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Denys Davydov ... Update from Ukraine ... June 25rh 2022
We Left Severodonetsk Giving them Hell

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Peter Burgess COMMENTARY
I like the Ukraine War reporting by Denys Davydov ... it seems to be from solid sources.

While Denys Davydov reports from a Ukrainian perspective ... it is reporting not propaganda.

I also like the fact that he is not looking for a 'story' but is doing all he can to report facts. I get the impression that most of the international reporters in Ukraine are looking for a story that will impress a newsroom in London or New York of elsewhere and attract readers that in turn will impress the advertisers !!!!!!!

War reporting is too important for such media behavior !!!!!!
Peter Burgess
Update from Ukraine | We Left Severodonetsk Giving them Hell

Jun 25, 2022

Denys Davydov

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