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Date: 2022-05-28 Page is: DBtxt001.php list1051

TVM Dialog List 1051
2501 - 2550

A listing of the TVM Dialog in date uploaded / date modified order

Region ... Europe
The financial health of the Euro-Zone
German Finance Minister: 'Europe and the euro are healthy' ... We ask Germany's most senior diplomat if the collapse of the eurozone is just a matter of time.

Open file 2501

Region ... Europe
Finance ... Euro-Zone
Saving the euro ... As European leaders try to keep the euro stable, we ask if Europe is facing a leadership problem or a structural crisis.

Open file 2502

Region .... Europe
Financial ... the debt crisis
Q&A: Eurozone debt crisis ... Al Jazeera takes a closer look at why the eurozone debt crisis matters, and possible solutions to the problem.

Open file 2503

Region ... Europe
Incompatible Politics and Finance
Europe: To Be or Not To Be ... As Europe's crisis worsens without any solution in sight is a shift in political power a sign of hope on the horizon?

Open file 2504

Banking and Finance
Views about Goldman Sachs
'Goldman Sachs rules the world' ... A self-described financial 'expert' makes incendiary remarks about bankers but former Goldman traders disagree.

Open file 2505

Region ... Europe
Policy Possibilities
Counting the Cost ... Lessons for Europe from Japan's 'lost decade' ... As Europe struggles with its financial crisis, we ask if there are lessons it can learn from the East.

Open file 2506

Region ... Europe
Just how corrupt is Europe? ... New report reveals corruption due to lack of transparency and accountability contributing to the eurozone's debt crisis.

Open file 2507


Open file 2508

Big Banking
Systemic Corruption
People & Power ... Dirty money ... Why does the international banking system make it so easy for corruption to flourish?

Open file 2509

Country ... USA
US Activism ... Occupy
STOP & FRISK HAS GOT TO GO! Solidarity with #occupyharlem.

Open file 2510

Country ... USA
US Activism ...
Dr. Cornel West on Occupy Wall St. (Real Time)

Open file 2511

Region ... Arab World
Rights of Women
Talk to Al Jazeera ... Why Arab women still 'have no voice' ... Amal al-Malki, a Qatari author, says the Arab Spring has failed women in their struggle for equality.

Open file 2512

Region ... Arab World
Role of Women
Rebellion: Smashing stereotypes of Arab women ... Women have been at the forefront of various Arab uprisings, forging their own identity in the process.

Open file 2513

Country ... USA
Policing Practices
Thousands March Silently to Protest Stop-and-Frisk Policies

Open file 2514

Country ... USA
Policing Practices
Activism ... Sunday, NYC: Silent March to End Stop and Frisk

Open file 2515

Country ... USA
Activism ... Occupy
Posted On June 4th, 2012 ... #Occupied: Reports From the Front Lines

Open file 2516

Country ... Greece
Activism ... Potato Movement
Greece's 'potato movement' grows in power ... A growing group of grassroots activists are cutting out agricultural middlemen and connecting farmers and shoppers.

Open file 2517

Ralph Miliband ... Labour Politics
Manueal Barcia ... If only Miliband were alive ... The world needs to get rid of neo-liberalism and regulate capitalism, which could be the cure to the economic struggle.

Open file 2518

Richard Porty ... Philosopher
Santiago Zabala ... Five years without Rorty ... Dismissed by analytic philosophers as a 'subversive', Richard Rorty was actually a model philosopher.

Open file 2519

Activism and the Arab Spring
Hamid Dabashi ... Revolution: The pursuit of public happiness ... Can using Hannah Arendt's prism of viewing the American Revolution help us understand the Arab Spring?

Open file 2520

Establishment hates transparency
John Pilger ... The Assange case means we are all suspects now

Open file 2521

John Pilger
John Pilger Biography

Open file 2522

Country ... Iraq
Failed development in electricity
AJE Witness ... Generator Man ... As Iraq's national power grid struggles to provide electricity, a new form of entrepreneur has started to fill the gap.

Open file 2523

Country ... USA
US gun control
Fast & Furious Inanity Reaches New Heights ... a fairly ridiculous invented controversy

Open file 2524

World News
AlJazeera Programming
AJE Witness list from June 2012

Open file 2525

Country ... USA
US gun control
Rachel Maddow takes on 'Fast and Furious' ... and its insane Republican spin

Open file 2526

Country ... USA
Economics and Society
Chris Hayes has written a book ... the catastrophic failure of our elites, a book called 'Twiglight of the Elites'.

