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What is the Value Dynamic of Education?
Learning is a natural part of human existence. Babies learn from the moment they are born, and the process continues throughout life. Education is a man-built construct that, at its best, enables more and better learning to take place, and at its worst blocks a persons natural inclination to learn. Good education helps a person make the most of their natural talent, and prepares a person to take advantage of opportunities that they will have in the future. Education should be a good fit for the individual, and a good fit for the society. Education that is the most fun may not be the most useful. Education that is the most costly may not be the most valuable.
The very young learn have a lot to learn. In the first three or four years of life all sorts of things have to be learned. Eating and drinking, and the control of bodily functions … walking, talking … and being part of a social group, the family. At this stage education or learning and parenting are intertwined.
And then it is the first schooling … Pre-K and Kindergarten in the USA and equivalent in many other places. At this stage a child is learning not only from the family setting but now from a broader group of adults and other children.
During primary level schooling from age around 5 to around 13 a child becomes a young person and should have the opportunity to learn a lot about many things. At the core this schooling should enable students to master the 3 Rs … Reading, wRiting and aRithmetic which are the foundation for so much that is important for their future. In addition schooling should reinforce parenting in developing character and sense of value so that a person will be a contributing member of society.
As a child moves into secondary education from age around 13 to around 18, education should have some focus on what a person might be doing in their adult life. Students should be learning what is going to be of value to them as they mover forward into their adult lives. For some the track will be towards further academic education and for others the track should be towards more 'hands on' technical training. In both cases the goal should be to be getting the best match for the student and the opportunities that are going to exist in their adult lives.
Some students will benefit from academic tertiary education from age around 18 to around 23.
Some students will benefit from technical education in this same age window.
There is a cost associated with education at all the stages, and there is an important valuadd at each of the stages. In general, the management and control of costs and the optimization of valuadd are not subject to a rigorous regime of measurement, accounting, reporting, analysis and accountability.
Education, like everything else, should evolve as needed to suit the society that exists, and the society that students will have to be part of during their adult lives.
In thinking about measurement, there should be clarity about what is 'correlation' and what is 'cause and effect'.
In the past, more education for a student has had a cost, but the earnings of a well educated adult have been substantially higher than for a person with little or no education, and the relationship between cost and benefit was favorable.
At the present, education has a high cost and many more students have made the investment, but the opportunities for this investment to result in substantially higher earnings is significantly diminished. The argument or justification for investment in more education is based on past experience, and the understanding of what is optimum for today's students has changed.
This graph from 1978 to around 2012 shows the dramatic increase in the cost of education over this time. At the same time, there are a lot of people who work in education that are being paid relatively low wages, evidence that the productivity of education has not improved very much. This may be yet another example of technology adding cost without doing much for productivity.


eLearning Africa

Open PDF ... eLearning-Africa-Report_2014

The Global Initiative for Economics, Social and Cultural Rights
Open PDF ... GIESCR-CRC-CESCR-CEDAW-statements-on-role-private-actors-in-education-September-2014-June-2015

Initiatives ... Kahn Academy
Salmon Kahn ... Kahn Academy
Using technology to reduce the passivity of traditional education
Open file 1448
Khan Academy
This has the potential to be as good as Harvard, and cost about the same as Harvard's landscaping budget!
Open file 1013

Shanker Institute
Open PDF ... Shanker-Institute-Does-money-matter-in-education-ed2-Baker

Initiatives ... YAZMI
Initiatives ... Yazmi
About the Yazmi initiative ... a system to deliver knowledge from satellite to tablet for education everywhere
Open file 8764
Open PDF ... Yazmi-FAQ-(YAZFAQ-2014A)
Open PDF ... Yazmi-ASSET-Solution-for-all-hazard-early-warning

The fading dream of higher education in the US
Ellen Schrecker writes that higher education, once an engine of social mobility in the US now signifies debt and lack of opportunity.
Open file 2113
Higher education in need of reform
Alert: The Higher Education Bubble Advances ... Online course start-ups offer virtually free college
Open file 2150
Higher education
Doctoral degrees ... The disposable academic ... Why doing a PhD is often a waste of time
Open file 1837

On-line access to education
M.I.T. Game-Changer: Free Online Education For All
Open file 1841

Witness ... Mohamad at Eton
We follow one boy's journey from a Palestinian refugee camp in Lebanon to the UK's most prestigious public school.
Open file 1763
Witness ... Mohamad at Eton
We follow one boy's journey from a Palestinian refugee camp in Lebanon to the UK's most prestigious public school.
Link to AJE direct

