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Date: 2022-05-25 Page is: DBtxt001.php list1073

TVM Dialog List 1073
3401 - 3450

A listing of the TVM Dialog in date uploaded / date modified order

Country ... USA
Post election Washington
Rachel Maddow describing what has been going on Washington today after the election

Open file 3601

Country ... USA
Changing rules about drugs
Rachel Maddow raises questions about the changes in rules and law about marujana

Open file 3602

Country ... USA
Privacy ... Legitimate Investigation
Rachel Maddow talking about Hoover and the FBI ... interesting history, or is it current affairs

Open file 3603

Country ... USA
Politics 2012 ... Romney loses
Cliff Schecter ... Reality bites ... Many used their 'predictive skills' to say that Romney would win, but Obama was re-elected in a landslide victory.

Open file 3604

Country ... USA
Politics of Security
Rachel Maddow ... showing Obama has a certain amount of guts. If you want to go after Ambassador Rice, then you are going after me.

Open file 3605

Country ... USA
Politics 2012 ... Analysis of Election Results
Rachel Maddow ... talking about the structure of Congress after the election

Open file 3606

Country ... USA
Politics 2012 ... Rebuilding the GOP
Rachel Maddow ... Rebuilding the GOP and suggesting a start would be some comfort with reality

Open file 3607

Country ... USA
Politics 2012 ... Why Romney lost
AJE Alan Foster ... Five reasons why Romney lost

Open file 3608

Region ... Africa
Corruption ... crime and diamonds
Africa ... A peek into Zimbabwe's diamond trade

Open file 3609

Country ... Rumania
Transition from Communism to Democracy
AJE ... Romania: Lifting the Lid ... We investigate whether the much-feared communist-era Securitate still controls the country from the shadows.

Open file 3610

Business Issues
Sustainability and CSR
How to embed sustainability and corporate responsibility in management processes ... Save money, eliminate risk and generate new business

Open file 3611

Country ... USA
Politics 2012 ... Post election politics
GOP governors back away from Romney remarks

Open file 3612

Climate Change
Tom Engelhardt ... The mandate of hell: How not to change the world ... Superstorm Sandy revealed just how 'unprepared' the US infrastructure is for 'predicted climate change events'.

Open file 3613

Country ... USA
Politics 2012 ... Analysis of results
Paul Rosenberg ... Math wins huge upset over GOP - are Democrats paying attention? ... Comforting stories that don't add up lead Republicans to reject what the polls were telling them before election day.

Open file 3614

Country ... South Africa
Desmond Tutu
The Frost Interview ... Desmond Tutu: Not going quietly ... The Nobel laureate on his role in South Africa's struggle against apartheid and his alarm over recent developments.

Open file 3615

World News
AlJazeera ... Counting the Cost
List of programmes as of November 17, 2012

Open file 3616

World News
AlJazeera ... People and Power
List of programmes as of November 17, 2012

Open file 3617

Region ... Israel and Gaza
Opportunism at its worse
Inside Story Americas ... Gaza: How can the US manage the crisis? ... With the changed landscape across the Middle East, we ask what role can Barack Obama play as the conflict escalates.

Open file 3618

Region ... Gaza / Israel
Dangerous Times
Inside Story ... Gaza strikes: Motives and consequences ... As widespread attacks and counter-attacks continue, we ask if these are the opening shots in Israel's election battle.

Open file 3619

UN climate conference 2011
UN climate deal hailed as 'important advance' ... New accord will put all countries under the same legal requirements to control greenhouse gases by 2020 at the latest.

Open file 3620

Funding for Climate Change Impact Mitigation
Climate funds pledged for poor countries ... Rich nations pledge short-term funds to combat climate change in poor countries, but long-term funds remain doubtful.

Open file 3621

Greenhouse Gases
Report: Global carbon dioxide output soaring ... US department of energy says greenhouse emissions rose six per cent in 2010, far more than recent worst case scenario.

Open file 3622

Pricing pollution
101 East ... Pricing pollution ... Australia, one of the world's biggest polluters, has unveiled a radical move to tackle climate change, but will it work?

Open file 3623

Country ... Nigeria
Oil Industry Pollution
AJE ... UN slams Shell over Nigeria oil pollution ... Report says it will cost up to $1bn and take 30 years to clean up damage done by oil giant in Niger Delta.

