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Date: 2022-05-25 Page is: DBtxt001.php list1035

TVM Dialog List 1035
1701 - 1750

A listing of the TVM Dialog in date uploaded / date modified order

Happiness, Society and Economy
Personal Accountability
Getting Started - Personal Accountability ... a video from Karl Bimshas about releasing the energy withing.

Open file 1701

Motivation, Society and Economy
Personal accountability
Finding It Hard To Hold Yourself Accountable In Your Career?

Open file 1702

Accountability, Society and Economy
Getting results through accountability
Accountability Structure ... described in a video by Lauren Eichner via Getting Results

Open file 1703

Politics, Society and Economy
Noam Chomsky in New Zealand on democracy
VIDEO America Is Not A Democracy

Open file 1704

America, Israel and Iran - no way out
If Obama can't stand up to Iran and Israel, he will set the US on a direct path to another Middle East war.

Open file 1705

Finance, Society and Economy
Europe on a Chinese shoestring
As the debt crisis deepens, China is the only one capable of saving the euro - but will Europe accept the conditions?

Open file 1706

Sierra Club on water
On the Road with the Sierra Club's Water Sentinels

Open file 1707

Country .... Haiti
Controversy over Haiti’s development
A new industrial park in Haiti will create jobs, but is it leading the country in a “race to the bottom”?

Open file 1708

Activism, Society and Economy
Occupy Wall Street
According to this essay, OWS Is Getting the Right Extremely Confused About Whom to Hate

Open file 1709

Technology, Society and Economy
Open Source and Operating Systems
The rise and fall of Illumos ... how corporate executives hijack technology to serve the corporation and not society

Open file 1710

Activism, Society and Economy
Inside Wukan: the Chinese village that fought back
Something extraordinary has happened in the Chinese village of Wukan.

Open file 1711

Entertainment, Society and Economy
For children of all ages
This is entertainment at its best ... the world’s largest model railway is absolutely amazing [Video]

Open file 1712

Freedom, Society and Economy
Can the USA handle 'freedom' any more?
U.N. Envoy: U.S. Isn't Protecting Occupy Protesters' Rights

Open file 1713

Banking, Society and Economy
MF Global goes into bankruptcy ... nobody's fault!
Jon Corzine Said To Have Known About Misuse Of MF Global Customer Funds

Open file 1714

They fund raise to help have more money to change education in American schools ... maybe good, maybe not.

Open file 1715

Performance, Society and Economy
About Six Sigma
What is Six Sigma: An Overview of Six Sigma Methodology ... a technique that became popular in the corporate world over the last 20 years

Open file 1716

Guido Sohne
Some e-mail ... Guido Sohne was one of my early advisers in the management of data and use of Internet computing

Open file 1717

Capitalism, Society and Economy
The assumptions have changed since the 1820s
OWS: Noam Chomsky on the implementation of capitalism in 1820's, aka, the 'New Science of Economics'

Open file 1718

Activism, Society and Economy
Time names protesters 'Person of the Year'
Time Magazine honours all the protesters, inspired by the Arab Spring, who took to the streets in 2011 to demand change.

Open file 1719

Freedom, Society and Economy
Advertising on the TLC show All-American Muslim
Lowe’s dropped its ads in the TLC show All-American Muslim after intervention by Florida Family Association

Open file 1720

People ... Politics USA
Newt Gingrich -v- Mitt Romney
Rachel Maddow Show ... December 13, 2011

Open file 1721

People ... Politics USA
Joe Biden on the end of the Iraq intervention
Rachel Maddow Show ... December 13, 2011

Open file 1722

Elections, Society and Economy
New voting rules introduced by Republicans are offensive
Rachel Maddow Show ... December 13, 2011

Open file 1723

Corruption, Banking, Society and Economy
The bankrupting of Jefferson County, Alabama
The scandal of the Alabama poor cut off from water ... and the incompetence, irresponsibility and corruption of both bankers and politicians

Open file 1724

Metrics, Society and Economy
Lean Six Sigma
Lean Six Sigma is a methodology based on Six Sigma but a lot more informal and easier to use

Open file 1725

Trends, Society and Economy
What the information sector sees as trends
See how the World Searched with Google's 2011 Zeitgeist ... but are these the issues that one really needs to know about

Open file 1726

Information, Society and Economy
The Evolution of Search
Search on the web has come a long way in the past 20 years, but there is still the need to have people ask the right questions!

