debt-drowned College Students Teach MFIs?
Open file 1277
Society and Economy ... USA
Rule of Law does not apply to Congress

60 Minutes reports: One Day After Attending Private Economic Crisis Briefing, GOP Financial Services Chairman Bet On Stocks Tanking
Open file 1278
Environment and Society
What to do?

Environmental historian Angus Wright calls for planetary patriotism and collective action in the face of climate change.
Open file 1279
Society and Economy ... USA
Some perspective on democracy

Fear: American style ... Americans have historically stood up to coercion - and the OWS movement might be the latest incarnation of resistance.
Open file 1280
Society and Economy ... USA
The war against the poor in America

Rampant poverty and further welfare cuts have created a need to move towards a moral economy of the many, not few.
Open file 1281
Social Activism
Militarising the police from Oakland to NYC

If the infrastructure of a police state is created, it's only a matter of time before those aggressive powers are used.
Open file 1282
Circles on Google+

List of people who are important for TrueValueMetrics development (INCOMPLETE)
Open file 1283
Ellen Brown

Ellen Brown ... lawyer and author with experience internationally and also research into medical industry and banking
Open file 1284
Social Activism
Occupy Wall Street

Breaking News ... Police Clear Zuccotti Park of Protesters setting in motion a firestorm of disgust at the authorities
Open file 1285
Social Activism
Occupy Wall Street

Ezra Klein on the removal of protesters from Zuccotti Park
Open file 1286
Social Activism
Occupy Movement

John Kellden and the First Amendment ... with comments
Open file 1287
Social Activism
Occupy Movement

Keith Olbermann videos: (1) Dan Siegel, an advisor to the mayor of Oakland resigns (2) Veterans in support of Occupy Movement
Open file 1288
Society and Economy ... USA
The decline in key indicators of quality of life

US college grads' salaries in steep decline since the early 2000s
Open file 1289
Money, Banking and Financial Services
What data are being used?

Global Macro Monitor ... An incoherent babel of opinion on top of data that creates all the wrong incentives
Open file 1290
Society and Economy
An broad analysis

A broad analysis of many of the indicators that are used to assess socio-economic performance ... all financial
Open file 1291
Society and Economy
Natural Capitalism ... Creating the next industrial revolution

Paul Hawken, Amory Lovins, and L. Hunter Lovins have written a book called Natural Capitalism
Open file 1292
Open file 1293
Social Activism
Occupy Wall Street ... Zuccotti Park

Zuccotti Park taken back by police ... The City's Attack on Information: Books Dumped in the Garbage, Press Intimidated
Open file 1294
TVM Methodology
What is the State of the Community

The State of the Community is like the balance sheet of an organization ... assets and liabilities that affect quality of life.
Open file 1295
International Affairs
The matter of Iran and nuclear weapons development

A lot of information from the IAEA, but mainly old going back almost a decade
Open file 1296
Social Activism
Church being support of the Occupy Movement

Episcopal clergy continue support following Occupy Wall Street camp breakup in New York
Open file 1297
Social Activism
Mayor Bloomberg versus Occupy Wall Street

VIDEO Special Comment: The Hero Of Occupy, Mike Bloomberg
Open file 1298
Military, Society and Economy
Military budget huge

Open file 1299
Social Activism
Occupy Wall Street ... Zuccotti Park

November 15, 2011 ... Woman Shows Court Order to NYPD, Gets Punched in Face. #occuppywallstreet
Open file 1300
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