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NEW YORK TIMES ... MAIN NEWS ... Saturday, January 21, 2023

The NYT summary for Saturday, January 21, 2023

Original article:
Peter Burgess COMMENTARY

Peter Burgess
NEW YORK TIMES ... MAIN NEWS ... Saturday, January 21, 2023 Inside the Supreme Court Inquiry: Seized Phones, Affidavits and Distrust An investigation of the abortion opinion leak was meant to right a slide in public confidence. Instead, employees say, it deepened suspicions. 8 MIN READ Haiyun Jiang/The New York Times Most Abortion Bans Include Exceptions. In Practice, Few Are Granted. Rape victims and patients with complicated pregnancies are confronting the limits of state abortion laws. 9 MIN READ Stephanie Piper, an advocate for sexual assault victims. Stephanie Piper, an advocate for sexual assault victims. Emily Kask for The New York Times A Hit French Novel Tries to Explain Putin. Too Well, Some Critics Say. “The Wizard of the Kremlin” presents a sympathetic portrait of Vladimir Putin, critics say, raising fears it might influence national policy on Ukraine war. 5 MIN READ The U.S. will keep thousands of troops deployed in Romania, at the doorstep of the war in Ukraine. 2 MIN READ Despite frustration at Germany, Ukraine expressed optimism it would receive Leopard tanks. 4 MIN READ “The Wizard of the Kremlin,” on display in a Paris bookstore on Monday, has sold more than 400,000 copies. “The Wizard of the Kremlin,” on display in a Paris bookstore on Monday, has sold more than 400,000 copies. Dmitry Kostyukov for The New York Times How a Start-Up Founder Got JPMorgan to Pay $175 Million for … What Exactly? Charlie Javice promised to simplify the college financial aid process. It was a compelling pitch. The bank now says it was a scam. 13 MIN READ An illustrated portrait of Charlie Javice, a young woman with long brown hair and wearing a black top, with an orange background. Kiersten Essenpreis Their Children Are Their Retirement Plans The offspring of many East Asian immigrants are raised to support their elders, creating challenges others don’t face, our personal finance editor writes. 8 MIN READ Joy Cho, center, and her parents, upper left, and Elite Truong and her parents, upper right, are depicted in a photo illustration of intergenerational support. Pushart Studio Despite Red Flags, G.O.P. Backed Candidate Now Charged in Shootings “We could have picked apart this guy,” one G.O.P. leader in New Mexico said of Solomon Peña, who is accused of organizing attacks on the homes of Democrats. 6 MIN READ A man in glasses, a blue shirt and gray pants is flanked by two law enforcement officers wearing sunglasses and tactical gear. Roberto E. Rosales/The Albuquerque Journal, via Associated Press The Fierce Life and Sudden Death of America’s Strongest Woman Rebecca Lorch found purpose in brutal workouts and competitive weight lifting. In the end, it was not enough. 10 MIN READ Rebecca Lorch lifts a weight that includes two truck tires on either end. John Murphy In Omaha, a Streetcar Named Undesirable by Warren Buffett America is in the middle of a streetcar boom. The billionaire would prefer that his hometown not get on board. 5 MIN READ On a cloudy, winter day, a bus passes through an intersection surrounded by tall buildings. Local leaders hope that a new streetcar system would jump-start development downtown. Chase Castor for The New York Times Inside the Battle to Control, and Fix, Tennis A hit Netflix series and rising young stars have investors bullish on the sport, which is poised for a once-in-a-generation moment of disruption. 7 MIN READ Limping and creaking, Novak Djovokic pulled off a win at the Australian Open. 5 MIN READ On the court below of a row of fans, Matteo Berrettini looks toward the back wall of the court and pumps his right fist. He is standing by the baseline on a blue court. Alana Holmberg for The New York Times The Weekender: 27 New Yorkers Talk About How Much They Make Also in this edition: America’s bland new architecture, and truffle wars in Italy turn perilous for dogs. Did you follow the news this week? Take our quiz. Cinemagraph What to Watch and Read This Weekend ‘The Last Autumn’ Review: The Majesty of Shepherds 2 MIN READ In a mountainous green and brown landscape, a line of white sheep walks away from the camera down a curving, sloping road toward the ocean. A figure