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Fast Company Compass ... Jul 9, 2022,

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Peter Burgess COMMENTARY

Peter Burgess
🌉 L.A.’s massive new bridge is designed for 23 million pounds of people Fast Company Compass Unsubscribe Jul 9, 2022, 8:33 AM (1 day ago) to me PRESENTED BY Uber’s VC backers gave the company a very long runway to begin paying off, based on the belief that the ride hailing service would disrupt and improve personal mobility. The company has arguably fulfilled its promise in many parts of the world, but it did so by burning through mountains of investor cash to subsidize the cost of rides. Uber’s VCs saw big paydays when the company went public in 2019, even though the company hadn’t reached profitability. Now Uber’s stockholders are holding the bag, and they don’t seem happy. The company’s stock has shed more than 50% of its value this year alone. Riders are paying, too. Under pressure to reach profitability, Uber has been steadily raising prices. No wonder, then, that its customers aren’t feeling a lot of affection for the brand, as new details from a large consumer-sentiment study seem to confirm. —Mark Sullivan BRANDING Why people feel so little love for Uber’s brand A new consumer-sentiment study finds Uber ranks near the bottom of the companies studied. Riders may feel jilted: Uber was once affordable and convenient, and now is just convenient. READ MORE INFRASTRUCTURE L.A.’s massive new bridge is designed for 23 million pounds of people The Sixth Street Viaduct replacement was built to withstand a 9.0 earthquake—and has a park to boot. READ MORE RETAIL Boycott Amazon Prime Day. Shop these alternatives instead Consumers plan to spend $388 each on Amazon Prime Day this year. What if you spent that money somewhere else? READ MORE A MESSAGE FROM ADOBE The Metaverse- 4 Concepts Business Leaders Must Focus On The metaverse has arrived: These immersive and augmented spaces will change the nature of business and life. How do you put this brave new virtual world to work? Here are four critical factors that will make or break your organization’s metaverse strategy. Learn more here. Hollywood is developing its most ambitious NFT project yet during crypto winter ‘Men in Black’ director Barry Sonnenfeld’s ‘Dinosaurs vs. Aliens’ has been stalled in Hollywood for a decade. NFT company Orange Comet is reviving it. READ MORE SOCIAL MEDIA It’s official: Elon Musk doesn’t want to buy Twitter after all The mogul says the social network broke several terms of the sale agreement. A court battle is likely to ensue. READ MORE ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE I’m CEO of a robotics company, and I believe AI has failed on many promises. Here’s what comes next Autonomous vehicles require over 99.9999% reliability in safety-critical functions, and today’s AI is not yet adequate for that. READ MORE STARTUP This startup just built a giant battery out of sand Finnish startup Polar Night Energy’s technology uses renewable energy to make sand really hot, so the heat can be used in homes when it’s not sunny or windy. READ MORE ABORTION ACCESS Women had much more autonomy over abortion decisions in the 1700s. Here’s how history turned The Dobbs decision was supposed to be based on history. But it discounts the fact that the 18th-century woman was active and in control and could immediately tell whether terminating a pregnancy at a given time was acceptable. READ MORE NEWS Shinzo Abe’s assassination draws attention to Japan’s extremely rare gun crime Early reports suggest the alleged assassin’s weapon may have been homemade. READ MORE PUBLIC SPACES The dark side to urban beautification While intended to be more inviting, these campaigns can actually make public spaces more exclusive. READ MORE HEAT WAVES How hot is too hot for the human body? Meet “wet-bulb temperature,” the combination of heat plus humidity that gets dangerous faster than many people realize. READ MORE VIDEO: BRAND HIT OR MISS OF THE WEEK New York is talking trash New York City’s Department of Sanitation somehow makes street litter hilarious and emotional, with a little help from Sarah McLachlan. This is Fast Company's Brand hit or Miss. WATCH NOW FREE SPONSORED E-BOOK OF THE DAY 10 Ways to Gain New Skills Click here to download your free e-book.

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