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Many definitions that are used within TrueValueMetrics

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Note: These definitions serve as a guide to the meaning of these words in the context of TrueValueMetrics and Multi Dimension Impact Accounting

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Accountability Open list0300-Accountability-1
Accountancy Open list0300-Accountancy-1
Account codes ... analytical codes Open list0300-Account-codes-1
Accrual Basis Accounting Open list0300-Accrual-accounting-1
Activity Open list0300-Activity-1
Analysis must be Objective Open list0300-Analysis-1
Analysis and the Aggregation Open list0300-Analysis-and-aggregation-1
Analysis and Reporting Efficiency Open list0300-Analysis-and-reporting-efficiency-1
Analysis Issues ... Energy Open list0300-Analysis-Energy-1
Assets Open list0300-Assets-1
Audio Information Open list0300-Audio-information-1

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Balance Sheet Open list0300-Balance-Sheet-1
Bankruptcy TO COME Open list0300-Bankruptcy-1
Behavior of Cost Open list0300-Behavior-of-cost-1
Behavior of Value TO COME Open list0300-Behavior-of-value-1
Better Metrics Open list0300-Better-metrics-1
Better than Accountancy Open list0300-Better-than-accountancy-1
Beyond Financial Metrics Open file 2004B0701
Breakeven Analysis Open list0300-Breakeven-analysis-1
Bribery Open file 2004B0801
Budget Open file 2004B0901

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Cash Open file 2004C0101
Cash Basis Accounting Open list0300-Cash-basis-accounting-1
Cash Flow Open list0300-Cash-flow-1
Cause and Effect Open file 2004C0401
Clarity Open file 2004C0501
Code of Accounts Open file 2004C0601
Collaboration Open file 2004C0701
Commons Open file 2004C0801
Community Open list0300-Community-1
Community Analysis Open list0300-Community-analysis-1
Community Reporting Open file 2004C1001
Comparative Analysis Open list0300-Comparative-analysis-1
Comparative Balance Sheet Open list0300-Comparative-balance-sheet-1
Competition Open list0300-Competition-1
Complexity Open list0300-Complexity-1
Concentration of Economic Power Open list0300-Concentration-of-economic-power-1
Concepts of Accountancy Open file 2004C1401
Confrontation Open file 2004C1501
Consolidation Open list0300-Consolidation-1
Constraints Open file 2004C1701
Corruption Open list0300-Corruption-1
Cost Accounting Open list0300-Cost-accounting-1
Cost ... What is it? Open list0300-Cost-what-is-it-1
Cost Efficiency Open file 2004C2001
Cost Effectiveness/Efficiency Open list0300-Cost-effectiveness-efficiency-1
Cost, Price and Value Open list0300-Cost-price-value-1
Cost ... Actual and Standard Open list0300-Cost-actual-standard-1
Cost analysis and cost efficiency Open list0300-Cost-analysis-cost-efficiency-1
Cost ... Elements of Cost Open list0300-Cost-elements-of-cost-1
Creative Accounting Open list0300-Creative-accounting-1
Criminal Behavior Open list0300-Criminal-behavior-1
Currency Open file 2004C2601
Currency Exchange Rates Open list0300-Currency-exchange-rate-1

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Data Open list0300-Data-1
Data about Community Open list0300-Data-about-community-1
Data about Place Open list0300-Data-about-place-1
Data Access Open list0300-Data-access-1
Data Acquisition Open list0300-Data-acquisition-1
Data Acquisition ... Easy Data Open list0300-Data-acquisition-easy-data-1
Data at the Center Open list0300-Data-at-the-center-1
Data Contributor Open file 2004D0401
Data Credibility Open list0300-Data-credibility-1
Data Efficiency Open list0300-Data-efficiency-1
Data Flow Open list0300-Data-flow-1
Data Neutrality Open list0300-Data-neutrality-1
Data Reliability Open list0300-Data-reliability-1
Data Stores Open list0300-Data-stores-1
Data Types Open list0300-Data-types-1
Data Validation Open list0300-Data-validation-1
Debt Open file 2004D0901
Decision Making Open file 2004D1001
Demographics Open file 2004D1101
Depreciation Open list0300-Depreciation-1
Derivatives of Cost, Price and Value Open list0300-Derivatives-of-cost-price-and-value-1
Disbursement Open list0300-Disbursement-1
Disorganized Data Open file 2004D1301
Dynamics of Society Open list0300-Dynamics-of-society-1