wearing blue stands next to the road. In a Sea of International Shows, 5 to Explore 6 MIN READ A man and a woman lie in a hammock on a rooftop; his eyes are closed, hers are open as she smokes a cigarette. She Lost Her Brother Years Ago. Why Does She Keep Seeing Him? 4 MIN READ Slavery’s Stain on a White Abolitionist Legend 6 MIN READ Clockwise from left: Sarah Moore Grimke; Angelina Emily Grimke; Archibald Henry Grimke; Angelina Weld Grimke; Angelina Emily Grimke with her husband and children. Hands are mixing the ingredients of cabbage, green onions and red spicy sauce in a metal bowl to make the Korean dish kimchi Mary Inhea Kang for The New York Times Redefining the ‘New’ in Lunar New Year Some younger Asian Americans are creating their own holiday traditions, putting a spin on lessons they’ve learned. 8 MIN READ Oklahoma City’s Chet Holmgren sits in a row of chairs with his arm draped over a chair and a basketball in his lap as he looks toward the camera. Chet Holmgren is seeking a silver lining to his lost rookie season in the N.B.A. 6 MIN READ Members of the Belgium Watch Club compared their new Rolex Daytonas during a meeting in 2016. Rolex has long dominated the high-end watch trade; by one estimate, its 2021 market share equaled that of the next five brands combined. Rolex dominates the watch market by nearly every measure. Will it swallow up resales, too? 6 MIN READ Opinion Former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi stands on a balcony with the U.S. Capitol in the background, hands in her pink jacket pockets. MAUREEN DOWD Nancy Pelosi, Liberated and Loving It 14 MIN READ THE EDITORIAL BOARD A Brutal New Phase of Putin’s Terrible War in Ukraine 7 MIN READ Jessica Grose JESSICA GROSE It’s Time to Stop Asking if Women Can Have It All. We Can. 4 MIN READ BOB MORRIS What Drunken Driving Taught Me 5 MIN READ REBECCA BENGAL AND ALEC SOTH Nathan Lane’s New Play Is Photography Brought Alive 8 MIN READ On a stage set, a man, in silhouette, stares out from inside a home through a sliding glass door. Nicholas Kristof NICHOLAS KRISTOF What We Know About How to Save Kids’ Lives 4 MIN READ Jamelle Bouie JAMELLE BOUIE What A. Philip Randolph Knew About Jobs and Freedom 5 MIN READ Ross Douthat ROSS DOUTHAT ‘Fleishman Is in Trouble’ and the Angst of the Striving Upper Class 8 MIN READ JONATHAN ALTER Oh, Biden, What Have You Done? 8 MIN READ VIVIAN HOWARD Your Foodie Fever Dreams Are Unsustainable 6 MIN READ LETTERS FROM OUR READERS Fed Up With Today’s G.O.P. 5 MIN READ PAUL KRUGMAN Give Me That Gold Time Religion 4 MIN READ PETER COY What America Should Do About Its Ballooning Debt 5 MIN READ JAMELLE BOUIE You Can Let Republicans Destroy the Economy, or You Can Call Their Bluff 6 MIN READ MICHELLE GOLDBERG The Next Phase of the Abortion Fight Is Happening Right Now in New York 4 MIN READ AARON TANG Did the Supreme Court’s Leak Investigation Let the Justices Off the Hook? 5 MIN READ In Case You Missed It Top picks from The Times, recommended for you If Affirmative Action Ends, College Admissions May Be Changed Forever 6 MIN READ A half-dozen students, dressed in sweatshirts and T-shirts, sit outside, grouped around tables. Behind them are red brick buildings and an expanse of mostly green grass. Alarmed by A.I. Plagiarism, Colleges Revamp How They Teach 5 MIN READ Lizzie Shackney, a law and design student at the University of Pennsylvania, said she saw both the value and limitations in A.I. tools. ‘I’m Sorry, We’re From Moscow.’ In Bali, Two Sides Learn to Cohabitate. 5 MIN READ The entrance to Parq Ubud in Bali, which has become a popular place to live and work for the Russians and Ukrainians who have fled to Indonesia. Right-Wing Trump Allies Win Seats on Oversight, Reflecting G.O.P. Priorities 6 MIN READ Representatives Kevin McCarthy and Marjorie Taylor Greene embracing at the Capitol. How Did Santos’s Deceits Go Undetected for So Long? His Outfits Helped. 4 MIN READ George Santos dressing for Congress in a white shirt, crew-neck sweater, blue blazer and khaki trousers. ADVERTISEMENT Continue reading the main story More News 25 Years Later, Looking for Lessons in the Clinton Scandal Revelations about Bill Clinton’s affair transformed Washington’s politics. Now, President Biden’s team seeks to fend off a less tawdry investigation. 