Education for the very poor not good enough
KATHA Schools on Wheels, New Delhi, India reaches children in very poor communities in India
Open file 1792

Education is important
Something Theodore Roosevelt said that has important meaning in modern society
Open file 1584
Adult education
Adults should have the opportunity to learn, either to catch up or to learn new skills and improve themselves
Open list0300-Adult-Education
Does a Harvard education pay off?
The data do not confirm that better education pays better than just a good education
Open file 0058
AlJazeera English ... Opinion ... The blackboard monopolists
Promises of education reform are key to election campaigns, but teachers' unions stifle change in schools.
Open file 0084
TED Talks ... Ken Robinson says schools kill creativity
Sir Ken Richardson is easy to understand ... quite funny ... but his subject is incredibly important. This video was recorded in 2006
Open file 0375
TED Talks ... Sir Ken Robinson: Bring on the learning revolution!
Sir Ken Robinson follows up in this TED Talk on the ideas he talked about in 2006. While his ideas make a lot of sense, the education establishment is not jumping up to embrace these ideas.
Open file 0376
Education ... A whole education for life ... Chris Macrae
Crisis of future of universities ... a dialog that originated with NY Collaboration Cafe
Open file 2969
Education ... New thinking about education is vital
Taddy Blecher ... The force behind South Africa's free varsity
Open file 2973
Education ... The closing of American academia
The plight of adjunct professors highlights the end of higher education as a means to prosperity.
Open file 3057

Open file 3397

Open file 3939

Open PDF ... APass-Evolution-of-American-High-Schools

Open PDF ... blundells-diary-15
Open PDF ... blundells-diary-16

The A-Pass Initiative
Links to the A-Pass Blog ... a collection of posts about many aspects of modern education
Open file 10156
Open PDF ... CBPP-School-Funding-Center-on-Budget-and-Policy-Priorities-2016
Open PDF ... UN-Education-Commission-webinar-November-2015
Open PDF ... Alternet-Who-controls-our-schools-ebook-2016.pdf
Open PDF ... Brookings-meeting-on-education-transcript-170104
School vouchers are not a proven strategy for improving student achievement
Studies of U.S. and international voucher programs show that the risks to school systems outweigh insignificant gains in test scores and limited gains in graduation rates
Report • By Martin Carnoy • February 28, 2017
Open PDF ... EPI-Report-on-School-Vouchers-2016
”... it is clear that education will play a critical dual role of addressing poverty and inequality while supporting the transition to a new model of sustainable development. For this to occur, all stakeholders, from civil society and nongovernment organizations ... to multilateral organizations, bilateral aid agencies and all levels of government, will need to make concerted efforts to reorient systems of education, skills development, and research and innovation.” - UNESCO
TPB comment: YES but there must also be opportunity to use the benefits of education in a meaningful way. Financing education without financing opportunity is wasted effort!

Open PDF ... India-Education-Investing-Report-Aug2017

58 84 375 376 2969 2973 3057 3397 3939 10156







UN-Education-Commission-webinar-November-2015 '../../DBpdfs/Education/PA/PA-Basic-Education-Funding-Commission-2015-Executive-Summary.pdf' '../../DBpdfs/Education/PA/PA-Basic-Education-Funding-Commission-2015-Report-and-Recommendations.pdf' '../../DBpdfs/Education/PA/PA-Basic-Education-Funding-Commission-2015-Appendix.pdf'

Education Commission event in New York at the 2017 UNGA
One year on from the launch of the Education Commission in response to Goal 4 of the SDGs
Open file 13841

Open external link
Open PDF ... UN-Education-Commission-2017-Learning-Generation-Exec-Summary
Open PDF ... UN-Education-Commission-2017-Learning-Generation-full-report

10 Toughest Places for a Girl to Get an Education
Open PDF ... ONE-Education-of-Girls-2017
10 Toughest Places for a Girl to Get an Education
Open PDF ... UN-Education-Commission-2018-Investing-in-Knowledge-Sharing-to-Advance-SDG-4

Issue, Basic observation, Prevailing response, and A better response
from the Burgess Book 'Hundreds of Issues that Impact Relief and Development Performance' in 2006
Basic observation
Education can be a great success, but a minimum level of resources is needed. Very poor communities are in a poverty trap in part because of the education deficits.
Prevailing response
Is a priority sector, but has not been well integrated into a total development framework. The “north” model usually used is more costly than it needs to be, and government budgets cannot be enough. Not much focused on economic needs of students.
A better response
Should be a priority, but using local resources to the maximum, and not assumed to be funded by government. Education is a precondition for productive employment, .

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