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Snippets describe different aspects of TrueValueMetrics very briefly

Rethinking Metrics ... Planning Reform
What worked when productivity was low and people could not feed themselves does not work when high productivity means huge unemployment and economic dysfunction
Open file 5149
Business Intelligence (BI) Ignores Impact?
TVM has a view of Business Intelligence (BI) that it is not only about impact on profit, but also people, place and planet.
Open file 5116
Rethinking Purpose ... My Work
The economic activity that I am closest to is my work
Open file 4949
Rethinking Purpose ... My Work
The economic activity that I am closest to is my work
Open file 4949
Rethinking Purpose
The purpose of economic activity is to provide goods and services needed by society
Open file 4948
Quality of Life in the Community
Metrics being used based on money do not measure improvement in quality of life
Open file 4927
TVM Value Accounting in a Church
What is the purpose of a Church? Money is not central to the purpose of a Church ...
Open file 4906
Invitation to panel discussion on TrueValueMetrics
TrueValueMetircs ... Meaningful Metrics for a Smart Society at the LEFT FORUM, at Pace University June 2013
Open file 4853
Renewable Energy ... Solar PV Power
From the perspective of People, Place and Planet renewable PV solar power is a very desirable investment
Open file 4834
A P4 Program for Renewable Solar Power
Collaboration is being sought in New York and New Jersey to install renewable solar power
Open file 4803
On Government Financial Management
TrueValueMetrics has a role in improving accountability in government and the public sector
Open file 4799
Accountancy Central to Metrics Reform
It is time to rethink the purpose of accountancy in the 21st century
Open file 4777
Measuring Progress in Africa
What do we really know about socio-economic progress in Africa
Open file 4770
Value Accounting
Money profit accounting is a powerful management tool and used in every successful company
Open file 4754
TVM ValueAccounting in the Community
Money profit accounting is a powerful management tool and used in every successful company
Open file 4711
TVM Value Accounting in the Organization
Money profit accounting is a powerful management tool and used in every successful company
Open file 4710
Educating about Sustainability
Education is very powerful
Open file 4632
A Complementary Currency for the Area
There are many hundreds of allternative or complementary currencies ...
Open file 4471
Please join me to help change everything
The terrible trio of modern metrics ...
Open file 4470
Please Help Me to Establish an Alternative Currency for This Area
Open file 4080
Ask Me to Help with the Financing of Major Sustainability Initiatives
Open file 4079
Please Join Me To Deploy TVM Valuadd Accounting for Sustainability
Open file 4078
TVM Value Accountancy ... State, Progress and Performance
TVM Value Accountancy is a framework to relate State, Progress and Performance in a coherent simple way.
Open file 3681
How Green? How Sustainable?
TVM Value Accountancy provides a way to measure how green ... to measure how sustainable
Open file 3679
Core Concepts of TrueValueMetrics
A system that improves the metrics used for measuring performance of the modern economy
Open file 3497
Q&A ... Rooting out Corruption in Nigeria
A question drafted for Mr. Ekpo Nta, Chairman of the Nigerian Independent Corrupt Practices Commission.
Open file 3495
A brief introduction to TrueValueMetrics
Money profit accounting and measures like GDP are not good enough metrics for a modern economy
Open file 3478
Canadian tar sands ... dirty energy
The energy industry makes big investments and make big profits ... but no accounting for value destruction in society
Open file 3416
Social multiplier and funding a 'Jobs Bank'
The health of a society deteriorates when jobs are cut, and society pays inordinately
Open file 3388
'Jobs Bank' to create 'Jobs Money' II
Central Banks and Commercial Banks create money that makes profit ... we need to make money that creates jobs
Open file 3387
'Jobs Bank' to create 'Jobs Money' I
Creation of money has been used to sustain capital markets ... we need money to sustain jobs market
Open file 3386
Profits up, society down is not sustainable
How jobs are a value in TVM but a liabilitiy in money profit accounting
Open file 3359
TVM ... accounting for valuadd as well as money profit
An very brief overview of the core idea of the TrueValueMetrics (TVM) system
Open file 3358
Elite leadership has no solutions
Elites have done well with the money profit economy ... need a value economy and job money to fund work
Open file 3340

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TrueValueMetrics (TVM) is an Open Source / Open Knowledge initiative. It has been funded by family and friends plus donations from well wishers who understand the importance of accountability and getting the management metrics right. TVM is a 'big idea' that has the potential to be a game changer leveling the playing field so the wealth and power is shared on a more reasonable basis between people who work for a living and those that own the economy and the levers of power. In order to be effective, it cannot be funded in the conventional way with a for profit business plan, but absolutely must remain an open access initiative.

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