6 MIN READ At Davos, European Distress Over a ‘Made in America’ Law The U.S. Inflation Reduction Act stirred talk of a trade war, but also proposals for a similar E.U. initiative to stimulate green investment. 4 MIN READ One of the Most Influential Ambassadors in Washington Isn’t One Taiwan’s representative, Bi-khim Hsiao, calls herself a “cat warrior” walking a diplomatic line. China calls her a troublemaker who could incite a war. 7 MIN READ The skeleton of Charles Byrne on display at the Hunterian Museum in London in 2012. David Gee/Alamy Stock Photo London Museum Removes ‘Irish Giant’ Skeleton From Display The remains of a 7-foot-7 man who died in 1783 will no longer be on public view, an effort to address what one official called a historical wrong. 4 MIN READ Man Charged in Death of Another at Manhattan Subway Station, Police Say 2 MIN READ Pakistan Strengthens Already Harsh Laws Against Blasphemy 3 MIN READ Betty Lee Sung, Pioneering Scholar of Chinese in America, Dies at 98 4 MIN READ Ringleader of Sex Cult at Sarah Lawrence College Gets 60-Year Sentence 6 MIN READ How to Watch the ‘Green Comet’ in Night Skies 5 MIN READ Mary Kaye Richter, Florist Turned Medical Crusader, Dies at 77 5 MIN READ United States Avg. on Jan. 20 14-day change New Covid cases 47,343 –28% New deaths 498 –3% World Avg. on Jan. 20 14-day change 274,834 –45% 2,123 –13% U.S. hot spots › US coronavirus cases Vaccinations › Where states are reporting vaccines given Global hot spots › Global coronavirus cases Sign up for updates Your Places Pike County The Morning Melissa Kirsch on Rian Johnson’s “Poker Face,” and episodic versus serialized TV. 7 MIN READ In an illustration, black-and-white images from an indictment are collaged into a shape that represents Atlanta's city limits. The Week in Reporter Reads Five articles from around The Times, narrated just for you. Is It Bad to Drink Coffee on an Empty Stomach? Your gut is adaptable, experts say, but keep a few things in mind. 4 MIN READ Sign Up for the New Ethicist Newsletter Advice on life’s trickiest situations and moral dilemmas from the philosopher Kwame Anthony Appiah. Paid Post Continue reading the main story Well Photo collage of two brown shopping bags containing groceries on a green backdrop. Beth Hoeckel 10 Nutrition Myths Experts Wish Would Die 7 MIN READ A wide shot of a jogger in the early morning with a cityscape behind him. Hilary Swift How to Become a Morning Exercise Person 5 MIN READ Getty Images Stress Might Age the Immune System, Study Finds 4 MIN READ An illustration of a pink gynecological chair in a room with other doctor accessories, including an IV tube on a tall stand, a tall table and a footstool. On the table is a cup of tropical juice in a round oval glass, which has cut fruit on the edge and a straw. The room’s wallpaper is of a sandy beach with a blue sky. There are white privacy curtains on either side of the room. Illustration by Javier Jaén; Photograph by Istock How Would You Redesign Your Doctor’s Office? Yana Paskova for The New York Times 6 Ways to Level Up Your Daily Walk 6 MIN READ Culture and Lifestyle Robert Whitman poses in front of brown paper, orange paper and typing paper. He’s stocky and robust; he’s wearing glasses, a black leather jacket and jeans. His hands rest on his walking stick. George Etheredge for The New York Times Party Like It’s 1959 They were crazy, messy and threatening, but the Happenings of the early ’60s might be the missing link between Dada and today’s immersive art. 5 MIN READ The tennis player Frances Tiafoe wearing a swirly multicolor tank top and shorts, carrying a tennis racket and walking off a tennis court. A Style Star Emerges on the Tennis Court Frances Tiafoe’s swirly “himbo” look won him fashion points. 3 MIN READ The cover of “Life on Delay” is lime green with the title’s first two words in bold black letters at the top and the last word at the bottom — a visualization of the speech “delay” stutterers often struggle with. He Got Joe Biden to Discuss His Stutter “Life on Delay” recounts John Hendrickson’s own struggle with the disorder. 4 MIN READ Members of the Beatbox House, all young, male and stylish, many of whom are wearing black, sit and stand amid the chairs of a theater. Brooklyn Beatboxers Become Ambassadors The genre has joined the American Music Abroad program. 4 MIN READ Singh standing by a window in her studio. Dayanita Singh’s Hands-On Photography Her physical approach to making pictures shows in a new exhibition. 