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Global CO2 Emissions by Sector

Peter Burgess COMMENTARY
Graphics like this have been circulated for a long time ... going back twenty or thirty or forty years.

Most people in rich countries have little understanding of the way the world works, but worse, really don't care ... it is after all somone else's problem ... which it really isn't.

The potential disruption of major natural cycles is an existential crisis, if ever there was one.
Peter Burgess
People are responsible for the modern emissions imbalance because:
  • the way people travel and move goods ... the transport sector;
  • people need buildings for work and shelter ... the construction and lifetime of use; and
  • people need products ... most of which must be produced in the industrial sector.
In nature, there is a natural balance which was established over millions of years ... but in the last 200 years this balance has been replaced by dangerous imbalance.

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