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MeidasTouch: FED UP Robert DeNiro goes OFF SCRIPT, utterly TORCHES Trump during MUST-SEE speech

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Peter Burgess COMMENTARY
Why are there so many rich and powerful individuals ... and not so rich as well ... who aupport Donald Trump for re-election as President? On the face of it, it makes no sense!

But sadly it does make sense. These people expect to be 'better off' under a Trump administration than under a fair and effective administration along the lines of the Biden policy framework.

The very rich know that under a Trump administration they will be able to engage in all sorts of scams and corrupt practices with almost total impunity ... after all, it has been the modus operandi of the Trump clan for decades.

The MAGA Trump supporters will likely stay supporting Trump as long as he spouts his untruths loudly on-stage ... an example of style over substance enhanced by Trump's willingness to say anything in support of himself!

The 'edit' of the DeNiro speach is a reminder that those with power are greedy and dangerous with little interest in the stability of the country and people in general. I am beginning to think that this greed is a lot more widespread than I have ever imagined.
Peter Burgess
FED UP Robert DeNiro goes OFF SCRIPT, utterly TORCHES Trump during MUST-SEE speech


Dec 3, 2023

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Cinema icon Robert DeNiro did not hold back during a recent award speech when he brought up the topic of Donald Trump. Francis Maxwell reports.
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