6 MIN READ The AthleticIn-depth sports coverage of your favorite teams and leagues. He Was a College Star and a Top Draft Pick. Then He Slipped Into Darkness. Before Justise Winslow became a key cog for Portland, he was the N.B.A.’s cautionary tale: “I went down a very dangerous path.” O.C.D. Remains Dangerously Misunderstood. She Wants to Talk About It. The soccer player Millie Farrow describes how her career was almost derailed by obsessive compulsive disorder, and how acceptance has freed her. Kate Frese/NBAE, via Getty Images A Flip Switched for Miles Sanders. Now He’s Charging Toward the Super Bowl. To change the narrative about him, the Philadelphia Eagles running back had to change his style. Commissioner Responds After Ron DeSantis Says N.H.L. Is ‘Discriminatory’ Which M.L.B. Players Have the Biggest Contract Questions This Offseason? The U.S. Had a Positive World Cup. Now It’s Tainted By Scandal. ADVERTISEMENT Continue reading the main story New York Times CookingRecipes, advice and inspiration for any occasion. Ryan Liebe for The New York Times Chile Crisp Two plates topped with a piece of salmon on a bed of rice are photographed from overhead. They’re scattered with scallion slices and plated alongside lime wedges. David Malosh for The New York Times Green Curry Salmon With Coconut Rice Danny Ghitis for The New York Times Lemon Meringue Pie Johnny Miller for The New York Times Chicken Potpie Alison Roman’s broccoli cheddar soup. Romulo Yanes for The New York Times Broccoli and Cheddar Soup Recommendations From WirecutterIndependent reviews for thousands of products. The Best Trackballs They offer a comfortable and customizable alternative to a traditional mouse. Automate Your Weight Tracking With a Smart Scale Our pick has an app that reliably tracks weigh-ins for up to eight users. Rozette Rago How to Clean Your Luggage A little maintenance between trips can go a long way. When Is the Best Time to Buy a TV? Besides Black Friday, there are a couple key times throughout the year when you can save big. One of them is right now. New York Times GamesDaily word and visual games, plus more. Wordle Guess the 5-letter word with 6 chances. The Best First Wordle Words What the data tells us about how people play the game. 3 MIN READ Wordle gives players six tries to guess the daily word. Only a small number of people go in with a plan. Spelling Bee How many words can you make with 7 letters? The Crossword Get clued in with wordplay, every day. Letter Boxed Create words using letters around the square. Tiles Match visual elements and keep your chain going. ADVERTISEMENT Continue reading the main story NEWS World News A missile with a 2,000-pound warhead hit a large residential building last weekend in Dnipro, Ukraine. One Saturday in Dnipro, When a Russian Missile Shattered Lives A Hit French Novel Tries to Explain Putin. Too Well, Some Critics Say. Amid Mounting Frustration With Germany, Ukraine Holds Out Hope It Will Get Tanks U.S. News Ron Klain takes pride that he lasted longer than any other Democratic president’s first chief of staff in more than half a century. Ron Klain Expected to Step Down as Biden’s White House Chief of Staff 25 Years Later, Looking for Lessons in the Clinton Scandal U.S. Extends Troop Deployment in Romania, at Ukraine War’s Doorstep U.S. Politics President Bill Clinton fixing his hair before admitting to his relationship with Monica Lewinsky during an address to the nation in 1998. The scandal and the response to it have been re-evaluated repeatedly in the years since. 25 Years Later, Looking for Lessons in the Clinton Scandal Ron Klain Expected to Step Down as Biden’s White House Chief of Staff U.S. Extends Troop Deployment in Romania, at Ukraine War’s Doorstep New York Janie Deegan at her store on Manhattan’s Upper West Side. How a Cookie Entrepreneur Spends Her Sundays No One Is Coming for Your Gas Stove Anytime Soon How a Group of Brooklyn Beatboxers Became Ambassadors to the World Business How Charlie Javice Got JPMorgan to Pay $175 Million for … What Exactly Justice Department Investigating Troubled Infant Formula Plant Tech Layoffs Shock Young Workers. The Older People? Not So Much. Technology Like other tech companies, Microsoft expanded rapidly during the pandemic. Microsoft to Lay Off 10,000 Workers as It Looks to Trim Costs