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Ecology Open file 2004E0101
Economic Activity Open list0300-Economic-activity-1
Efficiency of analysis and reporting Open list0300-Efficiency-of-analysis-and-reporting-1
Elements of Cost Open list0300-Elements-of-cost-1
Elements of Cost - People Cost Open list0300-Elements-of-cost-people-cost-1
Elements of Cost - Materials Open list0300-Elements-of-cost–materials-1
Elements of Quality of Life Open file 2004E0401
Elements of Value Open file 2004E0501
Enabling Environment Open file 2004E0601
Endnote Open file 2004E0701
Engineering Thermodynamics Open list0300-Engineering-thermodynamics-1
Environment Open file 2004E0901
Equity Open file 2004E1001
Events Open file 2004E1101
Expense Analysis Open file 2004E1201
Exponential Compounding Open file 2004E1501

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Family Open list0300-Family-1
Feedback Open list0300-Feedback-1
Financial Controls Open list0300-Financial-controls-1
Financial Reporting Open file 2004F0501
Financial Statements Open list0300-Financial-Statements-1
Fund Flows ... Phantom Aid Open list0300-Fund-flows-Phantom-Aid-1
Future Open file 2004F0601

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Globalization Open file 2004G0101
Grants Open file 2004G0201
Gross Domestic Product (GDP) Open list0300-GDP-1

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How? How does TVM work Open L0700-TVM-D-How-does-TVM-work
Human Capital Open file 2004H0201

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Images Open file 2004I0601
Impact Open list0300-Impact-1
Incentives Open file 2004I0101
Inclusive analysis Open list0300-Inclusive-analysis-1
Incomplete Records Open list0300-Incomplete-records-1
Integrity Open list0300-Integrity-1
Internet Open file 2004I0501
Independence Open file 2004I0701
Intellectual Property Open L0700-TVM-D-Intellectual-property
Inter-Generational Analysis Open file 2004I1001

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KISS ... Keep It Short and Simple Open list0300-KISS-1

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Liabilities Open list0300-Liabilities-1
Liquidity Open file 2004L0201
Linkages Open file 2004L0301
Local Focus Open file 2004L0301

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Macroeconomic Metrics Open list0300-Macroeconomic-metrics-1
Management Cycle Open list0300-Management-cycle-1
Management Information Open list0300-Management-information-1
Markets Open list0300-Markets-1
Materiality Open list0300-Materiality-1
Maximizing Profit Open list0300-Maximizing-profit-1
Measuring Performance Open list0300-Measuring-performance-1
Media Open file 2004M0601
Metadata Open file 2004M0701
Micro-Up Open file 2004M0801
Misinformation Open file 2004M0901
Modularity Open list0300-Modularity-1
Monetization Open file 2004M1001
Money Profit Open list0300-Money-profit-1
Monopoly Open file 2004M1201
Multi-Variate Analysis Open file 2004M1301

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National Accounts Open list0300-National-accounts-1
National Aggregates Open file 2004N0201
Natural Resources Open file 2004N0301
Need Open list0300-Need-1
Neutral Data Open file 2004N0501

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Objective Data Open list0300-Objective-data-1
Organizations Open list0300-Organizations-1
Organization Open file 2004O0301
Organized Data Open list0300-Organized-data-1

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Past Open file 2004P0101
Past, Present and Future Open file 2004P0201
People Open list0300-People-1
Performance Open list0300-Performance-1
Performance Metrics ... Poverty Reduction Open list0300-Performance-metrics-for-poverty-reduction-1
Planning Open list0300-Planning-1
Price Open list0300-Price-1
Productivity Open list0300-Productivity-1
Profit Open list0300-Profit-1
Profiteering Open list0300-Profiteering-1
Progress of the Community Open list0300-Progress-of-the-community-1

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Quality Open file 2004Q0101
Quality of Life Open list0300-Quality-of-life-1
Quantification ... Quality of life Open list0300-Quantification-quality-of-life-1

