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Divine Justice udate : 12th August 2023 :

Divine Justice: 12 Aug: AGAINST ALL ODDS. Ukrainians Use NEW TACTIC and Strike Crimean Bridge! | Ukraine War Update

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Peter Burgess
12 Aug: AGAINST ALL ODDS. Ukrainians Use NEW TACTIC and Strike Crimean Bridge! | Ukraine War Update Divine Justice 167K subscribers 3.3K likes 50,398 views Aug 12, 2023 #russia #Ukraine #UkraineWar Day 534: 12 Aug AGAINST ALL ODDS. Ukrainians Use NEW TACTIC and Strike Crimean Bridge | Ukraine War Update The Ukrainian army has locked its major offensive operations on the Crimean peninsula in recent days. This morning Crimea is experiencing one of its worst days. Today in Crimea Ukrainians hit Kerch bridge, Feodosia Oil Refineries and Novoozyornoye Russian military base area with a daring daytime air and missile strikes. While fierce clashes continued in the Zaporizhia region, the fact that Crimea witnessed more than 30 attacks in a week had already increased the tension in the peninsula. The Kerch Bridge, the most critical connecting road in Crimea, was one of the primary targets of the Ukrainian forces in the war. Since the start of the war, the bridge had been attacked by Ukrainians between 8 October 2022 and 17 July 2023. But this morning the Kerch Bridge was again a prisoner of violent explosions and huge clouds of smoke. The photos shared by the residents of the region, who were vacationing on the beaches of the peninsula, revealed the smoke on the Kerch Bridge. The Russian Ministry of Defense reported that 2 S-200 missiles were seen on the Kerch Bridge in broad daylight on 12 July 2023. After this critical sharing, a total of 8 explosions took place near the Kerch Bridge. After these explosions, which turned the bridge into a smoke screen, Russian officials reported that the S-200 missiles were shot down. Ukrainian internal affairs adviser Anton Gerashchenko made a remarkable post on the same day as this attack. Anton Gerashchenko noted that the explosions on the Kerch Bridge took place for the first time in the daytime. This bridge, which is very important for the military logistics activities of the Russian army, was already under repair. In fact, the Russian authorities announced that the bridge could only be repaired by the end of 2023. However, with the recent attacks of the Ukrainians, the situation on the bridge seems to have taken a rather dramatic turn at the moment. It was reported that two openings on Kerch collapsed with the attack of S-200 missiles on the bridge. On the other hand, residents of Crimea claimed that both the railway and road bridge on the peninsula were hit by multiple drones, possibly several times, as well as S-200 missiles. Considering these critical data, we think that the Ukrainians blockaded the Kerch Bridge again. And this shows us that the repair date of the bridge will take longer. Because the Russian authorities temporarily blocked the movement of vehicles on the Crimean bridge after the recent missile attacks on the Kerch Bridge. In addition, those on the bridge and in the inspection area were asked by the Russian authorities to remain calm and follow the instructions of the transport security officers. After these sensational acts, a group of Russian millbloggers and Moscow sources, who claimed that the war would only end in this way, predicted that the Ukrainians were now advancing systematically and that they would continue to destroy the most strategic centers of the war. While these striking assessments continue to shake Crimea, the Russian Ministry of Defense reported that a total of 20 unmanned aerial vehicles were seen in Crimea during daylight hours on the same day that the Kerch Bridge was targeted by S-200 missiles. In this regard, the Russian Ministry of Defense announced that 14 unmanned aerial vehicles were shot down and 6 other unmanned aircraft were suppressed by electronic warfare. However, the effects of the explosions caused by these drones seen in Crimea and other attacks that took place during the day in the peninsula began to emerge gradually. Explosions were also heard in the Feodosia region in the Kirovsk region in the east of the peninsula. According to locals, the eruption near Feodosia was quite violent. There were posts about the sound of missiles being heard in this city. In fact, the dense smoke in the city confirmed these claims. The target of the attacks in Feodosia was a large oil depot near the city. Huge smoke has been noticed near this storage area. After the explosions in Feodosia, Crimean authorities continued to share important assessments. Oleg Kryuchkov, the adviser to the Crimea appointed by Russia, reported that air defense systems are also operating in different parts of the peninsula. Media sources in Crimea announced that several rockets flew in the Chaudu area. In addition, one of the most important attack news on the peninsula during the day came from the Novoozyornoye Russian military base area. Drone sounds and violent explosions in the military base area here worried Russian soldiers. #russia #Ukraine #UkraineWar #russiaukrainewar #news #russiaukrainenews #War society, politics, knowledge, military, international relations Divine Justice 167K subscribers

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