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Date: 2022-05-28 Page is: DBtxt001.php list1044

TVM Dialog List 1044
2151 - 2200

A listing of the TVM Dialog in date uploaded / date modified order

Education, Society and Economy
Higher education ... open courseware movement

Open file 2151

Organizations ... Education

Open file 2152

Organizations ... Education
Peer-to-Peer University, based in California. Known as P2PU

Open file 2153

Organizations ... Education
University of the People

Open file 2154

Lobbying, Society and Economy
Revolving door
People with political connections swarm around the halls of Congress ... lobbying, a legal form of corrupting politics

Open file 2155

Internet, Society and Economy
Internet freedom is winning?
Donny Shaw, of 'Fight for the Future' writes that SOPA has become toxic ... Freedom is winning.

Open file 2156

Internet, Society and Economy
The fight to maintain Internet freedom
January 2012 ... The Largest Online Protest In History Started Here

Open file 2157

Internet, Society and Economy
Fight to maintain Internet freedom
New York Times reports that huge Public Outcry Over Antipiracy Bills Began as Grass-Roots Grumbling

Open file 2158

Internet, Society and Economy
Fighting to maintain Internet Freedom
IdeaLab Talking Points on How The Web Killed SOPA and PIPA

Open file 2159

Internet, Society and Economy
Mark Fiore Snuggly SOPA-PIPA
Pulitzer Winning Animated Editorial Cartoonist Mark FioreTakes on SOPA and PIPA

Open file 2160

People ... Internet Industry
Movers and Shakers
The people who organized the fight for Internet Freedom and opposition to the SOPA and PIPA legislation in the US Congress

Open file 2161

Internet, Society and Economy
Keeping control of Intellectual Property (IP)
January 19, New York Times reports that former Senator Dodd Calls for Hollywood and Silicon Valley to Meet

Open file 2162

Internet, Society and Economy
Freedom of the Internet is a complex subject
Jaron Lanier, a NYT OP-ED contributor talks about her view of the false ideals of the web

Open file 2163

People ... US Politics
Senator John McCain
January 2012 ... John McCain Goes Off Message, Predicts 'Major Scandal' Related To Unlimited Political Giving

Open file 2164

Manufacturing, Society and Economy
The case of an auto-parts manufacturer
According to Tom Friedman 'Average Is Over' and America cannot compete ... but he is wrong, America has never been average and need not start now!

Open file 2165

Manufacturing, Society and Economy
The case of an auto-parts manufacturer
Adam Davidson: Making It in America ... the issue of jobs and wages AND the issue of business profit and company survival

Open file 2166

Manufacturing, Society and Economy
The case of an auto-parts manufacturer
David Brooks expresses his thoughts after reading the Adam Davidson article in The Atlantic

Open file 2167

People ... US politics
Newt Gingrich
Rachel Maddow on January 27, 2012 presenting about Newt Gingrich ... thinking boldly about the future ... setting up on the moon!

Open file 2168

People ...US Politics
Mitt Romney
Rachel Maddow on January 27, 2012 presenting about Mitt Romney ... problems of financial disclosure ... issue of gays ...

Open file 2169

Politics, Society and Economy
The US State of Georgia
Rachel Maddow reports on what is going on in the US State of Georgia over the birthplace of President Obama ... the 'birthers'

Open file 2170

Politics, Society and Economy
Rachel Maddow goes after the performance of PolitiFact's checking and interpretation of facts!

Open file 2171

World News, Society and Economy
AlJazeera English articles
Many of the links for the AlJazeera English collection as of Januarty 27, 2012

Open file 2172

People ... Finance
Mohamed A. El-Erian
PLACEHOLDER ... Mohamed A. El-Erian is the CEO and co-CIO of PIMCO, the world's largest bond trader

Open file 2173

People ... Political Leaders
Tony Blair

Open file 2174

People ... Public Intellectual
Howard Zinn
Naom Chomsky ... Remembering Howard Zinn ... The historian and activist dedicated his life to 'the countless small actions of unknown people'.

Open file 2175

War on Terror, Society and Economy
Better to have less War on Terror not more!
Jonathan Hafetz writes Obama's failed human rights moment ... More than 10 years after 9/11, US politicians are expanding the 'War on Terror' instead of scaling it back.