Open file 2527

Country ... USA
Politics 2012 ... Trivial Issues
Rachel Maddow talking about the 'birtherism' ... a trivial issue popularized by Republican partisans

Open file 2528

Region ... Middle East
Cover-up campaign hits Gulf streets ... Activists in Qatar and the United Arab Emirates encourage expatriates to dress modestly and respect local culture.

Open file 2529

Good works activism
Greenpeace: From hippies to lobbyists It has offices in 40 countries, nearly three million members and a $150m budget, but where did it all begin?

Open file 2530

Working Conditions
A global problem
Qatar criticised over migrant worker 'abuse' ... Rights group calls for labour law reforms to ensure World Cup is not 'built on backs of abused and exploited workers'.

Open file 2531

Assange and WikiLeaks
Assange's appeal to Ecuador is no surprise ... The WikiLeak's founder won admiration and gratitude in the South American nation back in 2010.

Open file 2532

Assange and WikiLeaks
WikiLeaks founder seeks asylum in Ecuador ... Julian Assange takes refuge in embassy in London to avoid extradition to Sweden in sex-crime case.

Open file 2533

London Olympics
The Great Olympic Greenwash ... We investigate alleged violations of environmental standards by a key sponsor of the London 2012 Olympic Games.

Open file 2534

Country ... USA
Politics 2012 ... Romney Campaign
Rachel Maddow ... Mitt Romney continues to have fellow travellers on the radical right of the Republican party

Open file 2535

Country ... USA
Politics 2012 ... Jobs
Rachel Maddow ... Abortion more important than jobs ... the importance of vagina politics ... personhood. Also faith, family and fairness ... 'Nuns on the Bus'

Open file 2536

Country ... USA
Politics 2012 ... Analysis
Rachel Maddow ... Once upon a time Wisconisn was important in Union progress ... Krugman on ending the recession

Open file 2537

Country ... USA
Politics 2012 ... Funny side
Rachel Maddow poking fun ... Rachel highlights the success of another 'birther' ... Kreep beats Peed

Open file 2538

Country ... USA
Politics 2012 ... Obama and geopolitics
Rachel Maddow ... good marks for Obama and geopolitics

Open file 2539

Country ... Egypt
Post Revolution Reform
Rachel Maddow with David Engel on the events in Egypt

Open file 2540

Country ... USA
Politics 2012 ... Ron Paul
Rachel Maddow ... The political impact of Ron Paul on the Republicans

Open file 2541

Country ... USA
Rachel Maddow ... a very special graduation ... education matters

Open file 2542

Deeply flawed
Financial Sense: Transcript of William Black ... University of Missouri .... Institute for Fraud Prevention talking with Jim Puplava

Open file 2543

Country ... USA
What is the Conservative agenda?
Paul Rosenberg ... Why US conservatives have gone crazy ... Why Obama's courting of the right may be disastrous - both for Democrats, and for the United States.

Open file 2544

Observations by Lance Roberts at the Strategic Investment Conference - Day 1 .... Niall Ferguson: “I Did Not Come to this Country to Participate in its Decline”

Open file 2545

Country ... Egypt
Power play by the military
22 Jun 2012 Egyptians pack Tahrir to slam military 'coup' ... Cairo's iconic square is again seething with anger as the nation nervously awaited the results of the presidential poll.

Open file 2546

Country ... Pakistan
Pakistan Politics and the USA
Pakistan probe finds ex-envoy 'wrote memo' ... Investigation could lead to treason charges against Husain Haqqani, who said report was 'political and one-sided'.

Open file 2547

South Korea's Unification Church
In the Kingdom of Reverend Moon ... South Korea's Unification Church is facing its biggest challenge yet as it prepares for a future without its founder.

Open file 2548

Country ... USA
Health reform in US
Rachel Maddow / Ezra Klein ... Supreme Court and the issue of health and the individual mandate

Open file 2549

Country ... USA
Politics 2012 ... Money in US Elections
Rachel Maddow / Ezra Klein ... What impact money is going to have on USA politics

Open file 2550

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