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Date: 2022-05-28 Page is: DBtxt001.php list1061

TVM Dialog List 1061
3001 - 3050

A listing of the TVM Dialog in date uploaded / date modified order

The Burgess Library
A library of Burgess books was lost in a fire in February 2012 ... these are some replacement books

Open file 3001

Music, Media and Style
There is a place for these in Islamic society
AJE ... Pop goes Islam ... The controversy surrounding an Islamic styled music channel for Muslim youth.

Open file 3002

Rule of law versus what is right and just
Julian Assange's right to asylum ... Given the travesty that is American justice, WikiLeaks' founder is entitled to seek asylum and well-advised to fear extradition

Open file 3003

Country ... USA
Politics 2012 ... the GOP on stimulus
TRMS ... Does a stimulus work ... well for GOP Congressment the idea is to vote against it in public and then ask for it in private

Open file 3004

Country ... USA
Politics 2012 ... voter registration
TRMS ... Its how you game the play ... changing the voting rules will change what happens in the elections

Open file 3005

Country ... USA
Politics 2012 ... Paul Ryan
TRMS ... How is Ryan going to handle the Medicare issue among Republican retirees ... he goes to Florida next weekend

Open file 3006

Country ... USA
Politics 2012 ... Romney and the tax issue
TRMS ... Romney still has tax return issues ... lots of income and wealth, but not much payment of tax

Open file 3007

Assange and WikiLeaks under attack
No sign of breakthrough in Assange asylum row ... Ecuador says WikiLeaks founder will remain in its embassy in London as long as he is denied safe passage out of UK.

Open file 3008

Country ... USA
Justice and enforcement ... torture
Impunity at home, rendition abroad ... The modern US urge to torture did not begin on September 12, 2001, but can be traced back to the Cold War.

Open file 3009

Country ... Russia
Pussy Riot and the Russion opposition
After Pussy Riot, artists everywhere must stand up for each other ... There are hundreds of artists who perform under threat to their freedom and lives, who also deserve our solidarity.

Open file 3010

Nick Hanauer
A TED Talk that addresses the role consumers and demand in creating jobs rather than tax policy which is nothing more than a smoke-screen

Open file 3011

Country ... USA
Paul Ryan: Path to Prosperity
The Path to Prosperity ... 3 Episodes: (1) America's two futures, visualized (2) Saving Medicare, Visualized (3) Pro-Growth Tax Reform, Visualized

Open file 3012

People ... Hans Camenzind
Inventor Of The 555 Timer
RIP: Hans Camenzind, Inventor Of The 555 Timer

Open file 3013

Country ... Mozambique
Coal to fuel economic progress
Mozambique's mixed blessing ... Rich coal find promises to reverse fortunes of African nation once ranked as world's poorest ... Doubts over equality in Mozambique's coal boom

Open file 3014

Media ... Fox News
Fox News lies
Fox News lies ... no it doesn't ... but then here are several examples of lies on tape. Case proven!

Open file 3015

Country ... Mozambique
Natural Resource boom ... boon for who?
Counting the Cost ... The economic rise of Mozambique ... Could the African nation be a bright spot on the fiscal horizon?

Open file 3016

Country ... Malaysia
Sport is helping tourism
AJE Asia-pacific reports how the Monsoon Cup for Formula One sailing is helping local tourism

Open file 3017

Country ... USA
Politics 2012 ... More on Paul Ryan
Romney and Republicsns ... and Congressmen Ryan selection for VP. But starts off with old American Express ads which are interesting

Open file 3018

Country ... USA
Politics 2012 ... More on Paul Ryan
TRMS ... Weapons of Mass Destruction ... Iraq ... Paris is burning ... Ryan has a history with all of this

Open file 3019

Government Dysfunction
The Veterans Administration
Rachel Maddow getting to grips with the paperwork backlog in the VA ... this is not what should be happening

Open file 3020

The establishment does not want transparency
Assange addresses media from Ecuador embassy ... WikiLeaks founder thanks Ecuadorian leader for showing 'courage' in granting him asylum, in speech from London embassy.

Open file 3021

The establishment does not want transparency
AJE Inside Story ... The curious case of Julian Assange ... Ecuador has granted the Wikileaks founder asylum but will the UK grant him safe passage out of the country?

Open file 3022

Fair and Balanced ... or not?
What's gone wrong at The Guardian? ... Hiring Joshua Trevino, who endorsed the killing of Gaza flotilla members, is a worrying step for journalism.

