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This graphic was prepared more than twenty years ago in the context of Community Centric Sustainable Development to illustrate the idea that data should be at the center of all community development starting with the planning phase, and ending with the data that shows impact and post activity results. Well planned and implemented activities improve the state of the community.

Initially there are many things that need to be fixed. Data are needed to establish a baseline state and to plan a strategy for improvement

After that there is the need to get organized to implement the improvement strategy. All the time there is accumulation of data, the analysis of data, and improvement based on what the data show.

The biggest stage is implementation. Again there is a cycle of data collection, data analysis and feedback to improve performance. The effectiveness of most implementation depends heavily on the strength of the feedback process.

Over time the number of things that need to be fixed goes down and the 'fixed things' accumulates, and with it quality of life. Eventually almost everything is fixed ... and the process is then used to maintain the good situation.
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