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Date: 2022-05-28 Page is: DBtxt001.php list1050
TVM Dialog List 1050
2451 - 2500
A listing of the TVM Dialog in date uploaded / date modified order
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Country ... USA
Politics 2012 ... the taxation issue
Will the Republican tax pledge coordinated by Grover Norquist fall apart
Open file 2451
The Facebook IPO
Bono makes money bonanza with Facebook ... what is the fairmess in the Facebook IPO
Open file 2452

Michelle Obama Fashion Choices: A Boon to Some Small Designers
Open file 2453 Open file 2453
Country ... USA
Politics 2012 ... and a lot more
Rachel Maddow pulling together all sorts of bad things that everyone should know about the Republicans
Open file 2454
Country ... USA
Deep problems with the way democracy is now [not] working
Breaking ranks: The sidelining of two conservative giants ... Two prominent figures in the American establishment break away from the mould and chastise the GOP - but is it enough?
Open file 2455
Country ... USA
Politics 2012 ... Rachel Rants
Rachel Maddow ... election fraud and other issues
Open file 2456
Country ... USA
Politics 2012 ... More Rachel Rant
Rachel Maddow Show doing a series of rants about Republicans ... jobs, abortion, and the rest
Open file 2457
Concentration of Power
Let's put the future of world food supply into the hands of a few big chemical giants. They'll make gobs more money.
Open file 2458
The sentencing of President Mubarak
Deposed President Mubarak has been sentenced to life in prison ... but there is only superficial accountability in this outcome.
Open file 2459
Country ... Chile
Military and International Security
What's behind Obama's new military base in Chile? ... The construction of a new US military base in Chile has some locals worrying - and wondering what it's for.
Open file 2460
Country ... USA
Politics 2012 ... Mitt Romney's background
Mitt Romney and Bain Capital ... A Brief History of Mitt Romney’s Record of Putting Profits Ahead of People as CEO of Bain Capital
Open file 2461
Country ... USA
Bain and a Wharton connection
This Leaked Email From Bain & Company Tells 1st Years How To Deal With Its Current Image Issues
Open file 2462
Climate Change
Heartlands Institute ... It wasn’t just the billboards: How activists brought down the Heartland Institute
Open file 2463
Country ... UK
Royal Jubilee 2012
Queen Elizabeth leads jubilee flotilla ... London river pageant among jubilee highlights as thousands brave rain for biggest flotilla since 1662.
Open file 2464
Country ... USA
State Politics ... Wisconsin
Rachel Maddow on the recall election in Wisconsin
Open file 2465
Country ... USA
Politics 2012 ... Big Money Madness
The big-lie coup d'etat ... The super-rich and privileged have been fabricating truth in order to entrench it in the American psyche.
Open file 2466
Country ... USA
Politics 2012 ... Money in Politics
AlJazeera People and Power ... Koch Brothers ... the politics of money and power
Open file 2467
Country ... USA
Money buying anything
Why do the Koch brothers want to end public education? ... Koch Brothers can buy anything they want ... this is not democracy as intended by the Founding Fathers of the USA
Open file 2468
Country ... Egypt
Post revolution turmoil
Egypt's inevitable result - or is it? ... Activists in Egypt should take notes from the Muslim Brotherhood's strategy and create grassroots infrastructure now.
Open file 2469
What makes the economy dysfunctional
Is the source of America's prosperity its much-maligned bureaucracy? ... Bureaucracy as a Root of American Prosperity
Open file 2470
Banking and Financial Services
Why Supervising the Financial Sector Really Matters
Open file 2471
How it is working
Adam Smiths of Capital, Friedrich Lists of Labor ... Branko Milanovic explores the reasons why.
Open file 2472
Country ... USA
Politics 2012 ... GOP lies
Errors happen, but lies are a different thing. The GOP is big on misinformation
Open file 2473
Country ... USA
Rich and Powerful
Plutocracy democracy ... The balance of political power in the US has been tipped in favour of a new-money elite with a chip on its shoulder.