Open file 3624

Progress and Pollution
Who pollutes: The rich or the poor? ... India's prime minister is allowing India's environment to be destroyed in order to cater to powerful foreign investors.

Open file 3625

Global Warming
Debating global warming ... Plenty of theories still doing the rounds, some undisputed and some that are dubious.

Open file 3626

Athabasca Tar Sands
Bill McKibben ... Global warming: an election issue after all? ... For Obama, global warming could prove to be a surprise winner as a campaign issue.

Open file 3627

Technology for Reform
Givology is a technology initiative to link microdonors with small development initiatives

Open file 3628

Country ... USA
Media and (Right Wing) politics
Why Fox News and the Wall Street Journal Reward Their Pundits for Being Wrong About Everything

Open file 3629

Big Banking
Banking Reform and Regulation
DEMOS Policy Blog ... Finishing the Job: Next Steps on Financial Reform

Open file 3630

Big Banking
Banking Reform and Regulation
DEMOS Policy Blog ... The Price of Speculation Makes the Case for Regulation

Open file 3631

Big Banking
Banking Reform and Regulation
DEMOS Policy Blog ... Reforming the 401(k)

Open file 3632

Big Banking
Banking Reform and Regulation
DEMOS Policy Blog ... Starving the Watchdog: How Budget Cuts Undermine Financial Regulation

Open file 3633

Big Banking
Banking Reform and Regulation
DEMOS Policy Blog ... A Price We Can't Forget: $12.8 Trillion in Losses from the Financial Crisis

Open file 3634

Big Banking
Banking Reform and Regulation
DEMOS Policy Blog ... Subprime Students: How Wall Street Profits from the College Loan Mess

Open file 3635

Big Banking
Banking Reform and Regulation
DEMOS Policy Blog ... Against the Rules: The Senate's New Attack on Regulation

Open file 3636

Big Banking
Banking Reform and Regulation
DEMOS Policy Blog ... The Casino Economy Harms Needed Public Services

Open file 3637

User Agreements
Bluehost Terms of Service
The Terms of Service for Bluehost as of November 19, 2012

Open file 3638

Systemic Dysfunction
DEMOS Policy Blog ... High Profits, Low Wages, and the Growth of Inequality

Open file 3639

TVM Website Adninistration
Transfer tracking from GoDaddy to Bluehost ... establishment of the new website

Open file 3640

User Agreements
goMobi Terms of Service

Open file 3641

Website Administration
Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
SEO Simplified ... an excellent e-Book about the subject of search enginer optimization. An easy read, with lots of value.

Open file 3642

Many questions about Capitalism
What about Capitalism?, This review by Stergios D. Marangos is from: Socialism: An Economic and Sociological Analysis (Paperback)

Open file 3643

Country ... USA
Military Leadership
David Petraeus: A US war hero? ... After a scandalous affair brought him down, we ask how successful the retired general's military strategies have been.

Open file 3644

Country ... USA
Military Leadership
Oliver Stone: 'Petraeus is no hero' ... the big question is the performance of the military under Petraeus's watch

Open file 3645

Region ... Israel and Gaza
Questionable Legal Basis
Mark LeVine and Lisa Hajjar ... International law, the Gaza war, and Palestine's state of exception Israel's latest assault on Gaza has no legal basis as an occupying power and constitutes a set of war crimes.

Open file 3646

Region ... Israel and Gaza
Interpretting Dershowitz
Belen Fernandez ... Dershowitz versus Gaza ... Alan Dershowitz routinely defends immoral behaviour by the Israeli army by vilifying civilians killed by Israel.

Open file 3647

The Fracking Controversy
Ellen Cantarow ... Frack fight: A secret war of activists ... Opening any part of the country to fracking will certainly damage the environment, beyond the planet's abity to cope.

Open file 3648

Country ... Egypt
AJE ... Egypt's Morsi assumes wide powers ... President sacks prosecutor general and calls for retrial of those acquitted for the murder of anti-Mubarak protesters.

Open file 3649

War on Terror
Death of Bin Laden
Secret details of Bin Laden burial revealed ... Emails released by US Defence Department provide new information over burial of slain al-Qaeda leader.

Open file 3650

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