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Performance of the AT-4 Rocket Launcher ... disposable, lethal and light weight

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Peter Burgess
Stop using the AT-4 Rocket Launcher against tanks 1,169,687 viewsFeb 20, 2021 Task & Purpose 609K subscribers AT4 84mm rocket launcher is the key anti-armor weapon for any modern on the go infantry squad. I think the biggest question about this piece of equipment today is probably simply why are we even using it anymore? It's been around since the late 1980s and since then we’ve developed weapons like the Javelin and upgraded Carl Gustaf recoilless rifle which have way better anti-armor capabilities. Truth be told the AT4 isn’t really even rated to go head to head with a main battle tank. Written by: Chris Cappy Edited Co Produced by: Rebecca Rosen Follow the Host: Inquiries: Join our Discord Channel! To get stuck on all of that would be to forget all of the positives about the AT4. For one, the back blast with the AT4-Confined Space version, isn’t nearly as serious. No I’m not saying don’t make sure no one is behind you but there is definitely less of a chance of turning the whole squad into a piece of toast. The AT4 can be fired from the prone which might not sound like a big deal until your squad leader pulls you to the side and says “hey can you go crouch over there and shoot a rocket at that tank” the MAAWS on the other hand can injure out to 75 meters behind you when fired. That’s basically firing a weapon in both directions and hoping the other side takes more of the explosion than your own team. The new version AT4-CS uses a saltwater countermass packed into the launcher tube that’s meant to eat up and absorb the back blast while also slowing down the dangerous pressure wave. It's 3 feet long and weighs 15 lbs. Max range 300 meters. Wow. Amazing. What a coincidence? That is EXACTLY 20 miles and 300 meters closer to enemy armor than I would ever want to be. It has a 500 meter range if you’re aiming at an area target but that sounds terrifying because it means you would be aiming at it like a platoon of tanks 500 meters away. Which brings us to the next point: yes the AT4 is not meant to go head to head with a main battle tank like the T-90 because its armor is too thick. It can, however, knock the tracks off a tank and is very effective against other lesser armored vehicles like the BMP. The launcher can also be used against fortified enemy forces that are in a building or hiding behind cover on a mountain. #AT4 #MILITARY #ROCKETLAUNCHER Want more fun military content and news? Follow Task & Purpose! Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: Music in this video Learn more Listen ad-free with YouTube Premium Song KnockOut Artist TrackTribe Album KnockOut Licensed to YouTube by YouTube Audio Library Buy Task & Purpose merchandise Modular Musket - Fitted Cotton/Poly T-Shirt by Next Level $26.00 Spreadshop Modular Musket - Sticker $4.00 Spreadshop Cappy's Outpost - Fitted Cotton/Poly T-Shirt by Next Level $26.00 Spreadshop Cappy's Outpost - Camper Mug $17.00 Spreadshop Cappy's Outpost - Sticker $4.00 Spreadshop 3,156 Comm

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