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TVM Dialog List 1069
3401 - 3450

A listing of the TVM Dialog in date uploaded / date modified order

The Burgess Library ... Author alphabetical
A library of Burgess books was lost in a fire in February 2012 ... these are some replacement books

Open file 3401

Cutting edge database design
Welcome to 'In-Memory Data Management' ... a course at given by HPIopen in September/October 2012

Open file 3402

Country ... Myanmar
There has been conflict for decades
Blood and Gold: Inside Burma's Hidden War ... People & Power travels to northern Myanmar where the Kachin people are fighting a life-or-death struggle for autonomy.

Open file 3403

Country ... Turkey
Regional Relations
Fall Out In The Mediterranean ... Turkey and Israel were once good friends but ties have slowly soured, creating new geopolitical tensions in the region.

Open file 3404

Country ... Israel
What are 'facts' about Iran and Nuclear Bomb?
How Netanyahu's bomb Iran ploy failed ... Netanyahu will no doubt campaign for re-election at home by demonising Iran as an 'existential threat', writes Porter.

Open file 3405

International Sanctions
Where do sanctions fit in Foreign Policy?
Sanctioning society: From Iraq to Iran ... Untargeted sanctions against a country is not an alternative to war, but a form of war in and of themselves.

Open file 3406

Corporate Responsibility
Fair Trade
Press Release - Hershey Company ... #Hershey announces it will source 100% certified cocoa by 2020 complementing its established cocoa community programs

Open file 3407

Country ... USA
Metrics ... jobs numbers
Jack Welch And Eric Bolling ‘Ask Questions’ About Jobs Numbers from ‘Ideologues’ at Labor Department ... Shooting from the hip

Open file 3408

About AlJazeera
A US based media observer writes that 'Al Jazeera Slashes News Staff Across The Globe, As Focus Shifts To Sports'

Open file 3409

US Naval Power
The Navy's Newest Guided Missile Destroyer Is A Deadly Beauty ... Destroyer #112

Open file 3410

Country ... USA
Politics 2012
Rachel Maddow ... a whole lot of issues about Republicans and the upcoming election ... starting with Jack Welch on fixing the emplpoyment numbers

Open file 3411

Cultural Respect
Wake up call to speak out for our common values and rights ... All citizens should have the right not to be gratuitously offended in their religious feelings, writes Sampaio.

Open file 3412

Country ... USA
Politics 2012
Rachel Maddow ... Pennsylvania ... Montgomery County ... Voter supression by a Republican establishment

Open file 3413

The role of Bayesian thinking
A Bayesian Take on Julian Assange ... from December 2010

Open file 3414

Country ... USA
Politics 2012 ... Bayesian metrics
Economy, and Obama, Mired in Down Data

Open file 3415

Big Print Brief
Canadian tar sands ... dirty energy
The energy industry makes big investments and make big profits ... but no accounting for value destruction in society

Open file 3416

Country ... USA
Politics 2012 ... The First Presidential Debate
Paul Rosenberg ... The trouble with normal: Romney's lies and Obama's non-response ... Obama's lacklustre performance in the debate seems to genuinely reflect how he really feels.

Open file 3417

Country ... USA
Politics 2012 ... The First Presidential Debate
Danny Schechter ... Obama and the words he never said ... Obama should have went on the offensive rather than let Romney steal the show.

Open file 3418

Country ... USA
Politics 2012 ... First Presidential Debate
This is a transcript of the debate ... a video and interactive analysis is available on the AlJazeera website

Open file 3419

Statistics and Predictions
Santiago Zabala ... Predicting the future through online data mining ... Recorded Future predicts when and where a demonstration will occur after mining from the web all the related activities.

Open file 3420

Country ... USA
Politics 2012 ... Romney versus Obama
The two Romneys ... Obama needs to go into the next debate with a simple theme - one which happens to have the benefit of being true.

Open file 3421

Hate ... hate messages
Civilisation and savagery at war ... The label 'savage' is often found in imperial contexts, in wars between Western powers and indigenous peoples.

Open file 3422

Country ... Kenya
Helping Girls
Asking for Help ... The ZanaAfrica Initiative in Kenya ... A Mentoring Program for Girls

Open file 3423

Burgess ... This is a grpahic summary of a model for comprehensive malaria interventions that is cost effective and sustainable

Open file 3424

Country ... Greece
Addressing Corruption
Naming and shaming hits Greece ... New website dedicated to sharing stories on corruption in the public sector is creating a flutter.

Open file 3425

Country ... USA
Politics 2012 ... Who is Mitt Romney?
Romney: The birth of a salesman ... Romney may provide a useful reminder of how the next president can fail, whoever he is, writes author.