Open file 2176

People ... US Politics
Governor Daniels
Rachel Maddow ... Unions rights being stripped in Indiana

Open file 2177

Activism, Society and Economy
Ms Civil Society vs Mr Unaccountable
Rebecca Solnit ... The Occupy movement has taken the development of civil society into a previously unimaginable direction.

Open file 2178

Activism, Society and Economy
Is it time to occupy the world?
Danny Schechter ... If the Occupy movement hopes to achieve anything, they must organise and create a proactive strategy.

Open file 2179

Country ... Sudan
No agreement between Sudan and South Sudan over oil revenues
Will China help out the West in Sudan? Sudan is holding South Sudan to ransom, but there is no money to pay!

Open file 2180

Country ... Iran
Is Iran going nuclear?
Jim Lobe writes that there is growing elite opposition in US to a strike on Iran over their nuclear bomb development

Open file 2181

Sustainability, Society and Economy
The solutions generation
Robert Costanza ... The next generation will have to bring about major transitions in order to build a more sustainable future.

Open file 2182

Metrics, Society and Economy
GDP growth is no measure of societal progress
Nic Marks ... The accumulation of a nation's wealth bears little relation to the happiness of its citizens, so why measure GDP growth?

Open file 2183

Happiness, Society and Economy
The pursuit of happiness
Robert Costanza ... In Bhutan, progress is measured by how happy people are, not how much wealth people have.

Open file 2184

Energy, Society and Economy
Can nuclear power be part of the solution?
Robert Costanza ... The total costs of producing nuclear power need to be re-evaluated in a more pragmatic way.

Open file 2185

Happiness, Society and Economy
The economics of happiness
Jeffrey Sachs ... In Bhutan, national policy emphasises increasing people's happiness, rather than income.

Open file 2186

Economic Data, Society and Economy
USA ... trend of Federal Government Expenditures
Federal Government Expenditures have declined substantially in Q4 of 2011

Open file 2187

Organizations ... Africa
Tony Blair Africa Governance Initiative (AGI)
Tony Blair: Sierra Leone has much to celebrate ... 10 years after the end of war in Sierra Leone

Open file 2188

People ... US Politics
Newt Gingrich
Joe Scarborough writes about the Newt who was in Congress in the 1980s ... 'The Newt I know'

Open file 2189

Happiness, Society and Economy
The official pursuit of happiness
Derek Bok ... Policymakers should focus less on GDP - and more on what researchers have shown to consistently make people happy.

Open file 2190

Metrics, Society and Economy
UK to launch 'happiness' index ...
Government to measure 'general well-being' of population at a time when tough austerity measures are beginning to bite.

Open file 2191

Happiness, Society and Economy
Happiness linked to income
Forget everything your therapist told you and focus on your CV: A new study says that paycheck rules your state of mind.

Open file 2192

Landmines, Society and Economy
Landmines in a militarised culture: Threat or security?
Preethi Nallu ... In Myanmar, landmines are used by the military, non-state armed groups - and even civilians.

Open file 2193

Country ... Tunisia
Tunisia: A revolutionary model
A year after the Jasmine Revolution, can the country's new government fix the vast social injustices that triggered it? Includes excellent interview with Moncef Marzouki, interim President of Tunisia and others

Open file 2194

Workplace Safety, Society and Economy
Working Man's Death ... Brothers
Using little more than their bare hands, gangs of Pakistani workers pull ships apart to sell the scrap metal.

Open file 2195

Workplace Safety, Society and Economy
Working Man's Death ... Heroes
AlJazeera follows Ukrainian miners as they go underground to dig the last pieces of coal from exhausted mine shafts.

Open file 2196

Workplace Safety, Society and Economy
Working Man's Death ... Lions
In a crowded Nigerian slaughterhouse blood, fire and smoke are normal working conditions.

Open file 2197

Workplace Safety, Society and Economy
Working Man's Death ... Ghosts
In east Java, men climb steep paths carrying heavy loads of sulphur rock from the mouth of a volcano.

Open file 2198

Country ... Zimbabwe
To Yuan or not to Yuan, that is the question
January 2012 ... The government of Zimbabwe is considering using China's Yuan as their national currency.

Open file 2199

Sex, Society and Economy
Let’s talk dirty
Pakistan is a 'family values' culture ... but by failing to teach essential information, youth are exploited and womnen die needlessly

Open file 2200

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