Open file 2474
Open file 2475
Country ... USA
Politics 2012 ... Lies and misinformation
Open file 2476
Damage to the environment
The Dark Side to North Dakota's Oil Boom ... Oil companies are spilling and dumping drilling waste onto the region's land and into its waterways with increasing regularity.
Open file 2477
Growth, Society and Economy
Growth is a dirty word
Bali: Paving Paradise ... Balinese youths are fighting to save their Indonesian island from over-development, mountains of trash and pollution.
Open file 2478
World News
AlJazeera Programs
A list of AJE programs from the period of July ??? 2012
Open file 2479
Country ... India
Vision Quest ... India's Aravind Eye Care System has restored the sight of millions, including those who cannot afford it.
Open file 2480
Country ... India
Health ... India shows there is a better way!
About Indian Hospital ... We go inside a hospital complex as it delivers high quality healthcare to rich and poor alike.
Open file 2481
Country ... India
Indian Hospital: Episode 1 ... We go inside a hospital with a difference, where making a profit and providing free medical care goes hand-in-hand.
Open file 2482
Country ... India
Indian Hospital: Episode 2 ... We follow a young girl as she realises her dream of a new face and a young man suffering from motor neurone disease.
Open file 2483
Country ... India
Indian Hospital: Episode 3 ... Can India become the first country in the world to disassociate healthcare from affluence?
Open file 2484
Country ... India
Indian Hospital: Episode 4 ... Dr Shetty is on a mission to reduce the cost of medical care for India's poor and to empower the country's women.
Open file 2485
Country ... India
Indian Hospital: Episode 5 ... Dr Shetty's long-term vision is to change not just India's but the entire world's approach to managing health.
Open file 2486
Country ... India
Indian Hospital: Episode 6 ... We follow a young girl who finally receives a new kidney and a trainee surgeon as he assists in a difficult operation.
Open file 2487
Mining and Environment in El Salvador
Mining Gold, Undermining Democracy ... Neither foreign investors nor unelected tribunals deserve the power to trump democratically elected leaders.
Open file 2488
Country ... Spain
Money Profit Capitalism Gone Wrong
Spain economy nears moment of truth
Open file 2489
The Occupy Movement
The Futility of Occupy X
Open file 2490
Country ... USA
Politics 2012 ...
TRMS ... June 11 2012 ... Rachel Maddow does her rants about the GOP and jobs
Open file 2491
Crime, Society and Economy
Human Exploitation
The Nigerian Connection ... An investigation into the plight of African women caught in a web of organised crime, prostitution and trafficking.
Open file 2492
Country ... USA
Politics 2012 ... about the economy
TRMS June 12 2012 ... Rachel Maddow and Ezra Klein doing their rants
Open file 2493
Country ... USA
A US perspective on Syria
TRMS June 13 2012 ... Ezra Klein talking about the civil war and violence in Syria
Open file 2494
Country ... USA
Politics 2012 ... and other matters
TRMS June 15, 2012 ... Esra Klein sitting in for Rachel Maddow and talking about many issues
Open file 2495
Country ... USA
Transparency ... Whistleblowers
Blowing the whistle on Obama's America ... Do the threats facing whistleblowers under Obama's presidency mean Americans know less about what their government does?
Open file 2496
Country ... USA
Transparency and Whistleblowers
WikiLeaks, whistleblowers and wars ... The crackdown on whistleblowers is a study in contradictions, hurting both press freedom and foreign policy decisions.
Open file 2497
Country ... USA
Transparency and Whistleblowers
The campaign against whistleblowers in Washington ... Under Obama, six whistleblowers have been charged under the World War I-era Espionage Act.
Open file 2498
Country ... USA
Politics 2012 ... TRMS has rants
Ezra Klein standing in for Rachel Maddow
Open file 2499
Illegal activities
Ex-Wall Street titan guilty of insider fraud ... Former Goldman Sachs board member Rajat Gupta convicted of illegally tipping hedge-fund manager with US bank's secrets.
Open file 2500
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