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FastCompany Co.Design Jan 27, 2022

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Peter Burgess
Co.Design Jan 27, 2022, 4:01 PM Enter the 2022 Innovation by Design Awards The 2022 Innovation by Design Awards honor the designers and businesses solving the most crucial problems of today and anticipating the pressing issues of tomorrow. The competition, now in its 11th year, features a range of blue-chip companies, emerging startups, and hungry young talents. It is one of the most sought-after design awards in the industry. There are 46 categories that capture every facet of design. Entries are judged on the key ingredients of innovation: functionality, originality, beauty, sustainability, user insight, cultural impact, and business impact. APPLY NOW Sinking 1,000 NYC subway cars in the Atlantic to create a reef didn’t go as planned Sinking 1,000 NYC subway cars in the Atlantic to create a reef didn’t go as planned The cars were retired in 2008 and started disintegrating almost immediately. Starting in 2008, New York’s Metro Transit Authority began an experiment: Over the course of 10 years, it repurposed two different kinds of decommissioned subway cars (more than 2,500 of them!) by dropping them into the Atlantic Ocean so they could become artificial reefs. The first batch is still there; the second decomposed within months. Artificial reefs in the U.S. are mostly used for recreational fishing, but as climate change continues to deplete their natural counterparts, they can also help restore habitats and promote conservation efforts in vulnerable areas—as long as they’re designed properly. Read my story here. — Elissaveta M. Brandon READ MORE Exclusive: Walmart’s new redesign looks a lot like Target—with one major difference Walmart’s redesign channels a classic department store in the same way Target’s does. But it’s less concerned about fit and finish. READ MORE Why a rural hospital in Bangladesh was named the world’s best new building The building meets healthcare needs—but also offers solutions to the area’s water shortages. READ MORE Anarchist architecture could help cities rebuild after COVID-19. Here’s how Anarchy’s core values of mutual aid, self-organization, and voluntary association offer a more holistic approach to building and sustaining communities. READ MORE Tiny houses have a dark secret It takes more than changing the size of a home to change the mentality of the people who live inside. READ MORE
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