Open file 3426

2008 was a bad year for food ... now maybe worse
US corn ethanol fuels food crisis in developing countries ... The US ethanol programme pushed up corn prices by up to 21 per cent as it expanded to consume 40 per cent of the harvest

Open file 3427

\ Amrote Abdella
Amrote Abdella is following an interesting career path through a number of key organizations that have influence over the global economy and the way it performs

Open file 3428

Country ... South Africa
Mine Worker Wages and Conditions
Mine protests turn violent in South Africa ... At least one person has been killed and forty others arrested after striking mine workers clashed with police.

Open file 3429

Energy ... Nigeria ... Environment
Corruption ... Rule of Law
Shell faces Dutch court over Nigeria spills ... Activists and Nigerian plaintiffs hope case will bring 'an end to the corporate crimes committed by oil giants'.

Open file 3430

Country ... Nigeria
Energy and Security
Report: Shell gushed cash on Nigeria security ... Leaked documents reveal oil giant spent nearly 40 per cent of its $1bn security budget to guard assets in Nigeria.

Open file 3431

Country ... Nigeria
Energy ... Environment ... Shell
Fallout from Nigerian oil spill haunts locals ... Human rights groups say Shell has been slow to respond to 10,000 barrel oil spill in the Niger delta.

Open file 3432

Country ... Nigeria
Energy ... Environment ... Shell
The looting and 'cooking' of Nigeria's crude ... Thieves puncture pipelines with farm tools, siphon oil into boats, and take it to risky makeshift refineries.

Open file 3433

Country ... Nigeria
Energy ... Theft
Nigeria leaks billions from rampant oil theft ... Oil firms and government say nearly 200,000 barrels of oil stolen each day from pipelines and wells by criminal gangs.

Open file 3434

Country ... Nigeria
Energy ... Shell ... Environment
Shell could face huge fine for Nigeria spill ... Nigerian agency tells parliament oil giant should pay $5bn for environmental damage caused by offshore leak last year.

Open file 3435

Country ... Turkey
The Matter of Regional Minorities
Murat Karayilan: Hoping for a Kurdish Spring ... The leader of the PKK's armed wing explains the role of Kurds in the Syrian conflict.

Open file 3436

Country ... Turkey
The Matter of Regional Minorities
Al Jazeera speaks with PKK rebel leader ... Murat Karayilan, chief of armed wing of Kurdistan Workers'Party, says his group has been inspired by the Arab Spring.

Open file 3437

Country ... Turkey
The Matter of Regional Minorities
Turkey: A 'Kurdish spring'? ... Inside Story discusses whether the Kurdish issue is back to haunt Turkey once again.

Open file 3438

Dysfunctional Economics
Dean Baker on The wrecking society: Economics today ... The amount of damage being inflicted on countries around the world by bad economic policy is astounding, writes Baker.

Open file 3439

Country ... USA
Politics 2012 ... Does Obama have answers?
Beyond brand Obama ... Obama retained the message of bringing people together as a sub-theme to hope and change, writes Rosenberg.

Open file 3440

Climate Change
Economic Impact
Naomi Klein on Climate Debt: Why Rich Countries Should Pay Reparations to Poor Countries for the Climate Crisis.

Open file 3441

Country ... USA
Politics 2012 ... the VP debate
#VPdebate: The online verdict ... Netizens judge Biden and Ryan on social media.

Open file 3442

The low 2012 harvest
U.N. meets to discuss easing global food prices

Open file 3443

Country ... South Africa
Working Conditions
South African police arrest striking miners ... Police arrest dozens of workers for seizing equipment worth millions of dollars from Kumba Iron Ore in Northern Cape.

Open file 3444

Country ... South Africa
Working Conditions
Industrial unrest ... Another day, another South Africa protest

Open file 3445

County ... South Africa
Wages and Working Conditions
The sordid tale behind S Africa's mine strife ... Tension at Lonmin mine seethed for more than a year amid dire living conditions, union rivalry, and corporate practices.

Open file 3446

County ... South Africa
Wages and Working Conditions
Q&A: Understanding the Marikana strikes ... What wider implications will ongoing strikes after the 'Marikana massacre' have for South African politics?

Open file 3447

Country ... South Africa
Worker discontent
Marikana exposes South Africa's disconnect

Open file 3448

History ... Cold War
Very close to disaster
The week the world stood still ... Chomsky reminds us of just how close we truly got to a self-induced apocalypse 50 years ago and why it came to that.

Open file 3449

Company ... CitiGroup
Top level personnel change
Citigroup chief executive Pandit quits bank ... Vikram Pandit resigns with immediate effect from third largest bank in US, in move greeted by surprise on Wall Street.

Open file 3450

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