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Relational Data Open file 2004R0101
Remuneration Analysis Open file 2004R0201
Reporting Open list0300-Reporting-1
Reporting ... Systemic Misinformation Open list0300-Reporting-systemic-misinformation-1
Reporting Efficiency Open list0300-Reporting-efficiency-1.php
Reporting Entity Open list0300-Reporting-entity-1
Responsibility Open file 2004R0401
Responsibility Accounting Open list0300-Responsibility-accounting-1
Return Open list0300-Return-1
Return on Assets Open file 2004R0701
Return on Capital Employed Open file 2004R0801
Return on Investment Open file 2004R0901
Return on Resources Consumed Open file 2004R1001
Rights Open file 2004R1101
Roll-Up Open list0300-Rollup-1

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Scorekeeping Open list0300-Scorekeeping-1
Sector Analysis Open list0300-Sector-analysis-1
Sector Linkages Open file 2004S0301
Simplifying Complexity Open list0300-Simplifying-complexity-1
Social Progress Open list0300-Social-progress-1
Sovereignty Open list0300-Sovereignty-1
Spatial Analysis Open file 2004S0701
Spatial Data Open file 2004S0801
Standard costs and standard values Open list0300-Standard-costs-and-standard-values-1
Standard Costs Open list0300-Standard-costs-1
Standard Values Open list0300-Standard-values-1
Standard Value of the Community Open list0300-Standard-value-of-the-community-1
State ... in the TVM framework Open list0300-State-TVM-1
State of the Community Open list0300-State-of-the-community-1
Sustainability Open list0300-Sustainability-1

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Technology Enabling TVM Open list0300-Technology-enabling-TVM-1
Technology that Enables Progress Open file 2004T0201
Technology ... enabling the Information Age Open list0300-Technology-enabling-the-information-age-1
Technology ... Mobile Devices Open list0300-Technology-mobile-devices-1
Time Data Open file 2004T0301
Time Series Analysis Open list0300-Time-series-analysis-1
Top Down Open file 2004T0501
Transaction Accounting Open list0300-Transaction-accounting-1
Transient Data Open file 2004T0701
Transparency Open list0300-Transparency-1
Transparency and Accountability Open list0300-Transparency-and-accountability-1
TVM Example ... Times Square, New York Open list0300-TVM-example-Times-Square-New-York-1
TVM Example ... Urban Neighbourhood Open list0300-TVM-example-Urban-neighborhood-1

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Ubiquitous Data Open list0300-Ubiquitous-data-1

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Value Open list0300-Value-1
Value Adding Open file 2004V0201
Value Chain Analysis Open list0300-Value-chain-analysis-1
Value Chain in Development Open list0300-Value-chain-in-development-1
Value Change Open file 2004V0401
Value Change measuring Progress Open list0300-Value-change-measuring-progress-1
Value Chain in the Supply Chain Open list0300-Value-chain-in-the-supply-chain-1
Value Chain over Time Open list0300-Value-chain-over-time-1
Value Destruction Open list0300-Value-destruction-1
Value ... Elements of Value Open list0300-Value-elements-of-value-1
Variance Analysis Open file 2004V1001
Video Information Open file 2004V1401
Value Quantification Open list0300-Value-quantification-1
Value Metrics Open list0300-Value-metrics-1
Value Creation Open list0300-Value-creation-1

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Want Open list0300-Want-1
Wealth Creation Open list0300-Wealth-creation-1
Welfare Open file 2004W0301
What? ... What is TVM? Open list0300-What-is-TVM-1
What Do I See? Open file 2004W0501
What does TrueValueMetrics do? Open list0300-What-does-TVM-do-1
What is the purpose of TVM? Open list0300-What-is-the-purpose-of-TVM-1
What to Measure? Open list0300-What-to-measure-1
When? ... When does TVM apply? Open list0300-When-does-TVM-apply-1
Where? ... Where does TVM apply? Open list0300-Where-does-TVM-apply-1
Who? ... Who is TVM for? Open list0300-Who-is-TVM-for-1
Who? ... Who is TVM done by? Open list0300-Who-is-TVM-done-by-1
Why? ... Why is TVM needed? Open list0300-Why-is-TVM-needed-1
Winners Open file 2004W1001
Working Capital Open list0300-Working-capital-1
Worth Open file 2004W1201

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XYZ Open file 2004W0101

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