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McKinsey & Company newsletter for April 2023

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Peter Burgess COMMENTARY

Peter Burgess
How top CEOs are navigating disruption McKinsey Highlights Sat, Apr 1, 2023 at 11:24 AM Reply-To: '' To: McKinsey & Company McKinsey Classics Monthly Highlights, April 2023 Senior partners Carolyn Dewar, Scott Keller, and Vikram Malhotra, authors of CEO Excellence, along with senior partner Kurt Strovink, asked the world’s top-performing CEOs which trends will have the biggest impact on how they lead their business in 2023 compared with past years. Their answers suggest that three “true signals” are most important: digital disruption, the economy, and geopolitics. This month’s first featured story looks at the specific and pragmatic actions CEOs are taking as a result of these signals. Our second featured story offers advice for senior executives looking to ascend to the CEO role. Other highlights in this month’s issue include the following topics:
  • the state of global private markets in 2023
  • how a company can chart a path to building a superpower
  • how generative AI can help fashion businesses
  • how organizations can better support their managers to deliver more value
Editor’s choice Wintery aerial view of a red ice-breaker ship pushing through cracked sea ice Actions the best CEOs are taking in 2023 Corporate leaders are addressing the risks while finding the opportunities in digital disruption, the economy, and geopolitical uncertainties. 3 strong signals LinkedIn Facebook Facebook Stepping up: Becoming a high-potential CEO candidate The road to becoming CEO is a difficult ascent for even the most seasoned leaders. Here are four keys to making the journey a success. Tread carefully LinkedIn Facebook Facebook THIS MONTH’S HIGHLIGHTS Stacked black zen stones in shallow water McKinsey Global Private Markets Review 2023: Private markets turn down the volume According to our latest Global Private Markets Review, private markets faced a year of two halves in 2022, with buoyancy in the first half and plummeting deal volumes, declining performance, and falling valuations in the second. Download the full report Silhouette of person wearing blue cape with glowing bars of light behind them What’s your superpower? How companies can build an institutional capability to achieve competitive advantage One capability often sets leading companies apart from the rest. Here’s how to build yours. Find out now Futuristic space woman floating away Generative AI: Unlocking the future of fashion While still nascent, generative AI has the potential to help fashion businesses become more productive, get to market faster, and serve customers better. The time to explore the technology is now. Ways AI can boost business Stop wasting your most precious resource: Middle managers In the modern workplace, middle managers face many challenges. A new survey finds three areas where organizations can better support their managers and help them accomplish more. Support managers geopolitical Geopolitical risk: Navigating a world in flux In a fast-fragmenting world, geopolitical instability has vaulted to the top of the CEO agenda. Here’s what today’s fraught global dynamics mean for leaders—and how they can begin grappling with geopolitical risk successfully. Develop resilience The EU digital strategy: The impact of data privacy on global business New data regulations from the European Union require organizational attention, and three key steps can help navigate the data privacy landscape. Navigate the new landscape ALSO NEW
  • Bias Busters: The perils of executive typecasting
  • Managing a cyber risk event: ‘Be a student of a crisis’
  • Procurement 2023: Ten CPO actions to defy the toughest challenges
  • K–12 teachers are quitting. What would make them stay?
  • Climate investing: Continuing breakout growth through uncertain times
  • How three global companies navigate geopolitical risk to build resilience
  • Author Talks: In the ‘age of AI,’ what does it mean to be smart?
  • Global Insurance Report 2023: Closing the personal P&C protection gap
  • Conversations in motion: Safe, autonomous driving for everyone
  • Global Economics Intelligence executive summary
  • Growth rules: Which matter most?
  • CEO alpha: A new approach to generating private equity outperformance
  • Virtual health for all: Closing the digital divide to expand access
  • Scaling green businesses: Next moves for leaders
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