Open file 1727

Freedom, Society and Economy
The proposed National Defense Authorization Act
In December 2011 ... Indefinite Military Detention Of U.S. Citizens Is A Win For Terrorists, Former Admiral Says

Open file 1728

Transparency, Society and Economy
Bradley Manning didn’t break the secrecy system
It was already broken but the WikiLeaks suspect is the only person held accountable

Open file 1729

Security, Society and Economy
The growing menace of domestic drones
Technology is powerful, but its use may be for both good and bad purposes. Manufacturers do not really care as long as it is profitable

Open file 1730

Freedom, Society and Economy
The question of military custody
Changes to the National Defense Authorization Act: Are They Enough?

Open file 1731

Internet, Society and Economy
Freedom of the Internet is a critical issue
Top tech execs write open letter opposing SOPA ... some legislation that will expand government and corporate control of the Internet

Open file 1732

Wealth, Society and Economy
The Forbes List of World's Wealthiest
The names and wealth of 400 people as listed in Forbes ... TO BE EDITED

Open file 1733

Country ... Guatamala
Otto Perez Molina, a former general wins election
General with ties to genocidal era wins Presidential elections in Guatamala

Open file 1734

People ... Sports
The death of Socrates: celebrating a legend ...
More than just a football star, Socrates was also a fearless dissenter against Brazil's military dictatorship.

Open file 1735

People ... Professionals
Dennis Nally
Dennis Nally, Chief Executive of PwC: 'If auditors aren't doing enough, who's going to pay for them to do more?'

Open file 1736

Rule of Law, Society and Economy
Proposed laws to suspend Habeas Corpus in USA
Anonymous declares cyber war on Congress over indefinite detention act

Open file 1737

Technology, Society and Economy
Battery runs on paper, releases water as byproduct
If this technology stands up to investigations, it would be pretty amazing

Open file 1738

Music, Society and Economy
About music, and about Amazing Grace
At Carnegie Hall, gospel singer Wintley Phipps delivers perhaps the most powerful rendition of Amazing Grace ever recorded.

Open file 1739

People ... Politics USA
Newt Gingrich
Politics ... Gingrich earned twice as much as previously disclosed from ethanol lobbying group

Open file 1740

Real Estate, Society and Economy
What on earth is going on in the real estate arena!
Christopher King is documenting some of the legal mess that exists in the USA today ...

Open file 1741

Culture, Society and Economy
The BlackList community
An interesting perspective

Open file 1742

Activism, Society and Economy
Victory! Internet Censorship Stopped!
Big news, folks! Because of immense public pressure, the House Judiciary Committee cancelled their vote on the bill that would kill Internet innovation and free speech -- and adjourned for the rest of the year!

Open file 1743

ODA, Society and Economy
AID Effectiveness: Conversation and Critique
A dialog about AID Effectiveness curated by the Communications Initiative

Open file 1744

Activism, Society and Economy
Occupy in New York City
Desmond Tutu urges Trinity Church to allow Occupy protester camp

Open file 1745

Activism, Society and Economy
West Coast Occupy Movement in USA
OWS Port Shutdown Strategy May Backfire

Open file 1746

People ... Politics
Speaker John Boehner and Majority Leader Eric Cantor
Contact these politicians to keep the pressure on

Open file 1747

Activism, Society and Economy
Occupy Movement in the USA
According to the writer the Occupy Wall Street’s “cause” is an impossible one to address,

Open file 1748

Networks, Society and Economy
Friend Me, Follow Me or Google Me?
The exchange of information used to be as easy as handing out a business card or phone number. Now it's a bewildering exchange.

Open file 1749

Freedom, Society and Economy
Is the proposed SOPA law a slipptery slope
#NDAA is going to be signed into law, the White House just announced they are withdrawing their veto threat. ... #SOPA is going to become law within a day or two.

Open file 1750

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