How the Netherlands Is Taming Big Tech Want a Giant Neon Twitter Bird? You’ll Have to Bid More Than $17,000. Science The Comet C/2022 E3 (Z.T.F.) will make its closest approach on Feb. 2, coming within 26.4 million miles of Earth. How to Watch the ‘Green Comet’ in Night Skies Unlocking the Genes That Made Whales Into Giants The Toxin That Helps Oyster Mushrooms Devour Worm Flesh Sports The Italian tennis player Matteo Berrettini is one of several rising star players who features in “Break Point,” the new Netflix documentary series. Inside the Battle to Control, and Fix, Tennis Limping and Creaking, Djokovic Pulls Off a Win. Murray Goes Kicking and Screaming. N.F.L. Playoff Predictions: Our Picks in the Divisional Round Obituaries Dick Polich, right, with Roy Lichtenstein at Mr. Polich’s foundry, Tallix, in 1977. Mr. Lichtenstein was among the many artists who relied on Mr. Polich and his team of artisans to forge their work. Dick Polich, Artists’ Ally in the Creation of Sculptures, Dies at 90 Betty Lee Sung, Pioneering Scholar of Chinese in America, Dies at 98 Chris Ford, Who Made a 3-Point Mark in the N.B.A., Dies at 74 The Upshot Supporters of a trucking convoy that included vaccine opponents last year in Adelanto, Calif. Answering Reader Questions on a Covid Effect, Gerrymandering and More How Much Snow Will Fall Where You Live? The Coming Year of Republican Drama Climate and Environment Tourists braved the elements near the Golden Gate Bridge on Dec. 31. How Do California’s Storms Weigh In Compared With History’s Big Ones? Ecuador Tried to Curb Drilling and Protect the Amazon. The Opposite Happened. Despite Rain Storms, California Is Still in Drought Education Wesleyan University in Middletown, Conn., has a long tradition of recruiting classes that are diverse. That may change after the Supreme Court rules. If Affirmative Action Ends, College Admissions May Be Changed Forever Florida Rejects A.P. African American Studies Class 6-Year-Old Accused of Shooting Teacher in Virginia Has ‘Acute Disability,’ Family Says Health Decades of studies have suggested that the bacille Calmette-Guerin, or B.C.G., vaccine may bolster the immune system, though scientists do not understand how. N.Y.U. Langone Withdraws From Type 1 Diabetes Vaccine Trial in Adolescents A New Report Outlines a Vision for National Wastewater Surveillance California Joins Other States in Suing Companies Over Insulin Prices Reader Center Cecilio Campis sets up his food cart, El Jefecito, near The New York Times Building before dawn. Outside The Times, A Food Cart With Attention to Detail Could Anyone Spare a ‘Spare’? No. A Newsroom Team That Sees Data in the Air Explore Times Events Sam Bankman-Fried speaking virtually with Andrew Ross Sorkin at the DealBook event on Wednesday. The DealBook Summit: World Leaders, Business Titans and Crypto’s Fallen Star There’s a Crucial Climate Summit in Egypt. Our Event Tells You What to Expect. We’re Reading Michael Cunningham’s ‘Specimen Days’ With the Author OPINION Opinion The March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom in 1963. A. Philip Randolph is in the front, second from right. What A. Philip Randolph Knew About Jobs and Freedom Fed Up With Today’s G.O.P. Nathan Lane’s New Play Is Photography Brought Alive Opinion Columnists Nancy Pelosi, Liberated and Loving It What A. Philip Randolph Knew About Jobs and Freedom What We Know About How to Save Kids’ Lives Editorials A Brutal New Phase of Putin’s Terrible War in Ukraine Men Should Wear More Pink A Deal to Help South Africa Is a Breakthrough for the World Guest Essays Scenery designer Michael Yeargan with a model of the set. Nathan Lane’s New Play Is Photography Brought Alive What Drunken Driving Taught Me It’s Time to Stop Asking if Women Can Have it All. We Can. Sunday Opinion Will There Be a Biden Comeback? The Dangerous Decline of the Historical Profession How to Help Girls Enduring the Unendurable ARTS Arts The 23-year-old rapper Ice Spice introduced a new bit of slang with her 2022 song “Munch (Feelin’ U).” Ice Spice Broke Out With ‘Munch.’ Rap’s New Princess Is Just Warming Up. Dancing With the Stairs Lights, Camera, Weapons Check? Actors Worry After Baldwin Charges. Art and Design Claudia Andujar, “Self-portrait, Catrimani,” 1974. Her innovative techniques, including low shutter speeds, suggested the Yanomami point of view. “I think my photos helped back then,” Andujar said, “but they didn’t resolve anything. We still need to fight.” Brazil’s Defender of the Indigenous Brings Their Fight to the Shed The Met’s Maya Show Asks: Can Art Ever Be Innocent? Party Like It’s 1959 Movies Alec Baldwin had been told the gun was safe to handle before he fatally shot the cinematographer of “Rust” while preparing for a scene. Lights, Camera, Weapons Check? Actors Worry After Baldwin Charges. In ‘M3gan,’ a Detective’s Guilty Laugh Speaks Volumes About Him (and Us) Five Science Fiction Movies to Stream Now Television Since its premiere, the hit Netflix series “Emily in Paris,” starring Lily Collins, has spawned a backlash among the French. Even more triggered, perhaps, are the real-life Emilys in Paris American Expatriates in Paris Wish Emily Cooper Would Go Home Fox’s ‘Accused’ Is a Law Show, Not in the Usual Order Natasha Lyonne and Rian Johnson Trace the TV Origins of ‘Poker Face’ Music David Crosby tweeted around 79,000 times in over a decade spent on the platform, a pace that dramatically eclipsed his contemporaries. David Crosby, a King of Twitter Indie-Rock Supergroup boygenius Returns, and 5 More New Songs Ice Spice Broke Out With ‘Munch.’ Rap’s New Princess Is Just Warming Up. Theater Lea Michele recording the “Funny Girl” cast album last fall at the Power Station in Manhattan. She’s a thrill on the revival cast album, bringing fire to the ballads, our critic writes. How Do You Measure a Season on Broadway? In Cast Albums. ‘The Immortal Jellyfish Girl’ Review: A 26th-Century Love Story Review: ‘Not About Me’ Remembers Decades Shrouded by AIDS Dance Dancing With the Stairs A Raucous New Festival, With a Friends and Family Vibe Review: A Fierce Clarity of Vision in ‘J’ai Pleuré Avec les Chiens’ Books Read Your Way Through Boston He Got Biden to Open Up About His Stutter, Then Wrote About His Own A Puppet That’s Truly the Stuff of Nightmares Book Review At left, a guest worker from India on Day 21 of a hunger strike outside the Indian Embassy in Washington, D.C., in 2008, part of a protest over the exploitation he and other such workers endured at the hands of an American company. When $20,000 Gets You Exploited in America ‘Vile,’ ‘Deplorable,’ ‘Full of Lies’: Aleksandar Hemon Is No Fan of Philip Roth Teaching Writing to Retirees Helped Ana Reyes Stay Focused LIVING Style Nikki Finke at her New York City home in 1993. The Last Days of Hollywood’s Most Reviled Reporter Clothes for People Who Love Books Redefining the ‘New’ in Lunar New Year Food Unlike the mini kouignettes you may be familiar with, this version of kouign-amann layers butter and dough in a large round skillet. The Many Lessons of Kouign-Amann Easy, Festive Dishes for Chinese New Year at Home 12 Easy Pastas That Are Ready in 30 Minutes (Really!) Well 10 Nutrition Myths Experts Wish Would Die Should You Quit Your Job? New Guidelines Underscore How Complicated Childhood Obesity Is for Patients and Providers The New York Times Magazine Elon Musk’s Appetite for Destruction Cockfighting Is Illegal in the U.S. Why Does It Breed so Many Fighting Birds? Inside India’s Cram City T Magazine In the sitting room of Umberto Pasti and Stephan Janson’s home in Tangier, Morocco, a fragment from an early 19th-century kilim from Central Anatolia hangs below a wooden shelf from Fez. The sofa is covered with a Turkish shroud. In Morocco, a Home Where Every Surface Is Covered With Treasures In Philadelphia, a Cocktail Bar With Bold Colors and Swedish Meatballs A Hilltop Hideaway in the Scottish Highlands Travel Biofoul: The Stowaway Turning Dream Cruises Into Trips to Nowhere 36 Hours in Houston Could Air Someday Power Your Flight? Airlines Are Betting on It. Love PD Akita and Harish Vemuri at a Dec. 19 wedding celebration at SunRay Beachfront in Visakhapatnam, India. Four Cross-Cultural Celebrations on Three Continents Engagement Parties With a Cover Charge A Modern Shopping Experience for Mothers of the Bride or Groom Real Estate The new developments often come in the form of boxy, mid-rise buildings with a ground-floor retail space, sans-serif fonts and vivid slabs of bright paneling. America, the Bland Seeking an Oasis in the Palm Springs Desert With $350,000 to Spend. Which Home Did He Choose? Can My Building Ban Incense Even if It’s a Religious Ritual? 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