Open file 3023

Assange and WikiLeaks for transparency
RussiaToday ... 'Manning a hero, US war on whistleblowers must end' - Assange FULL SPEECH August 19th in London

Open file 3024

Country ... Bangladesh
Working Conditions
Fashion by Famine: Safety in tatters as clothing firms exploit the poor. This story references Bangladesh, but similar issues are present in many countries where textile firms are being operated. Who cares when the investors can make more money?

Open file 3025

Assange and WikiLeaks
Julian Assange, the balcony Bolívar of Knightsbridge ... The WikiLeaks founder blew a giant raspberry in the face of William Hague from the Ecuadorean embassy in London

Open file 3026

TED ... Ideas worth spreading
THE COMMENT STREAM ... Forbes on The Real Reason That Nick Hanauer's TED Talk Was 'Censored'? It's Shoddy And Dumb

Open file 3027

TED ... Ideas worth spreading
Forbes on The Real Reason That Nick Hanauer's TED Talk Was 'Censored'? It's Shoddy And Dumb

Open file 3028

Myth of lower taxes increase employment
The Inequality Speech That TED Won't Show You ... the full text of the TED talk

Open file 3029

Country ... USA
Politics 2012 ... Niall Ferguson: Obama’s Gotta Go
Niall Ferguson makes the case in a front page Newsweek article that Obama has not made good on his campaign promises. Like others, Ferguson ignores the game changer that was the implosion of the Bush/Cheney economy and failure of the global banking system

Open file 3030

Country ... USA
Politics 2012 ... Policy Options
Niall Ferguson has upped the ante ... but in the process may have mobilized Obama supporters to address the socio-economic policy options more aggressively

Open file 3031

Country ... Honduras
Drugs ... Corruption ... US Intervention
AJE Fault Lines ... The US and Honduras ... Is the US lending financial support to a police force and army linked to a campaign of extra-judicial killings?

Open file 3032

Country ... USA
Obama's Inaugural Address
President Obama Inaugural Address ... January 2009.

Open file 3033

The Koch Brothers
People & Power asks why the billionaire siblings are spending a fortune in support of a conservative political agenda.

Open file 3034

Country ... Syria
Communications infrastructure
MTN alleged to be closing off communications ... The internet goes dark, then the tanks roll in

Open file 3035

Data about Philanthropy
Explore How America Gives

Open file 3036

Crime does pay
Sad But True: Corporate Crime Does Pay ... And CEOs almost never go to jail.

Open file 3037

Former Barclays CEO 'held back evidence'
Parliamentary committee claims Bob Diamond held back evidence during hearings on the Libor rate-rigging scandal.

Open file 3038

Country ... USA
Politics 2012 ... Economics Debate
Paul Krugman on Paul Ryan ... An Unserious Man ... Mitt Romney’s choice of Paul Ryan as his running mate led to a wave of pundit accolades

Open file 3039

Country .... USA
Education ... Policy Options
OP-ED by Henry A Giroux ... Corporate Media and Larry Summers Team Up to Gut Public Education: Beyond Education for Illiteracy, Vulgarity and a Culture of Cruelty

Open file 3040

Country ... USA
Media, Society and Economy
Michael Kazin ... Whatever Happened to the American Left? ... a shadow of its former self

Open file 3041

Country ... Nigeria
Energy ... Pollution ... Human Rights ... etc
Platform reports ... Data leak reveals Shell’s deep financial links to human rights abusers in Nigeria.

Open file 3042

Country ... Lebanon
Lebanese Canadian Bank Linked To Drugs, Terror Group

Open file 3043

How the food market works
Report: The Hunger Makers ... How Deutsche Bank, Goldman Sachs and Other Financial Institutions Are speculating With Food at the Expense of the Poorest

Open file 3044

Country ... Ethiopia
Ethiopian leader Meles Zenawi dies
Former guerrilla leader, Meles Zenawi, in power since 1991, to be succeeded by deputy prime minister, state TV says.

Open file 3045

Country ... Ethiopia
Obituary: Ethiopian PM Meles Zenawi
The PM dies after battling an unknown illness for two months. Here is a look at his rise to power.

Open file 3046

What model works ... works best?
Health Corporation of America (HCA) ... A Giant Hospital Chain Is Blazing a Profit Trail

Open file 3047

Country ... Ethiopia
Death of Prime Minister Meles Zenawi
A collection of images associated with the legacy of Prime Minister Meles Zenawi

Open file 3048

Why do we need to pay billions of pounds for big projects?
Productivity is up ... but escalation in price is extraordinary. Why do today's big schemes require huge budgets.

Open file 3049

Country ... Norway
Sovereign Wealth Funds
Investment: Norway’s nest egg ... Oslo’s oil fund is seen as a paragon of responsible use of energy income but debate rages about its strategy

Open file 3050

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